2011 Indian Grand Prix in pictures

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Gallery of pictures from the first Indian Grand Prix.

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8 comments on “2011 Indian Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. The straight leading to Turn 3 really does make the elevation change look huge.

  2. The photographer at Virgin seems to know what he/she is doing. Beautiful pictures.

    1. The beautiful pictures of the event are wonderful! The Virgin pictures make me like the team more ;)

  3. In one picture of Schumacher he rides the elevated kerb of Turn 6 exactly as Massa did with Turn 7’s, and while the picture clearly shows that his suspension is pushed to the limit, still it didn’t brake.

    I wonder if Ferrari is lagging behind in the field of suspension flexibility and durability as well…

    1. Good spot! I knew it couldn’t have been only Massa that hit the kerbs over the weekend.

  4. Love the picture of the Hamilton pitstop. Can also clearly in that picture how many of the grandstand seats are sadly empty.

  5. I love the orange-y tinted sunset pictures. This circuit looks gorgeous under the Indian sun. Pity for the smog, as I think it would look heaps better if the air was clearer. Hopefully they’ve planted some trees around the track for next year, too.

    But I think this picture is going to have to be my new background.

    Also, here are a few of my favourites from formula1.com.

    The minute of silence. (Fantastic photo)

    Alguersuari and Hamilton.

    A beautiful shot of the Hispania in the sunset.

    Another sunset shot. I just love the way the track is lit by the orange sun. It looks so distinctive.

  6. love this track so much, aaaaah…. always make me feel happy, how i vl go visit one day, it really is incredible india :)

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