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2011 F1 season

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Drivers, Melbourne, 2011

More than half the F1 drivers racing today are now on Twitter.

The F1 Fanatic Twitter Directory boasts hundreds of accounts including F1 drivers (past and present), team principals, mechanics, racing circuits and more.

Twitter offers fans the ability to hear from and even interact with teams and drivers directly.

Here are over 200 F1 accounts to add to your follow lists.

F1 teams, drivers and personnel

Red Bull

Red Bull
Red Bull F1 Spy
Mark Webber
Red Bull Shop
Lee Stevenson – Mechanic
Ed Aylwin – Technician
Stu Jones – Composites technician
Tom Batch – Sebastian Vettel’s systems engineer
Mark Willis – Rear jack man


Lewis Hamilton
Jenson Button
Gary Paffett
Pedro de la Rosa
Dave Robson – Jenson Button’s race engineer
Michael Collier – Jenson Button’s physiotherapist
McLaren eShop
Rory Clements – Mechanic
Tom Briggs – Tyre technician


Nico Rosberg
Bradley Lord – Mercedes Motorsport communications
Petronas Motorsport
James Vowles – Chief strategist
Neal Johnson – Graphics technician


Vitaly Petrov
Bruno Senna
Romain Grosjean
Alan Permane – Trackside operations director
Eric Boullier – Team principal
Paul Seaby – Team manager
Renault Sport F1
Rene Dias Torcato – Engineer
Julien Simon-Chautemps – Vitaly Petrov’s performance engineer
Phil Kennard – Commercial manager
Ricardo Penteando – Team support leader (Renault Sport F1)


Rubens Barrichello
Pastor Maldonado
Xevi Pujolar – Pastor Maldonado’s race engineer
Mark Arnott – IT support specialist
Williams Hybrid Power
Sophie Eden – Press officer


Timo Glock
Jerome D’Ambrosio
Tabatha Valls
Sakon Yamamoto
Mark Hutcheson – Jerome D’Ambrosio’s race engineer
Dave Greenwood – Chief race engineer
Dave O’Neill – Team manager
Simon Fitchett – Jerome D’Ambrosio’s physical and mental trainer
Tracy Novak
Sam Rosa – Event manager
Gemma Lawrence – Controls engineer
Paul Andrews – Graphic designer
Florian Eschrich – Physiotherapist
Rory Currin – Graphic designer


Heikki Kovalainen
Tony Fernandes – Team principal
Mike Gascoyne – Chief technical officer
Karun Chandhok
Luiz Razia
Davide Valsecchi
Anna Goodrum
Riad Asmat – CEO
Gianluca Pisanello – Jarno Trulli’s race engineer
Tom Webb – Head of communications
Silvi Schaumloeffel – Head of marketing
Anand Krishnan – Brand manager
Petri Lehikoinen – Sports performance coach
Steven English
Nasarudin Nasimuddin – Deputy team principal
Elliot Dason-Barber – Head of research and design
Richard St Clair-Quentin – Commercial manager
Nino Singh Judge – Driver development manager Europe


Narain Karthikeyan
Toni Cuquerella – Engineer
Juan M Rodriguez – Head of simulation and software
Maria Serrat – Communications and PR

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

Of course you can keep up-to-date with F1 Fanatic via Twitter as well.

F1 Fanatic Live is the place to head for lap-by-lap coverage of every F1 session, plus coverage of some other races.

F1 Fanatic Update allows you to receive links to every article as they are published, without the other updates and discussion offered via the main account.

F1 Fanatic
F1 Fanatic Live
F1 Fanatic Updates

F1 circuits

Most races or circuits now have some kind of presence on Twitter with only a handful of exceptions.

The list below includes a couple of regular testing venues as well as tracks visited during the racing season.

Other F1-related accounts

A range of people and companies, all connected to F1 in some way.

Paul Hembery – Pirelli motorsport director
Manish Pandey – Senna writer
Asif Kapadia – Senna director
Formula 1 Game – Codemasters
Andy Gray – Codemasters
Steve Hood – Codemasters
TSL Timing – Timing services for F1 test sessions
CSC Inside Track
Emma Bortnik
Emma Buxton

Young drivers’ test participants

These drivers were among those in action at the young drivers’ test last week. Some others who are official third or reserve drivers can be found listed under their teams above.

Former F1 drivers

Previous F1 world champions Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti are among those on Twitter.

F1 Twitter Directory

The above list covers accounts directly linked to F1 teams, tracks or other aspects of the competition. For a more comprehensive list including journalists and media working in F1, see here:

There is also a list for GP2 drivers and teams which you can find here:

If you’ve found an account that’s not on any of these lists and should be, please leave a comment on those pages or below.

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43 comments on “200 F1 Twitter accounts to follow”

  1. If Jules Bianchi get a drive for Ferrari
    I bet he have to leave his witter account inactive

    1. @silencer Sadly that does seem to be the way Ferrari operate.

      1. Personnally I dont like twitter, why Alonso and Massa have to like, im just saying that they might not like, most of F1 twitter accounts are from english speaking people.

        1. I used to think the same, but since I started following folks on twitter it has changed my outlook on a lot of drivers and the behind the scenes stuff a ot of the teams tweet is pretty cool.

          There are also loads of F1F regulars on twitter, so it’s nice have F1 discussions with keen F1 fans away from the forums and the main site.

          1. Also, it was a very handy thing to have when I was in the stands at Yas Marina, because I didn’t have a TV screen nearby and I couldn’t hear the course commentator over the noise of the engines!

  2. Follow me if you want, tends to tweet about F1 stuff.

  3. I forgot Sakon Yamamoto still was linked to Virgin.
    As for twitter, I like reading media reports about tweets, it saves me from filtering all rubbish from nice and maybe even important tweets.

    1. @verstappen He was for a few races at the start of the year, which is why I’ve still got him in there for the time being at least.

  4. I love Twitter. The teams really embrace it and it adds a level of interaction not previously possible without getting paddock access to a Grand Prix. That’s not to mention all the fantastic F1 journalists and writers who can really add colour to a weekend with reports, rumours and news.

    Then, there’s the best bit – all the fanatics who use it, some of whom I’ve met as a result (and some of whom I’m meeting at the weekend!).

    I know some people are somewhat skeptical of using it, but I implore you to at least give it a go. I wasn’t sure at first, but now it’s my number one time wasting activity on the internet.

    1. my number one time wasting activity on the internet

      to me is one part of my reluctance. I did try it professionaly, but the constant stream of gibberish even following only about 30 people created, made me reluctant to use this medium, becasue it took me a lot of time reading all kinds of nonsense with one or two ‘important’ things in between.

      1. Well, I love Twitter. I don’t think there’s gibberish, and if so, just don’t reply to it.

  5. but some of drivers tend to use their webteam to twit in their behalf.. most frequently use this method is Rosberg.

  6. Fantastic overview of Twitter accounts!

    Some other good one’s to check out – McLaren: @wozzly, @MarcCox, @aylwin1 @TDPattison

    Red Bull have a load of mechanics on now including : @Redheadf1sparky, @samokeefe, @simoatredbull, @twoandeight28, @Gdubf1

    @AyaoKomatsu is Petrov’s race engineer

  7. Great collection!

  8. Guess i should get a twitter account…

  9. Slow news day Keith? :P

    1. Actually I’ve had this on the notepad for a while, I knew the list was getting close to 200!

      But you can’t have a shock driver move every day.

  10. Sheesh, I’m old and I’m slow, what the heck is twitter and what’s it’s point? Seriously. If I can get good data out of it I’m there, but I’ve never used it. Twitter primer anyone?

    1. it is a 140 characters real time update tool with the updates being called “tweets”. You can choose to follow the tweets from the specific tweeters to get these updates. It has a tons of uses all across the board based on this simple feature which are hard for me to list here.

      As far as F1 is concerned, apart from the F1 APP from FIA (which is at least 30 seconds to 1 minute ahead of the real live telecast), twitter is the best place to get the real time up to the minute updates, commentaries, views, from all the stake holders including media channels, Teams, Technicians, commentators, personalities and drivers who of course don’t tweet while driving but i wont be surprised with voice activated technologies that will be happening soon. Already in Nascar there is a cockpit commentary and Q&A with the racers during the safety car laps.

      1. Needless to say you can follow a lot of tweets by Keith too During the race and other times.


        BTW Url for Twitter to create an account is http://www.twitter.com

        1. Okay, I’m now a tweet. (Better a tweet than a twit, I guess…) Tweeting a number of teams and of course f1fanatic. Still trying to determine the usefulness of this though.

    2. You can start by adding yourself to this list! You’ll also find a load of F1Fs have posted their Twitter IDs here.

  11. Thanks Keith, Wonderful collection.

    How come u missed out #sniffpetrol ? I just cannot watch a race without following his Tweets . So Hilarious !!!!

  12. Hey, FYI Keith, the link for Lee Stevenson (RBR) goes to Elliot Dason-Barber’s (Lotus) account instead.

  13. From Kovalainen’s twitter: “dinner in geneva” – Fascinating stuff!

    1. LOL… :D

      but at least he did twit his own twitter unlike certain driver that use webteam to do their twitter; that’s when gibberish stuff get twit a lot

  14. I like the Renalt’s light-hearted twitter feed during the races.
    “Vitaly doesn’t like his softs anymore, he wants to come in for hards”

  15. Twitter is great, I enjoy seeing what the drivers get up to when they are not racing, but in the end, what i really want to see is F1 racing. I dont like these weekends where no races are scheduled. My football team plays everyweek, and I enjoy whatching them play, but I like F1 more, and I really dont like these f1 free weekends. Maybe that 3rd team car that some people are so keen on can be introduced and used on these f1 weekends ;)

  16. Taki Inoue the legend is there! Wasn’t he the lad involved in Monza 1995 when Hill and Schumacher were lapping him?

    1. He’s the fella who got hit by the medical car in Hungary.

    2. Indeed – @ratboy was very happy when he got a message off Inoue one day!

      Mark Blundell used to be on there and had a substantial following. He was tight-lipped when he appeared as an FIA steward, unfortunately. He’s left recently and I’m not sure why – @ratboy thought it was because he got a lot of abuse after appearing on Question of Sport and getting several F1 questions wrong. Can anyone corroborate?

  17. Can we make a list of F1Fs on Twitter?

    1. That would be very handy.

  18. I’m on Twitter as well, and as you all know I’ll take the under-performing-Alonso’s seat next year at Ferrari ;)

  19. Thanks for the list update, @keithcollantine I shall add what i’ve not got.

    This place is the reason i signed up for Twitter and ended up with a good few extra friends. Thanks again!

  20. “Most races or circuits now have some kind of presence on Twitter with only a handful of exceptions.”

    I had to laugh when I read this.

    Hmmmm, let’s see which one(s) are missing…

  21. I had a tweet from InsideFerrari saying that Alonso and Massa won’t be getting one any time soon.

  22. Im not in favour of promoting my Twitter account here on this article but like @daykind said,I believe we should have a ‘Website’ section in our Profiles or Bios that enables us to slot in the URLS to our Twitter,Facebook,Youtube accounts etc.

    As for Personnel,I know someone who’s an Engineering Apprentice at Force India,I was wondering if People with similar Qualifications/Scholarships should be on that list

  23. This is an appropriate place to point out that former F1 driver and two-time Champ Car champion Alessandro “Alex” Zanardi is now on Twitter:

    alex zanardi (lxznr) on Twitter

    1. @xxiinophobia How do you know it’s him?

      1. @keithcollantine I don’t know what your personal requirements are for this sort of thing, but Jimmy Vasser, the 1996 CART champion, has confirmed it to multiple people who’ve questioned him. Vasser was Zanardi’s teammate at Chip Ganassi Racing for Alex’s first three years in CART (1996-1998); if anyone in the racing world would know for sure, it’s Vasser. Mario Andretti also made mention of it on his account, and both his and Vasser’s account have been confirmed by Twitter to be the men in question.

    1. The Alonso one’s been on here for a few weeks – are the other two confirmed as well now?

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