Vettel: “Pushing hard to finalise 2012 car”

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In today’s round-up: Sebastian Vettel says the team is working hard on next year’s car.


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Sebastian Vettel already focused on making 2012 Formula 1 campaign even better (Autosport)

??These kinds of seasons don’t happen every year but we’re already focused on next season. Adrian [Newey] and the guys are working hard to get the car ready for next year and we move on.

??Being 24, it would be sad to say that has been the highlight of my life and from now on it only gets worse! Even if I retire one day I will still wake up in the morning and think that my best day is still to come.??

Mark Webber says results not age will decide his Formula 1 future (Autosport)

??Mark Webber says his decision on when to retire from Formula 1 will not be based on his age, but on whether he is still delivering results.??

Paul Di Resta: ??Vettel won because he had the best car?? (James Allen)

??We had the same car, same engine, same tyres and I beat him. I don’t want to diminish Vettel’s achievement (this year), but he won the championship because he had the best car. He did his job, but another driver in the same car would probably have achieved the same results. I hope one day to have the same opportunity.??

Mark Webber Challenge raises a million dollars for charity (James Allen)

??The Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge has drawn to a close after a five gruelling days, in which Webber himself competed in the early stages.??

Mark Webber via Twitter

??Love driving late at night on English A roads in the winter,high beam on,no big kangaroos jumping out,and turbos loving the cold air. #apexs??

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Comment of the day

The 2011 F1 driver rankings has caused a fiery discussion. Estesark says:

I can’t believe you put X driver ahead of Y driver. Y was miles better. This list is rubbish and you clearly don’t know anything about F1. I’m never visiting this website again. In fact I’m never using the internet again. I hope you’re happy, ??Keith??, if that is your real name; you’ve ruined my life.


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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew Hey and Christian Andrade!

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Happy birthday to Emerson Fittipaldi who turns 65 today.

Coincidentally, so does Renzo Zorzi, who made seven F1 starts in the mid-seventies.

98 comments on “Vettel: “Pushing hard to finalise 2012 car””

  1. well, Di Resta should understand that not everything comes from the car. Look at how his battle against Sutil ended. Despite being slower than him most of the times, Sutil beated him in the end.

    Vettel’s pole at Suzuka proves it. He was on it all year long, and it wasn’t completely down to the car only. But I guess this revives the “motorsports is about the car” discussion for the 1000th time.

    1. Would Vettel hav won the title if he was driving a Mclaren or a Ferrari with two other Red Bulls on the grid?

      1. I wouldn’t think so, but it’s an extremely pointless question to ask.

      2. Probably not, no. So he is probably right about it.

        Still, it takes a bit of guts to say these kind of things, as DiResta will now be compared to these lines each time he is on track.

      3. With Webber and Coulthard at the wheel? Most definitely.

      4. so? first, we don’t know. Second, name 3 world championships that won the title with a rubbsih car.

        It’s about the package. Vettel still makes the difference in the end.

      5. Depends who would have been driving the RBRs! If Alonso and Hamilton, then no. Di Resta is diminishing Vettel’s achievement: of course he had the best car, but the margin by which he won, the number of times he beat his team mate and the excellent performances that allowed him to stay ahead of the Ferraris and McLarens prove he isn’t a normal driver. He is an awesome driver, and di Resta should concentrate on achieving all that he can at Force India for the moment. Beating Sutil would have been the first step.

        1. Yeah, it depends on who is driving the RBRs, but regardless, I believe Vettel would have come quite a bit closer than Button and Hamilton did.

      6. yes he would. and he’ll still prove it.
        people still don’t quite get how special vettel is. this is incredible to me! i sure hope mclaren has the best car next year so that vettel can slam it into button’s and hamilton’s faces (with performance, not words, as always).
        di resta should really mind his own business, which is sutil – a better driver than himself.

      7. Would any other driver have done better (poles followed by victories) than Vettel in a Redbull?

        1. I doubt it. I think if Alonso had been in the car, there might have been more poles for Webber too, maybe an extra for McLaren – wins might be even higher. Button, looking at his 2009 start, might also have been blitzing it similarly to Vettel; even Hamilton could have, then in a fast car, so less ragged, done very well too. Would they have done better? Who knows, but there is not that many races to do it in given the success Vettel had so it would be marginal if so.

          Would Vettel have done well in a Ferrari or McLaren: most likely, he could even have been closer to the red bull with his qualifying performance when Button early in the year when Button wasn’t on it on Saturdays. Would he have won? Not unless Red Bull and their drivers made too many mistakes.

    2. I think the point is that you can have a good car but in the end the driver is the one making the diference. Is because of that that drivers want to win so hard againts his teammate , because he has the same machine as you.

      The RBR7 has only been a good car on Vettel´s hands… is good car because the driver that got it could adjust to the machine, weather another could have been as good and as consistence as Vettel is a hard questions to ask…


      And Paul Di Resta SHOULD do something about his F1 career before going at Vettel´s case…

      1. Paul is saying what he feels & there is nothing wrong in that. Vettel this year had a far superior car than what McLaren & Ferrari could give it’s drivers. i’m sure if any other driver viz Alonso, Rosberg, Hamilton, Button, Schumi, Kubica, Kimi or any other top driver would have got the same result. And it’s a fact that he did beat Vettel in the same car… and given a chance in a top team & top car he feel he too can to win a championship… which is completely fair argument to make.

        1. @Dev – Maybe Alonso, and Schumi in his prime, but some of the others you mention have either had poor seasons where they’ve squandered what they had, shown poor qualifying or race pace compared to their teammates, or haven’t exactly achieved what Vettel did when he was in their position. So I doubt many would have done as well as Vettel has this year.

          1. Rosberg and Kubica I believe were only as good as the equipment given. Kubica might have had a spectacular 2008 season but BMW was more concerned on improving Heidfeld’s performance than pushing Robert forward and making the miserable 2009 car. Rosberg was never given a race winning car either.

          2. @david-a – when the car is good enough for you to get pole position in almost all races & has a stronger race pace than competition you tend to make less mistakes as you don’t need to push the car to the limit to get the job done. Webber really did not push Vettel as much as he could have… remember in Canada Vettel was under pressure he made a mistake that allowed Button to win.

            Vettel did a very good job, but this year he had it easy… just check out careers of drivers who have driven Newey cars before & after… car does make the difference.

          3. @Dev – Canada is constantly brought up as him cracking under pressure, but Spain and Monaco were similar situations. No mistakes there.

            This year, Vettel has had to make the difference on occasions, particularly on Saturdays, like in Hungary and Japan. The car can make a difference, but not to the extent that drivers who clearly aren’t making the most of what they have can do a better job in the RB7 than someone who has destroyed the field, and achieved what he did prior to 2010. Even if several drivers “could” have won the title this year, I doubt many could have made it look as easy or dominant as Vettel has.

        2. RBR7 was not that superior, i did the math. around 0,2 seconds per lap.
          Vettel’s greatest achievement is that he made the car look superior – and Webber as a below average driver.

          1. Couldn’t agree more. Although I obviously don’t know about the time difference. But yeah, Vettel biggest feat this year was making the RB7 look so dominant and Webber so average at the same time.

    3. @fer-no65 Di Resta sounds a little bitter! Clearly Vettel has the talent and uses it tremendously. Webber was in the car and look what he achieved. Not much.

      I’m pretty confident he will end up at Mercedes in 2013.

      1. I don’t think he sounds bitter…

        “U JELLY PAUL?”

      2. Vettel or Di Resta? :)

  2. It’s good to hear Di Resta speak his mind as to me he usually comes off as a bit bland although intelligent when talking to the BBC. Still, it’s very presumptuous of him to think that ‘another’ driver would have had the season Vettel did.
    Mark Webber (conspiracy theories aside) had the same machinery and only managed one win. Vettel has shown this year that he is an exceptional driver, up there with Hamilton and Alonso. Maybe the older Di Resta is a bit bitter at his colleague’s success?

    1. I suspect it was just to remind VJ who has beaten the new double world champion in the past remember no decision has been made on FI’s drivers yet. If he really wanted to discredit vettel he wouldn’t have said.

      “I don’t want to diminish Vettel’s achievement”

      He really doesn’t, he would hardly say i beat him in equal machinery and he’s **** that would only make paul slightly better than what ever **** is. He’s saying i beat him in equal machinery and look what he did this season.

      1. Saying “I don’t want to diminish Vettel’s achievement” then going on to state that ‘another’ driver could do the same thing does kinda diminish it in my view! Even if it’s unintentional.

        But you have a very good point, I never thought about the way he might be making a subtle point to VJ! Very clever. He deserves his seat in 2012 after a strong 2011.

      2. But VJ probably also remembers Di Resta’s 2005 F3 season….

        Vettel has been impressive through his entire career. Yes he was beaten by Di Resta in 2006 but he beat Di Resta in lesser equipment the year before. And by almost twice the points I might add.
        The F1 team bosses were so impressed with Vettel in 2006 whereas none of them talked about ‘that guy who beat him’. I can only speculate why but it does suggest they weren’t impressed with Di Resta.

  3. I disliked Di Resta more and more during the season for his often brazen comments. Further outbursts like this only further lower my opinion of him.

    1. It’s no wonder most of the drivers are robotic corporate drones … if you’re upset by these comments, let’s hope you never accidentally overhear a driver swearing after a race!

      1. @Oblong_Cheese I agree with Eastman, for me Di Resta is one of the most averrated drivers this season… and it seem that everytime he speaks his mind is to put down other drivers achivements… like when he told Autosport that Vettel and Hamilton only got their tittles because he wasn´t on F1 the year they won… in the Autosport awards he acted like a robot, he didn´t even shake hands with the people that presented him with the award…

        1. I have to agree with Eastman and Celeste,

          while Di Resta had a good rookie year, these kind of brazen and rude comments are uncalled for. It amounts to little more than a cheap shot. He is bitter because he once beat Vettel, but could he, even in the sister Redbull beat 2011 Vettel; not a chance. This bitterness is not a desirable quality in any driver.

          Congrats Paul, you just lost a fan. Maybe prove something in F1 before opening your mouth again.

          1. It’s all talk then, isn’t it?

            Until he backs up his talk with results you can laugh it off, but it’s nothing to get offended by.

          2. You don’t know he wouldn’t beat Vettel in the second Red Bull, no one does because he hasn’t had that opportunity. Same for any other driver apart from Webber.

            I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what he said, Vettel is fortunate he had the connections with first BMW and then Red Bull although he has more than made full use of these opportunities once he got those chances.

            Surely it would annoy you too if you were Di Resta. Di Resta beats Vettel who is regarded as the next big thing in F3 and then sees him become double world champion, while Di Resta because he didn’t have those sort of connections had to slug it out in DTM for 4 years before he got his chance in a midfield car.

          3. It would be annoying @debaser91 , but he shouldn’t have let that annoyance end up with him being beaten by Sutil. He has to shine like Vettel did in 2007 and 2008 before we can believe Di Resta deserves a chance in a top car.

          4. @debaser91,

            Di Resta had the support of Mercedes Benz. I highly doubt Di Resta has much to complain about in terms of connections.

            Remember the other famous German driver Mercedes Benz helped get into F1?

        2. @Celeste I don’t know what to make of Paul, really. He’s so boring in his interviews and then he comes out with stuff like this. He seems like a nice chap, but I may have been wrong. Let’s hope he can back up his talk. Who knows, if he wins a race, he might even crack a smile!

          1. @damonsmedley I think he is just insecure, an in a media world that is F1 I guess he cracks and end up saying thing that he should´t, weather by common sense, being polite or because those whings could bite him one day ( like this video)

      2. I’m sorry, but that’s one of the most childish outbursts I’ve ever heard. Even Hamilton, who has had quiet digs at being outpaced by the CAR Red Bull (and not it’s drivers) since ’09, has never quite said it so blandly and stupidly. Every driver in the paddock (excepting Di Resta himself, obviously) knows that given equal machinery, Vettel would obliterate him. And there are those who want Sutil to make way? Dear me.

        Maybe concentrate on consistently beating your ‘average’ teammate first Paul, before spouting rubbish. You get a drive in a decent car when you earn it, and that’s a long way off at the moment.

        1. And, @ Oblong Cheese; this isn’t a matter of a driver throwing off the PR shackles. Take the regular top 5 drivers; all have great personalities and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, when required. With PDR I’m just hearing a sour grapes tale from someone who probably rates himself a good deal higher than his actual station.

          1. It seems to me like most of you guys are just getting offended on behalf of Vettel.

            It doesn’t really affect you or anyone else what Paul di Resta says, it’s all entertainment.

      3. It’s one thing to be a drone and repeat your team’s press statements, but a completely different story to make dumb comments like this.

        1. @David-A I think Sutil is better than a lot of people give him credit for, he is certainly not average as some others (not yourself) in the convo above have suggested based on this season’s results. He is certainly much stronger than Bourdais who Vettel had against him in 2008.

          @Dragon I think Vettel has done a superb job, but if Di Resta had had the same career path into BMW and then Red Bull who’s to say they wouldn’t have achieved similar results. No one knows because Di Resta didn’t get that opportunity, despite his beating Vettel. Beating Vettel in the same car is impressive even if it was in junior formula and Di Resta is obviously irritated that it took him much longer to get his chance in Formula One despite that result.

    2. Funnily enough his comments have had the opposite effect on me..

  4. Not sure what Di Resta is sore about. “I beat him once!” Congrats, buddy.
    Vettel is double World Champion at 24. What was Di Resta at 24? That’s right – nothing.

    1. DTM champion is worth something in the touring car world .. but I suppose he aims higher than that so by higher standards that is in fact not much.
      But maybe he didn’t even mean himself, maybe the “another” driver is Hamilton, Button or Alonso; we’ll never know.

      1. @bananarama

        we’ll never know

        … until he gets into that car and storms to the WDC, like Vettel did this year ;-)

    2. nothing ?? was still more than you !!! dushbag !!!

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        12th December 2011, 14:37

        @paddy Clearly you’re a Di Resta supporter, you even give “PR” like him

    3. What was Di Resta at 24?

      Reigning DTM champion, one of only a handful of drivers to score points on his Formula 1 debut and an early contender for Rookie of the Year.

      All in all, not too shabby.

      1. You forgot to add rude and unsportsmanlike to your list ;)

        1. You forgot to add playing the game adam tate and co every driver has to big them selves up when contracts are due. I’m rather surprised so few “f1 fanatics” have realised that.

        2. What was the context of the quote?

          You’re only ever seeing what the media wants you to see. Unless you get the context you can’t be sure whether he was being rude (I don’t see how he was) or simply trying to talk himself up. Maybe he was asked what he feels the balance between driver and car is…

          Do you see what I mean? Context is key!!

    4. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      12th December 2011, 14:35

      @olivier42 that’s right. And no one can criticize your “nothing” comment because DiResta defenders said Paul is only speaking his mind. I was so badly surprised when Paul did those “I’m better than Hamilton and Sebastian” just at the beginning of the year… let’s hope his fate brings him the oportunity to prove what he says or to shut his miouth up.

  5. Beaten Vettel in the same car gives Di Resta’s authority to say whatever he thinks.

    Anyway, I never understand F1 Fans. If a driver plays safe with the political correctness, repeating what their PR office ask them, they’re robot. If the say what they think, they´re arrogant.

    Let those guys speak his mind. At least we have some character from them (and something to discuss in the off season :) ].

    About his comments, it resonates the way his father thinks. I remember Di Resta Senior saying more or less the same thing years ago:

    “He [Paul] was only 13, at least a year younger than all the drivers around him. Robert Kubica was in second place on the grid, Nico Rosberg was fourth and Lewis [Hamilton] was sixth.

    They were all driving for factory teams with money no object while I put Paul’s car together myself and drove it down from Bathgate in a lorry to save money.

    We didn’t have a back-up team: I was Paul’s mechanic, his manager, his everything.

    “Paul’s not like these guys, he’s done it the hard way. I worked all my days to finance his racing. We had no sponsors so we scrimped and saved to give him a chance to make it.

    From the time that Lewis Hamilton was 10 years old, the chequebook came out. He could crash a car and it made no difference, but that was never the way with Paul. Guys like Lewis and Sebastian Vettel had diamond-encrusted silver spoons placed carefully in their mouths while Paul ate with a wooden spoon. It’s made him hungry, though. He knows how to fight and to scrap.”


    1. Thanks for that. I think it helps to understand the background, and I’d not read about Di Resta’s early career.

    2. I welcome drivers peaking their mind, but the problem lies in what some fans turn those thoughts into. You know, the people (including some on that JA blog) that think other drivers achievements are because of their talent while SV’s achievements (even before 2009) were down to the car. It’s that double standard amongst some fans that gets on my nerves, not Di Resta.

      1. @David A; I don’t think those (including myself) who raise questions about Vettel’s true level are necessarily guilty of double standards. The questions arise because such is the level of superiority of his car that his input is hard to quantify. I do not question that he has exploited his equipment to the maximum (and I do believe he is better than Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve) but to be convinced he is a true great I need to see him compete for a WDC in a car that is equal or second fastest. Personally I’d like to see him leave his Red Bull comfort zone after this season. That’s simply my considered opinion and seemingly that of many others.

    3. Sebastian Vettel had diamond-encrusted silver spoons placed carefully in their mouths

      Since when does Vettel´s family got money????

      1. Celeste he’s not talking about vettels family or lewis’ he’s talking about mclaren sponsoring lewis from age 11 and redbull sebastian.

        1. He told those comments in the middle of the season, just at the beggining of the summer vacations…

          1. That’s not a sentance m8 get some sleep.

        2. @Senior Di Resta Comment, but the only reason Lewis and Sebastian got sponsorship from McLaren and Red Bull respectively was because they started to win. had they not been winning for the 3 years or so before they got sponsorship, then they wouldn’t have got it at all

    4. Yes, and don’t forget it’s been translated into Italian and back again, and embellished for maximum melodramatic effect – once by the Italians, and again, just to make sure, by James Allen.

    5. There are these wonder stories about every driver, how they at some point, without money beat everyone else who already got sponsored cars and all. There are many about Ayrton Senna, loads about Vettel, some of Rosberg, Schumacher… The lot.

      It bores the pants off of me. Matter of fact is, Vettel had to start somewhere with almost no money and his father driving around with him. And certainly Ron Dennis never came to a Lewis Hamilton, who never ever raced a car and shoved money up his butt just for the fun of it. They all had to prove their talent at some point.

  6. I enjoy driving around at night too, but couldn’t quite explain why. Thanks to Mark Webber, now I know it’s because there are no big kangaroos!

    Man he’s had a busy few days, with the start of his challenge in Tasmania, the FIA prize-giving (great Twitter comment about that too by the way) and the Milton Keynes demo. That’s a lot of travelling around for the off-season, particularly at his age…

  7. Fighting talk from Di Resta!

    I don’t know whether I’m excited or just plain scared of the RB8…Nice RBR links anyway!

  8. Webber was driving a 911.

    I kind of not agree with Paul, Yes Vettel had the best car on the grid but that was also the case with Webber, Vettel was just at the top of his form, Paul is a good driver, I never expected this type of comment from him.

    1. His GT2 RS? That’s one mean Porsche!

  9. So if Webber didn’t retire after this year, how bad will he have to go to retire?

  10. Just like he beat Sutil in the same car. Oh wait.

  11. You know, I would love it if someone could either point to a link to this Di Resta interview or tell me how the online edition of Gazzetta dello Sport differs from the print version or…something! Because I just can’t seem to find it. I know it’s a tedious sort of question, but I’m a tedious sort of person. And when I asked on James Allen’s site, he deleted my comment without further ado. What am I missing, here? Is it just not online at all?

    1. Well, at least it seems to be turning up in a search now, not that I can access the article: [link]

  12. “Mark Webber says his decision on when to retire from Formula 1 will not be based on his age, but on whether he is still delivering results.”

    As much as I like Webber and I want to see him succeed, I was quite disappointed with his result this year. I find it hard to believe that his car was significantly different from Vettel’s. But Webber insists that next year is going to be different, and I am curious as to why he feels that way.

    Realistically I would think that, if driver “A” is beaten fairly by his team mate driver “B” then surely driver A (although being much more determined to try harder) would be slightly “less” confident for the following season. However we seem to get quite the opposite from Webber. Either fake, or he is being delusional, or there really “is” something?

    1. I think it’s just down to his attitude. He probably goes into every race thinking he is going to win – or at least, he says that to anyone willing to listen.

      If there does turn out to be something about next year’s Red Bull which favours Webber over Vettel, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t know about it yet.

      1. awesome COTD btw .. lol

    2. Webber has been beated down by various things all his career, and he never gave up. Granted Vettel has been the first teammate to do so, but he knows he can beat him and belives in himself, even if almost no-one else does.

  13. I don’t think that di Resta’s comments make him arrogant. Firstly, we don’t know the context, that is, he has obviously answered a question and we don’t know what that question was. Secondly, I can only agree with Paul. Vettel is a great driver and a totally worthy double world champion but he really won the title because he had the best car, just like Button in 2009 or Schumacher in 2004. If Alonso, Button or Hamilton drove a Red Bull in 2011 and Vettel didn’t then Vettel wouldn’t be the 2011 world champion. That doesn’t decrease the value of Vettel’s achievement but Vettel isn’t the only F1 driver who can win in the best car. And I also believe that Paul will be a world championship contender in a couple of years if he gets a car that’s good enough.

  14. Di Resta is just frustrated. Mind you he still doesn’t have a seat for next year.

    His – and Sutil’s – frustration is understandable. Both of them and Hulkenberg did a brilliant job, yet they know someone is going to be the odd man out. And if they know VJ picks driver based upon performance, then they are really lost in terms of predicting who is going to be landed a seat.

    But there are other factors.

    Button is frustrated visibly as well even though he has his seat – and a very good one. It can also be very frustrating to see yourself giving your all in the 2nd part of the season, picking up all but one podium along the way, including two magnificient wins, yet this little ‘finger’ is almost always ahead of you often by only a thousandth of a second.


    COTD is just hilarious. :D Made my day.

  15. “Vettel won because he had the best car”

    I don’t see what’s so controversial about what Di Resta’s said. It’s no more radical than pointing out that the pope is catholic or the earth goes around the sun.

    1. Agreed.

      Mansell won the title in’92 because he had the best car. Same with Prost in ’93. And Schumacher is ’04, Button ’09…

      And those are only the ones that stand out in my memory. Surely it would be far harder to pick out a driver who won the title despite not having the best (or at least one of the best 2 or 3) car(s)….

  16. Thanks Paul!

  17. He did his job, but another driver in the same car would probably have achieved the same results. I hope one day to have the same opportunity.

    Another driver in the same car would have achieved the same results… Let me get this straight..
    Another driver..
    In the same car…
    Same results..
    So it’s Webber’s fault, isn’t it…

    1. I guess there the point is to be the one guy, not the other. Because with one of them winning this much, the second driver could have achieved 2nds maximum at quite a few races.

      That is not to say, that I think Webber got the most out of the car this year.

  18. OMG Paul!! The same argument was on in 2007 on LH’s rookie achievements. Mansell is still bitter about it till today making the same statements Di Resta Senr is making. Some1 wrote the story has not been confirmed. I would wait for the confirmation first.

    COTD: I will readily supply you with a rope ;) And as for those of us who hang around here at fanatics, we are loving it!! :)

  19. Sebastian Vettel already focused on making 2012 Formula 1 campaign even better (Autosport)

    I bet he was focussed on it as soon as he won this year’s WDC…

    1. Almost a certainty he was @steph! Maybe even before that.

  20. Calm down dear, it’s just a commercial.

    Sounds to me like Di Resta is not certain he’s got the Force India drive and is, understandably, promoting his credentials a bit.

  21. themagicofspeed (@)
    12th December 2011, 15:54

    For the benefit of the sport,i sincerely hope Vettel and RBR have a shockingly poor season next year. This season was so stale by the end it was like trying to suck water from a corpse in the desert. The last thing F1 needs is another Vettel induced bore-fest. Even if it ends up with my favoured team losing, i hope there is more than 1 person in with a chance of the WDC. There was little point anyone else turning up from the mid-season onwards; it was over already.

    We need a close-fought battle to inject much needed life.

    1. @themagicofspeed – The “bore-fest” was actually induced by the other teams and drivers who couldn’t keep up. If you want a close season, Vettel can still be in the mix like in 2010.

  22. themagicofspeed (@)
    12th December 2011, 16:08

    I’d like to see a lot of drivers/teams in with a shot.. Why not have Alonoso, Massa, Button, Schumacher, Webber, Vettel in a title shot at the final race, and all starting at the back? Now thats exciting, and in complete contrast to this year.

    And in 2010, Vettel was simply in the right place at the right time. If Vitaly Petrov had not got in his way, Alonso would more than likely have been WDC. I consider Vettel only a 1x world champion, and along the same lines, Hamilton 0x world champion.

    1. @themagicofspeed – Petrov had every right to be on the track, and Alonso got stuck behind him, so the idea that Vettel didn’t deserve the title is nonsense. As is your point about LH not deserving 2008.

  23. It seems some Vettel fans are as just sensitive as fans of other top drivers when anyone dares to say anything negative about their hero.

    As ever unless we can see the full transcript we don’t know what was discussed in the interview beforehand or how the question to di Resta was worded.

    I don’t see what was so wrong about what di Resta said, everyone knows that most of the time you need the best car to win the championship and he says that Vettel “did his job”.

    Does anyone think that if another of the top drivers such as Alonso was in Vettel’s position and Vettel at Ferrari that Alonso wouldn’t have won the title?

    People say that the first measure for any driver is against their teammate, and when di Resta and Vettel were teammates and had the same equipment di Resta came out on top.

    It is the way of motorsport that no matter the skill of the driver a certain amount of luck is needed in being in the right place at the right time and having the right backers to make it all the way to the top.

    I think most reasonable F1 fans will acknowledge that Vettel is a special talent and he had an almost flawless season in 2011.

  24. On another note you can really feel the passion in kimi’s interview

  25. I don’t mind PDR’s comment, but I would like to remind him he didn’t even beat his own team mate THIS year and that Mark Webber, “another driver in the same car”, did NOT “achieve the same results”.

  26. “We had the same car, same engine, same tyres and I beat him.”

    And the year before you had a better car and lost to Vettel by almost the same amount of points you had. And Di Grassi beat you like Vettel has beaten Webber this year.

    Your point Di Resta?

  27. In regards to what Paul Di Resta said, I don’t think it’s strictly true. Sebastian Vettel has done a phenomenal job this year, and although if he was in a different car he might not have achieved the same kind of results, I think he would still have been a very serious competitor nonetheless, as he will be for years to come unless he finds himself in an uncompetitive car.

    I do think next year Vettel and Webber might be a little closer in terms of performance, but I do not doubt that Vettel will still be highly regarded as the favourite for taking a third title.

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