Mario Theissen, Alex Zanardi, Monza, 2005

Zanardi wins New York handcycle marathon

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In the round-up: Alex Zanardi wins the handcycle category of the New York marathon.


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Zanardi Wins Class At New York Marathon (Speed)

“Ten years after losing his legs in a terrifying crash at the Lausitzring CART Indy car race, the competitive spirit that fuelled Alex Zanardi’s back-to-back CART titles from 1997-1998 was on display once again as the 45-year-old Italian won his class at the famed New York Marathon.”

Glock and Schieder team up for the ROC Nations Cup (Race of Champions)

“Host country Germany will have two teams in the ROC Nations Cup on December 3 as Timo Glock and Timo Scheider join forces for the event.”

Williamson completes McLaren test (Autosport)

“It was ridiculous – lots of power and pretty mind boggling. But every time I went out in the car I felt happier – I’d edge a little more on the brakes and realise there was more to come.

Banker?s trial could cost Ecclestone millions (The Times, subscription required)

“Mr Ecclestone, who will be questioned in court on Wednesday, has always denied that he remained in control of the trust; but he could become liable for tax on it if British authorities were to decide that it was a sham.”

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Comment of the day

ChrisJones is positive about Kimi Raikkonen’s comeback chances:

In my opinion, Kimi became disenchanted with F1 after achieving his goal. He thought another series might suit his personality better, so he dabbled in a little bit of everything (WRC campaign, LMP and NASCAR tests, etc.). He soon realized that the grass most definitely was not greener on the other side of the fence, and came to the conclusion that F1 was where he was supposed to be.

I doubt many will deny that he is still one of the top drivers in the world, and certainly deserves a drive with one of the top F1 teams. Unfortunately there aren?t any openings right now, however that will all change in a couple years with seat opening up at most of the top teams. Kimi probably figures he will get his feet wet again with a midfield team, no pressure to win, take his time getting up to speed with the new regulations and tyres. Once he thoroughly destroy any potential Williams team mate in 2012, he is probably hoping that will be enough to secure a seat with a top team.

Given his existing ties with Red Bull and Mark Webber’s current form, my guess is that he will partner Sebastian Vettel in 2013, or possibly to McLaren depending on whether Hamilton decides to stay put.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Honda bowed out of F1 with the last victory for its V12 engine on this day in 1992 in the Australian Grand Prix.

It ended a period in which the Japanese car manufacturer won multiple championships with McLaren and Williams using three different engine configurations within six years: 1.5-litre V6 turbo (1986-1988), 3.5-litre normally aspirated V10 (1989-1990) and 3.5-litre normally aspirated V12 (1991).

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  • 19 comments on “Zanardi wins New York handcycle marathon”

    1. Of course if Raikkonen joins Williams next season, then he’ll become the third driver to race for the big three teams; Ferrari, McLaren and Williams. Prost and Mansell being the other two.

      1. Given their current championship position and their steady decline over the last few years, I don’t think Williams can reasonably be described as one of the “big three” anymore.

        1. well put all teams in order fro wins, or championships, or poles and its still Ferrari, McLaren and Williams

            1. In 35 years (568 races) between 1974 and 2008, the “Big Three” had 31 constructors, 28 drivers titles, 427 wins and 407 poles.

              Only the current Renault team as Toleman/Benetton/Renault get close with 3 constructors, 4 drivers titles, 47 wins and 36 poles. A case could be made for a historic “big four” including the current renault team, which no driver has ever driven for all 4 of. (Alonso/Button have drove for 3 of them though)

              However that’s all changed with Red Bull. In just 3 years, they’ve got 2 of each title, 26 wins, and 36 poles (including 31 of the last 36). If next year is anything like this year, then Red Bull will be ahead of Benetton/Renault on most stats and starting to close in on the all-time numbers of Lotus and Williams.

    2. Topping a field of 93 participants in the Handcycle category (hand-operated three-wheeled cycles), Zanardi won a tight race with Rafal Wilk, edging the Pole by just two seconds with a time of 1 hour, 13 minutes and 58 seconds.

      wow, 26.2 miles and only a 2 second margin. that must have been intense!

      1. I wonder if he used DRS?
        Still, it was an amazing achievement from him.

    3. @COTD
      weirdly, no one thinks he isnt one of the top drivers in the world, everyone unanimously agrees that Kimi is bored! :P

    4. all Kimi wanted is to secure his high pay what he had at ferrari. had he moved to other team he would not got an offer in terms of money what he had at Ferrari. He chose stay away for a while let Ferrari sponsor buy him out of his contract.

      1. I think that was his way of showing Ferrari what hè thought of them

    5. Hopefully Alessandro is selected for the Olympics! I read an interview with him a few months back in which he said that his chances aren’t as great as you may expect of being selected, as his chosen sport is quite competitive worldwide. As such, the medal chances are, by probability at least, lower than other sports in which Italy may choose to send entrants where they are almost certain to win a medal.

      1. Would be really nice to see him achieve a medal at the Paralympics! But even to just have him compete there shows a sporting spirit that makes him a real racing hero.

    6. That’s an utterly fantastic achievement from Zanardi, congratulations to him.

      1. As much of a failure his F1 career might have been, he has shown the spirit which spearates great championsp from good champions. I admire him a lot for his attitude.

    7. The COTD is a good one but it requires something Raikkonen doesn’t carry much of; patience.

      However, people change, so let’s see!

    8. What a hero Alex Zanardi is! All the best to him for the future!

    9. Dani Clos will test for HRT in Abu Dhabi, and Max Chilton for Force India.

    10. The test of a man is how he reacts to diversity. How he commands himself in light of difficult challenges and certain moments where most of us would simply give up. To face what he has and to continue to inspire all around him makes Alex Zanardi a great man and is to be admired for his dedication to live life to its fullist even when facing such significant injuries. I bow before him and hope that I can be a bit more like him.

    11. Wow has it been 10 years since Zanardi lost his legs..
      But what a great man. You can find great interviews of him on youtube, where he talks about his life after the crash.
      A true inspiration and great man.
      Great news to hear he won and I really hope he gets his ticket to the paralympics!

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