Vettel crowned champion at FIA Gala

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel collects his world championship trophy.


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Vettel Collects Another Trophy… (FIA)

“After a year of triumphs Sebastian Vettel’s closing reward came at the appropriately-named Kingdom of Dreams in New Delhi, India, host venue for this year’s FIA Prize Giving Gala. The 2011 FIA Formula One World Champion collected the coveted trophy from FIA President, Jean Todt, while Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner was presented with the 2011 Constructors’ Trophy by Bernie Ecclestone.”

Interview with Romain Grosjean, Lotus Renault GP driver in 2012 (Renault)

“With the reduction of the number of test sessions in F1, the driver’s technical know-how assumes even greater importance. Something I like very much is working with the engineers, trying to understand how to improve the car and pointing the work in the right direction: all this interests me very much.”

Mark Webber did not ‘crumble’ under Vettel pressure (BBC)

“Lesser drivers would have crumbled under that pressure but Mark isn’t like that. He uses the pressure to motivate himself and will come out really fired up for Melbourne in 2012.”

Q&A with Group Lotus’s Dany Bahar (F1)

“From what I know of Kimi [Raikkonen] from previous experience, he is a dedicated and determined driver and he wants results. He hasn’t taken the decision to return to F1 lightly – he wants to fight to be at front.”

All that was great about Gethin (MotorSport)

“What Gethin should be famous for is his sense of humour. When I think of Geth I think of jokes, pranks and wind-ups.”

Dan Wheldon Memorial Karting (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Puffy is pleased to see Romain Grosjean get a place in F1 next year:

I’m really glad to see this. Grosjean really didn’t get a fair shake at his F1 career the first time around and he’s shown this year in GP2 that he really deserves to be given a proper shot in F1. While Petrov has show some improvement this year, I don’t think he’s really done enough to justify keeping his seat at Renault over someone like Grosjean.

I was concerned when it was announced that Kimi got a drive that Grosjean would be overlooked in favour of the financial backing that Petrov brings, but I really think this is a positive move from Renault.


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One year ago today Nelson Piquet Jnr revealed for the first time how Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds had urged him to crash his car deliberately in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix so Fernando Alonso could win the race:

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88 comments on “Vettel crowned champion at FIA Gala”

  1. Agree with the COTD. An experieced and hopefully determined racer in Kimi should pair well with the hungry and equally determined Grosjean. I hope Kimi serves as something of a mentor to Grosjean, sharing some information (perhaps not too much).

    I always believed that Grosjean was unfairly pushed aside. In 2009 he was thrusted into a dog of an F1 car with a double world champ as a teammate – I’m not really sure how people expected him to perform better than he actually did? Hopefully a second bite at the cherry will prove his worth. His GP2 championship this year proves is worth (i.e. his triple pass in Barcelona). Best of luck to him, hopefully Renault (Lotus… whatever…) can prove the worth next year.

    1. (i.e. his triple pass in Barcelona)

      The three drivers he passed weren’t exactly the class act of the GP2 field, and they were visibly slower. I suspect the only reason why anyone remembers it is because of the commentator’s “Shut up! That’s ridiculous!” reaction.

      1. Is there a driver/team who you dont critcise?

      2. @PM

        Hahaha oh, grow up he made a stunning triple pass. It was an awesome move, that’d a few drivers could have done, but don’t. In Spain even in GP2 passings difficult and he maniulated a situation with consumate class.

        Petrov got two seasons in F1, in a car with daylight infront and behind him. He didn’t do badly, he impressed once or twice in 38 races, Kubica made him look like a stone and he never had much of a challenge from the other seat. Thats not the form that any team with ambition looks for.

        Grosjean went into an F1 team, with no prior racing experiance, in one of the worst F1 cars in recent history into a team in absolute turmoil. He showed flashes but not much pace, unsuprising. Since loosing his driver his form has been fantastic, and worthy of the drive.

        You can’t possibly be backing Petrov as a racing prospect thats definitivley superior to Grosjean, if Grosjeans brining finanance as well, it’s such a no brainer.

        1. It was an awesome move, that’d a few drivers could have done, but don’t.

          If Fernando Alonso passed Timo Glock, Heikki Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli in the space of two corners, would you be applauding it?

          if Grosjeans brining finanance as well

          He doesn’t. If Grosjean raced under a Swiss licence instead of a French one, Eric Boullier probably wouldn’t have considered him.

          1. If Fernando Alonso passed Timo Glock, Heikki Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli in the space of two corners, would you be applauding it?

            Yes, obviously. If anyone overtakes three cars in two corners for position I’d applaud it, if Alonso was comming from the back of a pack a move like that could completley change the complexion of his race.

            Besides, you know thats a pretty poor example, the performance gap between cars, if they where driving with last years equipment, is totally incomparable with the relativley small gaps in GP2

            The quality of the drivers is a factor but the difficulty of passing cars bunched up and fighting each other is enourmous, you often see fast cars stuck on the back of long trains incapable of doing anything. Grosjeans move was class, there are no strong arguments against that.

            With Grosjean the french connection is important for both Total and Renault the teams two principal suppliers, both have been praising him in various team press releases, there could easily be financial implications for the team. Besides, how can you be sure he isn’t bringing money, there’s been no news on that and he’s filling a formerly money’d seat.

          2. Besides, you know thats a pretty poor example, the performance gap between cars, if they where driving with last years equipment, is totally incomparable with the relativley small gaps in GP2

            But you’re not taking into account the performnce gaps between the GP2 drivers. Grosjean passed Cecotto, Gonzalez and Chilton. Of the three, Chilton finished the season best … in 20th place.

            Now, if Grosjean had passed Fillipi, van der Garde and Pic in one move – ie, the competitive drivers – it would have been much more impressive.

          3. According to the French press, signing Grosjean has guaranteed sponsorship by Total — so maybe no direct “driver money”, but indirectly it’s probably a rich contract.

          4. Total are already a sponsor/partner of the team. Signing Grosjean just means they stay around. Apparently it was a condition of their continued sponsorship.

  2. I don’t think he’s really done enough to justify keeping his seat at Renault over someone like Grosjean.

    The last time he was in Formula 1, Vitaly Petrov single-handedly secured fifth place in the cosntructors standings for Renault. If he had failed to score in the last five races, Force India would have claimed fifth.

    The last time Romain Grosjean was in Formula 1, he spent most of his time spinning. So I really can’t agree with you at all when you say Grosjean deserved the seat more than Petrov. But I suspect Petrov walked away from the team, rather than the team dropping him, so it’s moot point.

    1. Lol, you’re starting to sound like Joe Saward when he talks about Liuzzi :)

      1. I resent that. Unlike Joe Saward, I can actually back up my claims with facts. Just look at the results tables for Renault and Force India, for instance.

        1. @Prisoner Monkeys
          In the last 5 races he had a 9th and a 10th (3pts?), whereas Senna got none. Take away the 3 points and Renault still beat FI – so it’s more of a team effort than one driver’s brilliance.

          However, if you want to highlight the driver who did the most fot Renault then why ignore Nick Heidfeld? He played a big and underrated part in the final standings for Renault, he got a podium and a decent number of points finishes – in fact in his half a season he totalled 34 points – only 3 less than Petrov amassed over the full season.

          1. Take away the 3 points and Renault still beat FI

            Okay, let’s assume that Petrov did not score any points in those races and all the other results would have been affected accordingly. Petrov finished tenth in Japan, scoring one point. Adrian Sutil finished eleventh. If Petrov did not score at Suzuka, Sutil would have inherited the extra pioint needed to tie.

            I admit that I was wrong on that count, as Renault would have placed fifth on countback. However, if Petrov had falied to score in Belgium, Force India would have passed them. Although Senna scored points in Italy, di Resta was the only Force India driver to finish the race, and he finished ahead of Senna.

        2. Of course you back up manipulate your claims with facts.

          If we are to compare Petrov and Grosjean, then take this:
          – in his first (and only) 7 races Grosjean retired twice and scored 0 points; his teammate scored 34 (using the new points system);
          – in his first 7 races (hey, we’re talking 2010 here) Petrov retired 3 times and scored 6 points; his teammate scored 67;
          – average finishing place difference compared to his teammate in the races they both finished is 6 for Petrov and 7 for Grosjean.

          Given that everybody says that the 2009 Renault was an inferior car and Alonso was double WC then (though Kubica is perhaps just as fast – unfortunately we may never know) you can’t say there’s a distinct difference between them. Wait another year and then you will be able to present your ‘facts’.

          1. – average finishing place difference compared to his teammate in the races they both finished is 6 for Petrov and 7 for Grosjean.

            Based on those 7 races, not the whole season, of course.

          2. Given that everybody says that the 2009 Renault was an inferior car and Alonso was double WC then (though Kubica is perhaps just as fast – unfortunately we may never know) you can’t say there’s a distinct difference between them.

            Um, I can say they were different cars – because Grosjean and Petrov never raced one another in the same car.

            If you look at Petrov’s first seven races, he only knew three circuits. He had to learn Bahrain, Melbourne, Sepang and Shanghai. If you look at Grosjean’s first seven races, he only had to learn two circuits – and after he’d already had experience in the car.

          3. Everybody has their preferences and reasons to justify preferences. However, PM makes a much better case for Grosjean to not have been in F1, at least not as a driver, may be a test role. I’ve not seen anyone make a better counter-argument as to why he should have a drive. As i type this i’d like to clarify that i don’t always find myself in agreement with what PM says, but with this, i’m in total agreement. Renault may be had him because he’s french, and he brings money. Beyond that perhaps there are other drivers like Hulk who deserve a second shot at F1 and soon.

        3. @- PM – and also just like Joe Saward, as soon as someone dares to criticise your omniscience, you either hit back with a snarling put down or leave the conversation.

          1. Actually, I went to bed. I live on the opposite side of the world to all of this.

    2. @prisoner-monkeys

      The last time Vitaly Petrov was in F1, he was outscored by Nick Heidfeld in the 11 races they had together. He was then outqualified by Bruno Senna in the eight races they had together (the score was 4-4 in races, but Senna had the advantage in time). That’s not a criticism of Petrov – I just wanted to add some balance.

      Anyway, if you’re right, Petrov and Grosjean will both be in F1 next year, so we’ll be able to see for ourselves how they compare (in different cars, admittedly).

    3. I haven’t seen enough from Grosjean to form an opinion of him, and the circumstances in which he was made to drive for Renault were far from ideal.

      Regarding Petrov, I’m glad he’s left the team as they don’t treat any of their drivers with respect. I hope Vitaly lands a seat somewhere else. Somewhere they actually make their drivers feel welcome.

    4. @Prisoner-Monkeys

      I suspect Petrov walked away from the team

      This could be true. After all, not long ago he bashed Renault. They said they had had a misunderstandment and all was fine, but now he’s out.

      1. @fixy – I’m actually basing this on Eric Boullier’s comments (not Oksana Kosachenko’s) that Petrov had until December 10 to make up his mind about whether he wanted to stay with the team, rather than because of his outburst. This is a very unusual statement from the team, and if Kosachenko was the only one saying it, then I’d happily write it off as PR spin. But Renault had no real reason to lie about this, and if they did, it would be caught out quickly (since if Petrov was effectively fired, the clause in his contract forbidding him from speaking out against them would no longer apply).

        I think the reason why they gave Petrov a choice – and the reason why he ultimately left – was because they had made it clear they were willing to put Robert Kubica in the car the minute he felt ready to return. Even if it meant a mid-season start. So, in the worst-case scenario, Petrov would only get a handful of races in 2012. Romain Grosjean is probably bound by the same predicament, but he’s (effectively) a rookie trying to break into the sport, and has to take whatever opportunities present themselves. Petrov, on the other hand, has two years’ experience, so signing up for half a season and hoping Kubica is delayed wouldn not be acceptable.

        1. maybe we will see petrov in a williams. surely they need the cash and he’s not the worst candidate (though sadly the worst candidate is confirmed in the other seat).

          1. Maldonado kept Barrichello pretty honest, especially in the back half of the year. The only reason people criticise him is because of what he did at Spa, but the stewards agreed that he was provoked by Hamilton (since Hamilton forced him wide and ruined his flying lap).

  3. its a fair point from the comment of the day. and nothing wrong with the post, he is right.

    but its a bit like saying the sky is blue…it really isnt an earth shattering statement and is stating the obvious.

  4. No F1 highlights video this year at the gala like the last year’s?

  5. The FIA Gala news is great and all, but what I REALLY want to see… is the season montage!

    Hoping the rumors are true that the FIA will make the highlights available online this weekend.

    1. Let’s hope so. I’m dying to watch that montage. With such a season, the montage must do its justice…

    2. @Journeyer Haha, my thoughts exactly!

      And where did you hear these rumours?

      1. @damonsmedley On Twitter, of course. :D

        1. @Journeyer You’re on Twitter?! Why didn’t I know this?

          @aka_robyn I’m not… Last year’s montage was fine by me! :P

          1. I’m more of a follower than a tweeter. But I actually just use Twitter search most of the time – very effective! ;)

    3. Hoping the ratio of race footage to footage of women in bikinis is a bit higher than in last year’s montage…

      1. Given how the 2nd half of the season turned out to be rather flat, I wouldn’t expect too much here.

        1. @aka_robyn and @journeyer

          I cannot think of another sport that is as male-oriented as Formula 1 where the fans call for less girls in bikinis.

          1. It’s nice to see at first, but then it gets awkward real fast.

            But yes. I absolutely agree.

  6. Congradulations to Vettel and RED BULL. Now we will see how great this team actually is. Facing a new year and a level playing field will these guys continue to dominate or will the tide have turned. Next year at this time the true greatness of Seb and his team will be known. Should be very interesting.

  7. The FIA always go on about engaging the fans more…

    They should take a cue from football leagues (bear with me!), in that they should take the Championship trophy to the last few races where mathematically the WDC can be wrapped up.

    The new WDC should then do a mini parade at the respective parade, the trophy can then be re-awarded at the FIA Prize Giving Gala.

    1. It always annoys me that when a driver clinches the championship whilst not finishing on the podium, he has no public outlet to celebrate. It really should be corrected.

      1. when a driver clinches the championship whilst not finishing on the podium, he has no public outlet to celebrate

        The cameras usually pick him up in pit lane. They did with Jenson Button in 2009.

        1. And Hamilton in ’08

  8. Thanks so much for posting the video of the Dan Wheldon Memorial Kart Race. Mr. Wheldon said he wanted to do it again, I hope they make it an annual event or something – that would be brilliant.

    1. @d3v0 It was nice to watch, wasn’t it? What a great legacy.

    2. I’m gonna go to that next year if they make it an annual thing, it looked like a brilliant night out.

    3. I spent half the evening talking to my wife about it, its a shame were from the States and dont get to see these kinds of events up close as much.

    4. @d3v0 – my thoughts exactly about the karting video. Plus I must congratulate you on what must be the best profile picture on F1F! That was such a classic moment of last season watching Rowan in the Mclaren garage!!

  9. I’d like Puffy to expand on what exactly he means by “Someone like Grosjean” I’m sorry, who? People are acting like Grosjean is someone who has already won races in Formula One, it’s completely nonsensical. Post of the day when it barely makes any sense.

    1. He’s like Hulkenburg, been very impressive in other series but a bit flat in F1.

      1. Except hulkenburg could manage a whole lap of singapore with out loosing all the temperature in his breaks and tyres and crashing. Infact you can say that for any track they have both driven in f1 cars.

        Watching grosjean in f1 was simply painfull you were just waiting for the mistake that ended his and likely someone elses race. If he had done 2009 this year he probably would have got more penaltys than hamilton did in the season in 7 races.

        Nico also got pole position at the interlagos swimming pool in a car that was good for 6th in the constructors championship. 11 drivers out there had = or far better chance to beat him to it. including x toro rosso regen meister and eventual world champion vettel.

      2. I’m sorry! I thought Hulk put Williams on pole last year? If that is slow, i don’t know what helps form a better opinion.

    2. @kingsix By “someone like Grosjean” I simply mean someone who has performed incredibly well in the lower series since he lost his race seat in F1. Given his performance in sportscars, auto gp and GP2, including being crowned GP2 champion this year, I think he has warranted a race seat on merit. Petrov was given 2 seasons in Formula 1 to show why he should hold onto his seat, and I feel his performances were lacklustre.

      I don’t pretend to know that he will set F1 alight or even if he can do an adequate job, but I feel that he deserves this opportunity to prove himself. As I said in another thread, if Grosjean, after being given a proper opportunity in F1, doesn’t perform at a decent enough level, then I’ll be amongst the first to call for him to make way for another promising driver from the lower tiers.

  10. I voted for F1 Fanatic in the Silverstone Media Awards :)

    1. Moi Aussi! :D

      1. Come on……basic French!
        I am only 14 and I know that is wrong. Moi aussi, translates as me also, and you don’t say that in English, you say I did as well or along those lines the correct french would be:
        J’ai voté aussi = I voted as well.
        I was thinking as you have comment of the day, what about controversial comment of the day.

        1. Actually, you would say that. Your translation doesn’t capture the meaning of the phrase at hand. You’re saying: I voted aswell. He’s saying: I voted for F1F aswell. You’re trying to literally translate from English into French, which is now how you translate anything (unless you’re google translate :P)

          1. What I ment was as he is saying he voted to it should be something like that as in French GCSE if you wrote moi aussi you would get a B at the most as poor knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structer would come into it. And don’t tell me how to speak French I have been since I was 3! I am predicted A* GCSE, I know your wrong as I go to a private school where our French teachers are from FRANCE so they know the language better than you, hense I am now taking my French GCSE 2 years EARLY.

          2. Lil tip f1 treat people with more respect or in a couple years time someone’s going to K.O you. :)

        2. Isn’t moi aussi a common French idiosyncracy?

        3. As a frenchman, i can say that “moi aussi” is perfectly ok. It is used to say “I did the same thing myself” or “I feel the same way myself”
          @ Formula 1: your French skills shouldn’t make you so arrogant.
          xtophe is fully right on that one.

          1. I didn’t mean it in an arrogant way, I apologise if it did come over that way. From the way I have been taught I have always been taught to use the perfect tense and complex sentnce structures. My reanson for saying so was that in my work when I did write moi aussi I was told to use the perfect tense with the e acute to create the past tense, that is why I wrote it as such as I voted myself.

          2. And then @formula-1 learned the difference between real life and exams :D

        4. Great idea!

          F1 should race on square wheels.

          There, I said it.

        5. Well being honest, I used “moi aussi” because I didnt know the full sentence form. The literal translation did seem appropriate for its usage here though. I havent taken French for about 10 years. What do I remember?

          Je mange le telecard.

          Je voudrais un steak-frite

          Je m’appelle Josh.

          1. Classic. I’d give you an A*, well, I’d predict one anyway… your use of French grammar is exquisite. Bah

    2. i voted for! nah jst kiddin… f1fanatic :)

  11. Vijay Mallya is in serious trouble: Indian officals have frozen a dozen bank accounts owned by Kingfisher Airways, which is currently at an estimated sixty-five billion rupees ($1.2 billion US) in debt.

    1. Yes, I know – I read Joe Saward like most other people here.

      1. Then you’d know that Saward is biased against Mallya because Mallya terminated Liuzzi’s Force India contract a year in advance. He’ll overstate any problems Mallya and Force India have. But the article I linked to is not from Saward – it’s from an Indian business magazine, an organisation which harbours no grudge against Mallya.

        1. Right, because it takes a real scummy partisan hack like Joe Saward to drag someone through the mud who DOESN’T PAY ANYONE THE MONEY HE OWES THEM.

        2. Its no fun hunting for bias in the media. You will find what you want to find.

          A more effective way to ensure you receive the correct information is to simply read varying opinions and follow multiple journalists. No reason to accuse anyone of bias when by reading 2-4 articles you can get a general sense of the facts without having to read into things.

  12. Is it true Mclaren have signed a RBR aero guy? It was mentioned on Autosport forum without any sources that ‘ex RBR Chris Saunders has signed for Mclaren’ – anyone?

  13. i hope they put a video of the award show in india online

    1. Ditto! I’ve never actually seen a champion crowned before.

  14. Vitaly Petrov’s girlfriend on his 2012 plans:

    STARlet_ES Elena ッ
    Waiting on friday, December 16, will be information about Vitaly Petrov from Marussia #F1 team.

    1. Petrov at Marussia makes sense.

    2. 3rd driver? They already confirmed Glock and Pic, didn’t they? Petrov will need a lot of help (and/or money) to get that seat for 2013, considering I think they have a great 2012 lineup as it is.

      1. I doubt Petrov would be third driver. The appeal of a Russian driver in a Russian team only really works if he actually races They’d likely drop Pic for Petrov.

    3. @prisoner-monkeys Good spot. Would make sense but I don’t see where he would fit.

      1. It gets even wackier: I saw a rumour over at Autosport that suggests McLaren will drop one of their drivers mid-season – inferred to be Lewis Hamilton – and replace him with Petrov. It’s completely unsubstantiated, and I can’t see it happening (unless Hamilton goes to Red Bull or Ferrari before the season begins).

        1. The mind of whoever came up with that befuddles.

          1. It appears to be a rumour that originated in Russia. I can’t track down the source; I had to go off a translated version because my Russian wasn’t good enough to read the original. I suspect that someone has seen the technical partnership between McLaren and Marussia and read too much into it, suggesting that Petrov will start the season with Marussia and step up to McLaren if and when McLaren want to replace one of their drivers mid-season.

            The only way I could conceivably see it happening is if Hamilton leaves McLaren at the start of the season, possibly winding up in Ferrari. There is talk that Kaumi Kobayashi could be replaced at Sauber by Bianchi, but perhaps Ferrari want Massa there to judge Perez over a year or two. This would open up a seat at Ferrari for Hamilton, and pave the way for Petrov to join McLaren. It just means Kobayashi loses out, though I could see him taking Trulli’s place at Caterham. Tony Fernandes would be canny enough to pick up a popular driver like Kobayashi.

            It’s not an idea that is entirely without merit. We’ve seen plenty of teams promote drivers in the past that have drawn a “What were the thinking?” response – only for everyone to discover there was a method to their madness all along. Kamui Kobayashi is perhaps the best and most-recent example of this; based on his GP2 results, he had piqued too soon, but then he was called up to Formula 1 and thrived. Likewise Jerome d’Ambrosio; his GP2 results weren’t phenomenal, but he was closer to Timo Glock that Lucas di Grassi ever was. The same thing happened with Felipe Massa. He was a bit of a crasher when he joined Sauber, but Ferrari straightened him out. So perhaps McLaren know something that we don’t – they may see something in Vitaly Petrov that isn’t immediately obvious to everyone else.

            The only reason why I’m willing to give this the time of day is Oksana Kosachenko’s comments that Petrov has a plan in place (which makes sense, given that Eric Boullier said the choice to remain at Renault was Petrov’s to make) and an interview with a Russian website where she said “when we announce the program, I think, many people will understand, why we have decided to go this way”. This comment suggests that Petrov’s 2012 plans aren’t the obvious choice for him, and will draw a “What was he thinking when he did that?” reaction. Hispania is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind (since most people think it’s one part dead end and one part merry-go-round for pay drivers), but perhaps Petrov will pull a Massa or a Hulkenberg as sign up as test driver for McLaren with the promise of a race seat in the future with a little bit of refinement. After all, 2012 is the last year on Hamilton’s contract …

  15. That Bernie interview is nice to read. Funny how the poor rich bugger sees his one doughter doing everything stupid and spoilt child you can get and the other one not being much better.

    Bet Bernie would have liked to keep control and buy the family some reasonable property, solid stocks and handed them a pleasant life long income instead.

  16. Where can I see FOM F1 Highlight video from FIA Gala??

    1. @nin13 – If one has been made, it has not been released.

  17. If you watch the Dan Wheldon karting video (which is briliant), watch the first recommended video which pops up on the top left called “How to overtake Jenson Button”. So funny! I don’t know who it is thats racing, but he’s obviously loving it!!!

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