Fernandes: ??I am absolutely overjoyed??

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In today’s round-up: Tony Fernandes is overjoyed Team Lotus secured tenth place in the constructors’ championship, saying ??The icing on the cake was beating a Renault – that meant a lot to me as I have always said the good guys do win.??


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T eam Lotus boss Fernandes ‘overjoyed’ with 10th place in the standings (Autosport)

??Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes said he was overjoyed after his outfit secured tenth place in the constructors’ championship for the second year in a row. The result means the team, which will race as Caterham next season, will get a financial boost thanks to its performance over the past two seasons.??

Caterham Group (Team Lotus)

??Caterham F1 Team is the new and permanent incarnation of our Formula One investment. On and off track we continue to invest in people, infrastructure and technology and 2012 is a critical year in our development.

??Underneath the F1 team sits Caterham Racing, the new name for our GP2 team, and then we have our driver development programme that encompasses various motor racing formulae from karting, GP3, World Series by Renault and right up to F1 – a staircase of talent that gives opportunities for drivers, engineers, mechanics and all the associated skill-sets across the motorsport industry the chance to learn, develop and reach the top.??

Ian Parkes via Twitter

??Stefano Domenicali has revealed @LewisHamilton has made peace with Felipe. Went into Ferrari and gave him a hug. Nice one LH!

Bernie Ecclestone says 2012 calendar will have 19 races if Austin is dropped (Autosport)

??The teams complain there are too many races, so we will solve the problem.??

Timo Glock via Twitter

??What a catastrophic weekend, can’t wait for my flight home! Congrats to [Mark Webber] for winning the last race. He deserved it!!!!??

Alex Wurz via Twitter

??Sorry twitter friends, I can not comment on an official decision of the 4 race stewards. That would be very unprofessional.

??Certainly I’ve my private opinion on Senna vs Schumi, but only other 3 FIA stewards of the meeting know about my view. Must stay like that.??

Rose on grid for F1 job (The Times, subscription required)

??Sir Stuart Rose, the former Marks & Spencer boss, is being lined up to replace Bernie Ecclestone as head of Formula 1.??

With a Formula One Race Now Iffy, It Remains Unclear Who Is the Lead Driver (The New York Times)

??Failure might be just the medicine for Comptroller Susan Combs. Ms. Combs, an outspoken advocate for Formula One racing in Texas, has been watching a relatively noisy group of people get madder and madder about the state’s proposed $250 million contribution to a track being built near Austin. Now the whole project is in peril, and she has laid down the law: no race, no money.??

McLaren: Lotus blow no big deal for 2012 (The Sunday Mirror)

??McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh denied McLaren have suffered a devastating early blow to their 2012 season. It had been reported aerodynamicist John Illey was on gardening leave after being poached by rivals Team Lotus.??

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Comment of the day

Sebastian Vettel set a new record with his 15th pole position of the season in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix. aka_robyn says:

I’d love to think that if [Sebastian Vettel] did end up in [an uncompetitive car] and perform admirably, people would finally admit Vettel might actually have some talent. However, I have a feeling that somehow the benchmark would suddenly change once again.

It seems people find reasons to dismiss every one of his achievements, and I can’t see why that situation would be an exception!

From the forum

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today Super Aguri confirmed they would race a 2006 Honda chassis in the 2007 season. Strange to think that neither team has been in F1 for three years now.

Teams are no longer allowed to use old chassis from other constructors, but debate continues over whether to allow the use of ‘customer cars’ in F1 again.

31 comments on “Fernandes: ??I am absolutely overjoyed??”

  1. In response to QOTD, you’re probably right. The same thing has happened (and still does to a degree) to Button, but he finished as second highest scoring driver of the whole season. Not bad for someone who only won the championship in 2009 because he had the best car.

    1. I think aka_robyn was responding to me with that COTD. As I wrote originally, I find that I can’t develop any affection for drivers who dominate the sport as Schumacher did, and as Vettel now does. That’s why I’d like to see Vettel struggle for a while. It’s really not because I doubt his talent or dismiss his achievements – he’s been phenomenal this season, and I always think that two world championships is the real threshold to be considered a great driver – I just think that I would start to appreciate him more. He is immensely likeable in so many ways, but I can’t root for him while he’s winning every race, and that’s all there is to it :)

      I think JCost made a good point in that discussion, which was that we don’t necessarily need to see Vettel in a bad car, just his nearest rivals in better cars that can challenge him more consistently. I hope that’s the case next year.

      1. Your comment I was responding to just reminded me of so many of the ones I’ve read that say things like, “Sure, he was able to accomplish [X], but he didn’t need to overcome [Y] to do it! I’m unconvinced.”

        For example, so many people (not you) write off what he was able to do in a Toro Rosso. When Keith brought it up, you acknowledged his win back then was impressive, but…it happened before he was dominating F1, and how would he respond to that situation now? I can imagine someone else saying, sometime in the future, “Okay, so he did well in a Toro Rosso back then and acquitted himself well again in a not-so-competitive car again this season, BUT… [insert new mitigating factor here].”

        But I see that what you’re talking about has more to do with liking him personally rather than an objective judgment of his talent. I’m not calling you an inveterate Vettel hater or anything. Although I do maintain you should try to embrace the finger. ;-)

        1. Thanks for understanding. As for the finger, well… maybe I’ll learn to live with it :P

    2. The same stigma is attatched to Massa as well. He did have a horrible season, but one horrible season does not a horrible driver make.

      The only drivers that are always universally praised are Hamilton and Alonso, and to a lesser extent Rosberg.

      Vettel, Button, Webber, Massa etc. do not get the benefit of the doubt as often as they should.

      1. Well Massa’s had two bad seasons counting last year.

        I think Kubica is probably in the same area as Vettel, although Vettel is dismissed because he hasn’t had a bad car (although he has) and Kubica is dismissed because he hasn’t had a good one.

  2. very impressed with Lewis this weekend. He had a gearbox issue from early on, losing 7th gear by the time he reached Felipe. Despite this he was still quicker than JB and probably would have had the pace to catch Sebastian by the end if he didn’t have any issue.

    Then to go to Felipe and attempt to clear the air again was very mature. Looking forward to a great 2012

    1. https://p.twimg.com/AfScQkOCMAAEPJs.jpg

      Yes, it’s nice to see those two smiling again. Lewis’s attitude seemed very decent this weekend, returning to a place with special memories. Hopefully LH and FM can both be back on form in 2012, and we can get some more challengers for wins and podiums.

      1. Lewis’s attitude seemed very decent this weekend,

        He is doing the right thing. So lets see how that continues. I don’t want to poke anything negative, but I think I might just a little. haha. Frankly, I dont completely buy this whole “smiles” attitude, but in saying that, maybe he is trying to extract the positives out of everything and close this chapter of his carrier with a positive feeling, which is a great thing, so good on him.

      2. mmmm, yet somehow i think it would be a lot more exiting if these 2 had a very intense rivalry, and were fighting for the championship (ala 2008). Harking back to the senna/prost rivalry. I’m not comparing the drivers, but i remember that that intense rivalry made the late 80’s/early 90’s so much more exciting!

        I hate to be the one stirring the pot but i think F1 could benefit from another bitter rivalry (but with a mutual respect for driving skill, not crashing into eachother all the time….. well…. only if it was deciding a championship at suzuka :P… )

      3. Any video link of that?

  3. If Wurz was acting as a steward and advocates professionalism as a reason for not saying what he thought , then he should claim to back his colleagues and say he agrees with the decision made- that would be professional rather than suggesting something different, not explicitly saying anything and leaving fans in doubt, especially on an incident viewed by some as controversial.

    1. Saying he agreed with the decision if he didn’t wouldn’t be professional, it’d just be plain lying. There are 4 stewards there, it’s hardly surprising there are differences of opinion.

      1. I think it is professional to present a united front, or too be completely honest and open. He managed neither.

        1. I think I agree with that @matt90, either don’t say anything other than what you decided as a team of stewards, or explain what you thought and also why the others thought differently and prevailed.

          And do the last please, preferably by pushing to publish the decision!

          1. Sorry, mistaken: we want the deliberation and reasoning behind the decision, we already know the penalty, but not the full reasoning behind it.

    2. @Matt90 Wurz effectively gave a straight “no comment”, I don’t see anything unprofessional in that.

      1. Because he made it seem as though he may have disagreed anyway. He didn’t really say no comment, more ‘I have an interesting view on this- but you aren’t going to find out what it is.’

  4. I don’t think he is overjoyed by 10th standings but solid performance of the last race. with KERS and improved aero, they will challenge to established teams next year!

  5. I have to wonder about the Senna-Schumacher incident. I think a lot of people who were unhappy with the decision to give Senna a drive-through may have been hung up on the notion that it was a Senna driving that Renault. The replays of the incident showed the Schumacher went wide around Senna, and Senna jinked to the right. I don’t think it was intentional, more of a late attempt to go for a defensive line, and I believe that is what Senna was penalised for. At the time of the second contact, Schumacher was already mostly clear of the Renault. That second contact was a racing incident, but Senna’s move to the right just before the first corner it probably what set the whole thing in motion.

    1. I don’t really care about a Senna driving in Brazil in a Renault claiming to (going to be) a Lotus, and I don’t think most people are from what I saw during the race.

      I don’t think there was a need for a penalty on either side. And yes, I know, and Senna confirmed, he got the penalty for that first move, as was to be expected. It was a mistake by him, but I think it could easily have been just part of racing, it wasn’t a severe hit.

    2. I agree, @prisoner-monkeys . Ivan Capelli commentated that Schumacher closed the door too earl, but repalys clearly show Senna moved right into Schumacher.

  6. With all these new announcements i wonder how long TF is going to use the teamlotus.co.uk site as its official website!!!!

    1. I imagine it will be up before pre-season testing.

  7. Being overjoyed with 10th while targeting 7th, scoring 0 points while targeting 40-50. Interesting. Being happy about defeating drive-through hit Renault. Even more interesting. Tony just doesn’t know when to stop, does he.

    1. @cyclops_pl Stop whining! As a Lotus, sorry, Caterham fan I totally agree with Tony. 0 points, three 13th places and 10th in the championshop standings, what an unbelievable achievement! I’m over the moon! Who would have thought that Lotus would finish 10th in the standings in 2011 after they finished 10th in the standings last year? :D

      On a more serious note, I pretty much agree with you. Tony’s reaction is (again) exaggerated. That said, I never believed these 40-50-points fantasies and I didn’t expect much more from the team than they did this season. I think many Lotus people were pretty realistic about their chances, too, for instance, Alex Yoong said before the season that “points might be possible”.

      Next year Caterham definitely needs to score at least a few points.

    2. Fernandes as been consistent throughout the year that the goal was to finish 10th, so I don’t know what you’re on about.

      I would learn a bit more about his various successful businesses before accusing him of being disingenuous.

    3. Fernandes does tend to grandstand a little bit. He seems to have taken a leaf out of Flavio Briatore’s book and believes that a team principal is just as big a star (if not bigger) than his drivers.

      1. When does he grandstand? In the interview during the forum, he presented himself as being pragmatic and sensible.

        If he thought he was a bigger star than his drivers, would he have taken the time to praise Heikki?

        Honestly, your bias against Fernandes is getting tiresome. Just because his airline is successful and the airline of your pal VJ is ailing doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude.

  8. Regarding the Sky F1 team, I’ve just seen a clip on Sky News of Tony Jardine, and the caption that appeared for him said “Sky Sports F1 Commentator” read into that what you will…

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