Charouz to drive for HRT in first practice

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Jan Charouz, HRT, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Jan Charouz will make his debut in an F1 race weekend for HRT in Brazil.

The Czech driver will take over Vitantonio Liuzzi’s car in the first practice session.

Charouz drove for HRT and Renault in the young drivers’ test at Yas Marina last week.

He said: “I am really happy to have this opportunity and would like to thank my father for his great support. I can’t forget to also thank my sponsors who make this possible.

“I hope to do well in Brazil although I am aware that it will not be easy. Interlagos is a circuit I have never raced at but one that I have tried out on the simulator and really liked it there. Hopefully the difference in experience with my team mate isn’t too telling but, regardless, I will give it my best shot.”

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Charouz to drive for HRT in first practice”

    1. Anyone knows if he has a good sporsor?

      1. His dad is big as a Ford dealer/importer in the Czech Republic and has interests in motorsport tv rights and sports management. If you remember Tomas Enge, he was managed by Charouz Sr. as well

        Also do a fair amount of racing himself (won pikes peak in 94) and has a racing team in LeMans sportscar racing and ran an Aston Martin team there.

      2. When his dad’s first company folded, its assets were already in another Charouz’s company and massive debts (approx. 200mil USD) eventually passed on to the government through a chain of events that seems highly suspicious, thou nobody was ever convicted of anything of course.

        For 200M one can buy a few seasons in F1 I imagine.

    2. How much did his dad pay?

    3. HRT have a simulator?
      Surely it’s a PS3.

      1. Didn’t he have a run in the Renault car and simulator recently?

        1. I knew there was a logical explanation…

    4. Simply: why? What has he done to deserve an F1 seat?

      1. @Fixy He doesn’t have a seat…just a go in one. At least they seem to be following some sort of driver evaluation at HRT which is more than can be said for McLaren!

      2. @Fixy In Formula Renault 3.5 he finished the championship in 25th – that’s awful. There are many talented drivers out there who would deserve the chance much, much more.

    5. I am really happy to have this opportunity and would like to thank my father for his great money

      1. @ajokay reading between the lines – you’re doing it right! :P

    6. Maldonado took money to Williams, Senna brought some to Renault etc etc… Various other teams have had guys driving on Fridays who, may not be there completely on merit.

      Does it surprise me that cash strapped HRT gives a guy a free practice drive for money?
      Not really.

    7. Dilute your performance by giving this unknown time in your car. Way to go HRT, your making progress.

      1. Is that not the whole point of driver evaluation?

    8. anyone knows if Virgin will use Pic or Wickens in FP1 or Renault to use Grosjean ??

      1. That information is always in the pre-race programme. See: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix programme

    9. Keith, is it for sure hulkenberg will drive di resta’s car ? I’ve “heard” nico say : Yes, i’ll drive adrian’s car “.

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