Adrian Sutil, Force India, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Live: 2011 Indian Grand Prix qualifying

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Follow the 2011 Indian Grand Prix qualifying session on F1 Fanatic Live.

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2011 Indian Grand Prix

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6 comments on “Live: 2011 Indian Grand Prix qualifying”

  1. Weather: Air temp 30 C. Track 38 C. Humidity 26%.
    Who will get pole? Sebastian Vettel.
    Who will win the race? Sebastian Vettel.
    Prove me wrong….please….

  2. That accident that Massa had just about sums him up – Not very good.

    1. can’t be that bad as he’s won many races & nearly a championship.

      1. Patrese also won 6 races, had a runner-up in 1992. So what? People consider him a great driver? I think no. Barrichello found his niche, stuck to it no matter the odds, and now races to proclaim forever: “I’m the guy who made more GP starts ever”.

        1. who’s saying that either was a ‘great’ driver?

          to win a race & be in position to contend for a championship you have to at the very least be good.

          massa was & still is a good driver, hes having some struggles recently but that doesnt mean hes rubbish or anything.

          also remember that all ferrari’s development of the car is been geared towards alonso & massa has a radically different driving style to alonso which will likely not suit a car developed around fernando.

  3. Unbeliavable. One guy (Vettel) already has 10 victories in the season. His team mate (Webber) has none. This never happened before (the closet was Schumacher 9/Barrichello 0 in 2001).

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