HRT: Liuzzi facing uncertain future

2011 Brazilian GP team review

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With Pedro de la Rosa set to join HRT next year, Brazil may have been Liuzzi’s last start for them.

Daniel RicciardoVitantonio Liuzzi
Qualifying position2221
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’16.890 (+0.259)1’16.631
Race position20
Pit stops22

HRT drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Daniel Ricciardo94.80283.78482.6882.21682.31382.09581.89581.77882.20482.31282.34682.74182.16181.95681.93981.72681.94782.03682.01385.89897.89580.86381.34781.60181.74380.54181.90883.22381.0980.88482.2980.74384.78781.47280.51884.0981.26480.80581.11184.59286.84997.93881.05982.30680.3280.40680.15680.61880.56381.73884.65182.68381.32481.39780.14880.8381.47379.81779.91583.63479.80679.94379.83979.64981.83679.92280.384.834
Vitantonio Liuzzi94.0283.45882.52982.40282.49981.90281.81381.88782.20982.38682.0682.0381.96481.95181.76581.87381.97681.82182.11382.17285.54197.50480.88580.92281.6281.40480.92381.60581.27781.80981.3582.50480.93981.36181.65381.82981.2280.9681.20881.91282.181.85482.04481.51585.53698.01881.31380.79481.11280.92980.92181.16381.46281.85682.16482.97181.40882.28681.58380.64882.146

Daniel Ricciardo

Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Soft 23.473s
Pit stop 2Medium 22.904s

Having been quicker of the two HRTs earlier in Q1, Ricciardo was disappointed to slip behind his team mate: “I didn’t improve on the second set of tyres which is frustrating because we could’ve achieved an even better result.”

He slipped back towards the end of the first stint, then made an early second stop due to high tyre degradation: “I think we abused the tyres a bit too much and I had to pit a bit earlier for the [mediums] because the tyres were finished.

“It took a few laps for the [mediums] to start working but once they did the times were better than ever.”

Ricciardo was the last classified runner.

Daniel Ricciardo 2011 form guide

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Vitantonio Liuzzi, HRT, Interlagos, 2011
Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Soft 22.666s
Pit stop 2Medium 22.996s

Liuzzi was satisfied to beat his team mate plus both the Virgins in qualifying.

He made a poor start but recovered to end the first lap in 22nd place: “At the start my car went into anti-stall so when I dropped the clutch the car stopped and everyone passed me and, therefore, I was last coming into the first corner but then during the first lap I managed to make up for it.”

He was running four seconds ahead of his team mate mate when the alternator failed on his car ten laps from home.

Will Liuzzi return to drive for the team next year? HRT have had the highest driver turnover of any of the new teams, fielding seven different drivers in their first two seasons.

With a lot of competition for seats and teams like Red Bull seeking to place young drivers at smaller teams to gain experience, Liuzzi’s F1 future is under threat.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 2011 form guide

Jan Charouz

Drove Liuzzi’s car in first practice, making his first appearance in an F1 race weekend.

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    14 comments on “HRT: Liuzzi facing uncertain future”

    1. Both HRTs seemed afraid of the heights of starting in front of the Virgins. But pretty much invisible until we saw Liuzzi come to a halt next to the track.

      Would be a bit sad to end your career that way.

      1. @BasCB
        I don’t share the same affection for him as I do Rubens, but I certainly agree. It’s not a happy way to go.

        I’ve been thinking. Most people who I’ve seen discuss it tend to suggest Ricciardo is going to take Buemi’s place. In that case, that leaves a seat for Pedro. Could HRT consider taking two experienced drivers? Or do you think we will see another rookie?

        1. The latest bets are on Ricciardo going to Lotus, sorry Caterham pushing out Trulli. And maybe D’Ambrosio ending up at HRT (or Giedo VdGarde?) @mike

          But this being the silly season, and Renault now having about 9 drivers lined up to possibly take that seat it might end up completely differently!

      2. I think Liuzzi’s kept Ricciardo quiet this season. Once again he beat him here (in qualifying) and I expected the Aussie to thrash him by now.

    2. Cheerio Tonio. I admit it is a sad way to end his career but you have to admit his vast collection of one off helmets probably impressed us more than his driving ever did.

      1. @GeeMac Especially that last one, wow! Want one please.

        Not that i’d have any use for it, of course.

        1. @AndrewTanner I was quite fond of the last one actually, a bit duller than his usual efforts, but is was very original.

    3. Tonio no doubt shortly HRT will announce your moneybags replacement for season 2012. But you put in a great effort in what was probably one of the worst F1 cars in the history of the sport.

      You got HRT 11th place in the constructors title (ahead of Virgin) by your great race in appalling conditions in the Canadian GP (let’s not mention the extra money HRT will gain from your great drive that day).

      1. You do HRT a disservice… Never heard of prequalifying?

      2. let’s not mention the extra money HRT will gain

        I don’t believe you get any prize money for finishing below tenth in the constructors’ championship.

    4. Alone with Pedro it will be good for the team if they can have another driver backed from Red Bull as this will help them fund money on the other side Pedro will help them build the team.

    5. A good way for them to end the season. They finished ahead of Virgin in the race (well, Ricciardo did) and in the championship.

      The battle between them and Virgin became a bit stagnant this year but I hope that with all the new things happening between the two teams we will have some nice competition next year.

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