Vettel: “I wasn’t very happy with the car”

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel admitted he was “not very happy” with his car yesterday but said changes made overnight have improved it.

Speaking after taking pole position for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Vettel said: “Especially after yesterday where, to be honest, I wasn’t very happy with the car.

“We weren’t happy in general because we thought there was more in the car, the performance was there, but we couldn’t really get to it. Today, this afternoon, it was already quite a bit better.

“But, to be honest, this place is tricky in many ways. The practice one, in one hand, in day conditions, the sun is up, the track is a little bit hotter. And then you qualify and you race when the circuit is quite a bit different – the car behaves differently, the car comes in different. It’s not easy to get that right all the time.

“In qualifying in particular I had a much better feeling, especially when we went to the soft tyres. Already in Q2 we looked much better than before.

“Then the other difficulty around here is to get everything into one lap. It’s a long lap, there’s a lot of corners, especially the last sector. Once you start to turn into turn 11 after the second straight it’s basically just left-right-left-right. Plenty of opportunity to gain time but also if you take a lot of risk it’s easy to do a little mistake. It’s very easy to lose, staright away, a lot of time.”

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    1. I think we can all agree with this

      It’s a long lap, there’s a lot of corners, especially the last sector.

      Cut a few out of it please!

      1. I really hope Tilke copies the Suzuka Esses in one of his future designs, probably the best sequence of corners in the world in my opinion.

    2. Stephen Fry and Hugh Lauries sketch of the situation is as fitting as ever :D

      1. How have I never seen that before? Nice one!

      2. Great find! Never really seen any F1 humor.

      3. Fantastic!

    3. If you’re not happy who else can, Sebastian?

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