Massa’s crash and more fans’ videos from the Indian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Felipe Massa’s crash in qualifying was one of the moments caught on video by fans during the Indian Grand Prix weekend.

Here’s a collection of videos from the first ever race at the Buddh International Circuit.


Drivers and fans alike explore the new track. Here’s turn three:

Lots of fans watched at the high-speed turns six and seven which caught several drivers out during the weekend:

Here’s a view from the distinctive, looping turn ten:

A long shot of Sebastian Vettel going through the latter part of the lap:


One of the Ferraris takes to the grass in turn seven:

The cars blast out of turn four during qualifying:

Felipe Massa hits a kerb, breaks his suspension and crashes out at the end of Q3:


The build-up to the race begins – drivers do their installation laps as the teams set up on the grid:

A view from the final corner of the cars on their installation laps:

The race starts:

The field heads out of turn four on the first lap:

Applause for Vettel as he wins the first ever Indian Grand Prix:

Spotted any more fans’ videos from the Indian Grand Prix? Did you film any yourself? Share them in the comments.

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    40 comments on “Massa’s crash and more fans’ videos from the Indian Grand Prix”

    1. The Massa video really shows, in my opinion, how lucky Jenson Button was to not receive a grid penalty. It looks blisteringly fast. Despite the lack of actual yellow flags, it was still evident that someone had gone off.

      Although i’m sure he was completely under control, I can’t help but feel he (and the other two!) was slightly lucky to avoid punishment.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        2nd November 2011, 13:40

        From his onboard, Button didn’t pass any yellow flags until after the crash (when they should have been green anyway!)

        I was completely expecting him to get a penalty though and it does look worse on the video above… Seems like there was plenty of time between Massa going off and Button passing.

      2. A little worrying how slow they were to start waving the yellow, unless it’s a second flag (for “double waved yellows”) that you can see them bring out 23 seconds in (about 20 seconds after the crash).

        1. It is the 2nd that comes out then – you can see the yellow out earlier the other side of the track, though the dust does obscure it some what – but would also have been displayed in the cockpit

      3. There were still no marshals on track luckily, once they helped Felipe the yellow flags were already waving.

        1. There may not have been marshalls, but if Felipe had even begun the process of getting out of the car, it is equally as dangerous as if a marshall had been in the gravel as well.

      4. They were @ben-n I guess it’s hard to penalise them when you don’t have concrete evidence that the drivers would be aware someone has gone off. There was dust all over the place that weekend.

        1. Hmm, I suppose! I see what you’re saying, but you don’t appreciate the speed from the television feed, it’s only clips like this that make you realise how fast they are actually going!

          1. Some of these videos really give a whole different perspective on it – I really like this feature. I think that the high quality, smooth and stable images we get aren’t always the best for conveying the excitement of F1. I’m not sure (I watch a lot of F1 video on the web!) but was it in the Senna movie that we saw some helmet cam footage? Wherever it was, it was incredible and felt a lot more dynamic than the fixed on board cameras.

      5. He was very lucky. I presume the first car is Rosberg, who was marginal in terms of following Massa & reaching a yellow. With the second car, who I presume to be Button, you can clearly see a yellow flashing panel through the smoke on board. Very lucky Button…

    2. whats the cost of tickets for the grass/umbrella seating

      1. Its 2500 indian rupees, around 53 US dollars.

        1. It was 6000 INR. It’s called the Picnic stand.

    3. The best thing about these videos is always the noise. Much better than the TV feed.

      That said, in India the sound was outstanding. So much lovely, aggressive exhaust.

      1. Now @Andrew Tanner I totally agree with that. Sometimes it’s too distorted, but it has the same purity as the images: it really shows what these cars are about.

        On the other hand, watching an entire race like this, I don’t know. Maybe I’m too much of a sound purist, or just too old, but these snippets provide precisely enough fun for me.

        FOM should hand out phones to, say, 20 spectators and mix those images with the FOM ones, during the race. That would be awesome. I think there are some apps which can broadcast live, so technically it wouldn’t be a problem.

        1. @Verstappen That would be awesome! But it’s never gonna happen :(

        2. That would be epic. They could get fans to send in their footage, much like what’s happening here (which is awesome, great idea Keith), and they could cut some of the ‘bootleg’ footage into their race edit videos or the season review. Maybe give prizes to the owners of the videos they do use.

          It’d be a good way to sell tickets to races too. Give a fan’s view of the race. I reckon they could put together an incredible TV ad for a race with just fan footage.

          1. That’s a great idea! Someone should do a race season edit on YouTube. @damonsmedley is quite good at that I think.

    4. I could watch videos of race starts all day. I can’t wait until I get to see and hear one in person!

    5. How do I share my videos?

      1. @nomadindian I would stick them on YouTube and post a link.

        If you link to them in the forum here the videos will automatically be embedded in the page:

        1. @Keith Collantine Thanks, Keith.

          1. @nomadindian No problem, look forward to seeing them!

        2. …Must…Avoid…Temptation…

          Seriously, not sure automatic embedding is a good idea!

          1. @Skett But you can see the title and a thumbnail preview before you click play, so the chances of someone actually playing the ‘Rick Roll’d’ video are quite remote! :P

    6. From the race start video – it looks as though the higher seats in the stand get an awesome view of the track.

    7. according to david coulthard massa’s penalty was unjust because the speed in that curve was 150/160 km/h & the braking would last about 1 second

      1. Well maybe Mr Coulthard needs to look at the entry speeds to Eau Rouge then re-watch Webber and Alonso going through it together

    8. It’s too bad FOM has so little clue on what they’re actually doing with cameras in relation to showing cars move fast. It’s always bothered me, but here it’s perfectly illustrated in the video of Massa crashing. Just look how impressive Button (while apparently backing off) actually looks in that combination of corners.

      No shot in the actual race coverage anywhere near displayed that sort of reference of change of direction. They constantly use swooping tracking shots and remarkably poorly chosen angles.

      Some variation would be nice, especially if the racing is as boring as it was in India.

      1. Yes, but those shots don’t really show what’s happening very well. They do have a few extra cameramen positioned around the circuit, but their shots aren’t normally shown on TV and are instead saved for the race edits.

        They look impressive, but I’d rather save them for the edits and keep the camera positioning as it is.

    9. I must say, for better circuit coverage viewing, stands on Southern part of the circuit are ideal (of course, next to Grand stand), from there I was able to see Sector-2 and Sector-3 almost completely and breaking/overtaking zone of the longest straight. From North picnic stand, the view is slightly disappointing.

    10. Not sure why, but the safety car always makes me laugh! All the cars drive off from the line and what seems like 10 minutes latter the safety car plods by, i like to imagine it saying “Hey guys, wait for me! Why are you running away?”

      1. Haha me too, and yet it’s an SLS AMG

      2. @Butler_F1

        Haha! The poor neglected runt of the litter! :P

    11. Hi All,

      I have shared my pics on f/b link given below or one can go to my profile ( and see the Formula 1 album there.

      I was sitting on classic north stand …its at the start of the back straight….got to see the cars driving up the hill to turn two, try and a get a good exit so as to make move on the back straight…

      1. Few interesting things …

        1. One of the pics shows how dirty the track was just before the start of race ..seems like dust will be a big factor for Indian GP

        2. A truck on the track before the start of race was cleaning the track…i am not sure why it was there can someone enlighten me? :D

        3. During driver’s parade is that Bernie in the safety car?
        4. One of the pic also shows the elevation change on back straight…also the track after turn 3 is banked..I could see the cars going down hill were a bit inclined

        5. Lastly 2 things about schumi
        a. In practice session 2 he spun in front of us (unfortunately my camera wasn’t ready) i am not sure whether it was captured by tv camera
        b. On his out lap after overtaking rosberg in pits our stand was cheering and I think he waved at us to acknowledge the same :D

        Already looking forward to next year …hopefully Raikkonen comes back…


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