Red Bull celebrate championship wins at home

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In the round-up: 60,000 fans witness Red Bull’s celebration in Milton Keynes.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Milton Keynes Speeding = Fine! (Red Bull)

“More than 60,000 F1 fans lined the streets of our home town to see world champion Sebastian Vettel, team-mate Mark Webber, David Coulthard, Christian Horner and Adrian Newey say thank you to our local support.”

Renault via Twitter

Response to Raikkonen falling off a snowmobile: “We just spoke to Kimi [Raikkonen]. There’s nothing to worry about, he only has a sore wrist. He might have it checked again on Monday, but that’s all.”

The Saturday interview: Bernie Ecclestone (The Guardian)

“‘The people I’ve met there are lovely people,’ Ecclestone says, prompting the response that jailing doctors for treating demonstrators doesn’t seem very lovely.”

Red Bull still committed to cost cutting (ESPN)

“It is a two-month notice period that both Ferrari and ourselves will serve and I think Sauber have joined that now. We have a meeting with some of the other FOTA members on Monday to talk about cost control, but we’ll see. Nothing is ever totally set in stone, but for the time being we feel that it is the right decision to take to step out of FOTA.”

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Comment of the day

Ollie Emery on the future of Adrian Sutil:

I don’t know about you chaps but I am waiting in anticipation for the outcome outcome of Adrian Sutil’s future.

The Brazilian Grand Prix was another example of what a great driver he is and I would hate to see him without a seat for next year. I’m happy we have a couple of old faces coming back to F1 (seems to be a developing trend?), especially with the return of Kimi, but get Sutil a seat in one of the big three and I think he could upset a few people.
Ollie Emery

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to debaser91!

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On this day in F1

Two years ago today the FIA agreed to introduce driver stewards into F1.

Since then 16 different drivers including five world champions have worked in that capacity. Here’s how many appearances each driver has made:

Johnny Herbert5
Derek Warwick, Nigel Mansell4
Alexander Wurz, Emerson Fittipaldi, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Emanuele Pirro3
Tom Kristensen, Danny Sullivan, Alan Jones, Allan Mcnish2
Alain Prost, Damon Hill, Mark Blundell, Derek Daly, Martin Donnelly1

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33 comments on “Red Bull celebrate championship wins at home”

  1. Kimi, lol. Reminds me of being a kid a falling off just about anything. These guys are just big kids :-)

    1. Well, he’s fallen off a boat, and he’s fallen off a snowmobile. And given his fondness for vodka, he’s probably fallen off the wagon before.

      What else can he fall off?

      1. This Kimi fellow will give the Lotus Renault some headache for 2012.

      2. You would think the team might have learned after what happened to Robert.
        It possibly screwed their year, although the car was’nt great.

        1. They are humans afterall. Like movie stars, they make the rules most of the time.

    2. I think this shows, that Kimi is very hungry for racing ad he just can’t wait till the season starts, so he’s looking for some racing :)

  2. I’m not convinced Sutil could upset many to be honest. He had a great last result and he is capable of delivering but he strikes me as being inconsistent. It took him quite a while to get the season off to a start.

    1. I think Sutil would upset some people at those teams…
      ‘who made this decision?!’

      Seriously, I think he’s decent, with last half year sometimes exciting. But for those teams it should be allways exciting!

    2. Last year I was sure Sutil was no driver for a top team. At the start of this year I thought the same, as di Resta was beating him regularly. Now I’ve changed my mind as he’s been impressive as of late, but still I wouldn’t put him in one of the top three teams.

  3. Where can I watch 2011 FIA Gala F1 Highlight?

    1. Torrent is the way!

      1. Where? No one broadcasted it on TV.

        1. eurosport usually film it,

          1. I’ll keep an eye out.

          2. Eurosport have confirmed that they won’t show it this year (in the UK at least). And it’s not on their TV sched either.

    2. I know a few places that might have the file,When i download it i’ll upload onto Youtube

      1. Please do and leave us a link!!

  4. I thought it was rather ironic that RedBull dug out a 2009 spec NASCAR Cup car for that showcar thing seeing as how they created & ran the team into the ground within 5 years. It was for sale and multiple people offered to buy it but RB turned down all investors and as of this past Thursday 150 Employees were out of a job as they shut the doors for the last time.

    1. @fisha695

      It was for sale and multiple people offered to buy it but RB turned down all investors

      What’s to say that those offers were good offers? For all we know, someone wanted to buy the team cheaply, then liquidate all its assets to make a profit. Or their proposal for running the team was unsustainable. Or they had no idea how to run a NASCAR team.

  5. Is Sutil going to end up like Hulk last year? Impressive in the last race in Brazil but to no avail and dropped. Unlike Hulk I don’t see Sutil sitting around in a test role. I like him as a driver, the fact he’s a bit of a ladies man etc. Where will he go?

    1. One good race performance does not guarantee a future.

      1. I’m merely referring to the similarity between both Hulk’s and Sutil’s performance in the last race of the season as they both performed well when their seats were in danger.

  6. Sutil should go to Caterham, that team is on the up while Willliams are in decline, and contracts seem meaningless these days (Petrov and Sutil for example with 2012 Lotus and FI) so he could have an oppurtunity to replace Trulli and bring some sponsorship to the team – and a strong 2012 drive in a Caterham could be enough to get him a factory Mercedes-AMG seat the following year if Massa gets replaced by Rosberg.

    None of the above could happen, but it’s a possible scenario I’ve dreamt up to show Sutil at Caterham would have him in agood position to make the next move in his career.

    1. contracts seem meaningless these days

      There are provisions built into contracts – conditions that, once satisfied, can allow for a team and driver to part ways. It’s a means of letting the team leave their options open if a driver fails to perform. So the contracts aren’t meaningless; they just have exit clauses like any other contract.

  7. Feel I shouldn’t post here without saying something sensible about Sutil(I’d go with inconsistent) or Kimi(falling off stuff, hilarious, can’t wait for him to be back) but I’m still too giddy after yesterday in Milton Keynes. May have to abandon all this “sensible” f1 stuff and join the Christian Horner fan club!

  8. Renault are cursed! Grosjean will be next to be injured..

  9. Any one knows where to watch the red bull championship celebration.

    1. @west I would keep an eye on YouTube or the Red Bull Racing website. Nothing available yet.

  10. The RB5 looked awesome. I find this years Red Bull a bit hideous to be honest.

    1. Hang on, is this even the 2009 car we’re looking at here?

      1. Nope, it’s still the good old RB1 based show car, with a few mods to make it sort of look like an RB5-7. Apparently they might move to a more recent chassis for the show car next year, though.

  11. I was at Milton Keynes for the ‘Home Run’ and it was brilliant. They had a Vettel and Webber go on individually on the road track, then both of them at the same time, pretty sensational stuff, i’ve never been that close to a running F1 car before. They also had a ‘Heroes lap’ where Horner, Vettel and Webber sat atop an open top car and waved as they drove around – felt a bit sorry for them as no one was really cheering or clapping as everyone was too busy concentrating on their cameras / phones getting pictures (including me..). At any rate, it was a good demonstration and a nice thing for RB to organise & do for the fans of the sport.

  12. Did they play the Austrian National Anthem as they came home to Milton Keynes?

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