Sam Bird, iSport, GP2, Barcelona, 2011

GP2 to support F1 in Singapore, Bahrain and Malaysia


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Sam Bird, iSport, GP2, Barcelona, 2011
GP2 will broaden its horizons in 2012

The GP2 calendar will support F1 races at the Bahrain, Malaysian and Singapore Grands Prix in 2012.

With the GP2 Asia series ending this year, the main GP2 series will add four Asian races to its schedule. Three of these will support F1 races, plus an additional round will be held in Bahrain the week after the F1 race.

The series will be making its debut at Singapore. GP2 cars last raced at Sepang in 2009 as part of the GP2 Asia series.

GP2 will continue to support all the European rounds of the F1 championship. The total number of races will increase from 18 to 24.

GP2 Series CEO Bruno Michel said: “GP2 being the natural and logical path to Formula 1, it is imperative that our calendar carries as many F1 tracks as possible including tracks outside Europe which is why we added Bahrain, Sepang and Singapore this season. However, the series has also to remain affordable, therefore we did not want to add more overseas circuits.

“Racing on eleven F1 tracks in 2012 with a car close to F1 in performance and using the same tyres, GP2 drivers will gain as much experience as possible which will enable them to be immediately competitive in the next category as previously demonstrated by all our graduates. We have also made sure that we remain affordable by working together with our partners in order to keep down freight and spare parts costs.

“I am glad that we will be going back to Kuala Lumpur: we?ve seen during the Asia Series some very exciting races there. It is a splendid venue to open a new chapter of our Series which includes new sporting regulations.

“We?ve always raced in Bahrain since the inception of our Series ?ǣ Nico Rosberg won both races in 2005. We will close our season in Singapore. It will be the first time ever that our Series goes there. It is very exciting!”

Here is the 2012 GP2 calendar in full:

Round Race Circuit Date
1 Malaysia Sepang International Circuit March 23rd-25th
2 Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit April 20th-22nd
3 Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit April 26th-28th
4 Spain Circuit de Catalunya May 11-13th
5 Monaco Monte-Carlo May 24-26th
6 Europe Valencia June 22nd-24th
7 Britain Silverstone July 6-8th
8 Germany Hockenheimring July 20th-22nd
9 Hungary Hungaroring July 27-29th
10 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps August 31st-September 2nd
11 Italy Monza September 7-9th
12 Singapore Marina Bay September 21st-23rd

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  • 39 comments on “GP2 to support F1 in Singapore, Bahrain and Malaysia”

    1. It’s great that they’ve expanded, but I was honestly hoping for (and expecting) a few more races. I was so excited by the prospect of seeing them in Melbourne so I’m a bit disappointed. The only new circuit they’ve added is Singapore, really. I’m not sure what the appeal of Bahrain is either.

      1. @damonsmedley The FIA are getting behind Bahrain in a big way: as well as reinstating the F1 race it’s been given a round of the revived World Endurance Championship (preposterously, it originally clashed with the Petit Le Mans – this has now been changed) and it’s been added to the under-18 Karting World Championship.

        And now GP2 are going there not once, but twice. Never mind that the last time they went – just last February – they had to high-tail it out of the country as the tanks started rolling in.

        1. Obviously someone over there is paying a lot of money. The reputation of the country has been tarnished recently so it’s not surprising to see they’re trying to get as much publicity through sport as possible. That doesn’t mean I agree with it, however.

        2. I must say, the the scary tweets from Buxton and some GP2 Aisa team members were the first that came to mind when I first learn about this calendar @keithcollantine

          Must be a lot of support from Bahrain for Todt, with the vice president etc.

      2. i’m not sure they have the pits to fit the GP2 cars in Melbourne.. i could be wrong

        1. Melbourne has the V8 Supercars, Carrera Cup, V8 Utes, Formula Ford, and Touring Car Masters as support events. If you got rid of the utes, Formula Ford and TCM, you could probably make enough space for GP2.

          1. I was at the Melbourne GP this year and like you said there is hardly enough track time to fit in another series. I would love to see GP2 in my hometown, but the organisers would have to drop some events.
            V8’s are great but they dont race for championship points, but they are the secondary act behind F1. I would be happy just to see F1,GP2 and the V8 as the line up, instead of wasting time with events like the celebrity challenge.

          2. Get rid of the celebrity challenge and the utes, I say. In fact, @Prisoner-Monkeys, are you sure the utes are racing there? They’re not listed on the official Australian Grand Prix website as a support category. I don’t think the Touring Car Masters race there either, but the Tasman revival series (F5000) has been there for the last few years. Actually, the support categories at the Melbourne Grand Prix have been thinning out over the last few years and I definitely think they could squeeze GP2 in somewhere.

            1. I think the celebrity race should be the F1 drivers, all in equal V6 commodores…

      3. James Calado’s not impressed:

        Bahrain twice.. Stupid

        1. Bahrain are really trying to hammer home the point that they feel everything is fine and dandy, aren’t they.

          “We’ll have TWO races this year! That’ll show ’em!”

          They better race on two different layouts if they’re going to do that.

          1. Reverse?

        2. Bahrain twice? Stupid. True, they don’t need to move, but apart from the fact Sakhir isn’t exactly a great circuit, and the ongoing protests put the races in doubt, there is no need to have an extra round there. Heck, I’d have preferred 11 rounds but each on a different circuit. If they use a different layout, fine, but otherwise it will be redundant. I’m also saddened that the circuits they chose aren’t the best ones. I’d have loved Melbourne to be there, and Interlagos (although the break would be too big between it and Monza).

    2. I’m so excited about GP2 coming Singapore ’cause I’m a race official next year!

      1. That is definitely the best part of the announcement! I think those could be two very entertaining races. Pity the lap time will be so high, though.

        1. @keithcollantine

          I think those could be two very entertaining races.

          Don’t you mean “chaotic”?

        2. @keithcollantine @prisoner-monkeys
          Yeah, the first thing I thought of when I heard ‘GP2’ and ‘Singapore’ was ‘Crashfest’

    3. I am happy that instead of having a separate series they are going everywhere where F1 goes (like Moto 2 does in Moto Gp) not sure why they won’t go to China?

      1. @wasiF1 As Michel indicates in the article, it’s probably down to costs.

    4. Darn, I was really hoping they would come to Melbourne.

    5. I wish they would come to Australia

    6. welcome back to Malaysia :)

    7. Of the new rounds, Malaysia is probably the only choice that I like. I think the calendar should have added Melbourne, Malaysia, India and Austin instead of Malaysia, double-Bahrain and Singapore. I just think it would have made for a more-balanced calendar.

    8. Is it gonna be on a UK TV channel?

      1. All we know so far is it’s not going to be on Eurosport:

        It seems likely Sky will cover it in some form, but whether that will be all races live or something else is not clear.

      2. I hope so, but probably not. Broadcasters don’t seem to care about it, Eurosport’s coverage last season was awful, not sure who else is able to show it.

        1. @disjunto I was really excited about this time last year as I had invested in Virgin Media so knew I was going to get Eurosport. A shame they couldn’t be bothered with GP2 and GP3. I really hope someone picks it up live.

    9. I wonder if come 2013 if they’re gonna be on the card for 1 or both of the US races. Or if we’re gonna be stuck with like Star Mazda, USF2000, and/or one of the other 500 spec Junior Formula Series we have here. As much as I love American Open-Wheel Racing we have so many slightly different versions of like 5 or 6 core Jr Formula series over here that it just leaves rag-tag uncompetitive fields.

    10. I did hope that GP2 come in CANADA, must be really good to watch em fighting in the first turn or in the Bonjour Quebec chicane….. but maybe they will do it when we got sure about american grand prix so they can do both event in 2 week interval without changing conitinent..

      1. Yep, would be nice to see some guys take on the Wall of Champions!

        1. GP2 are not scared of overtaking in Monaco (this year’s race were really nice, Grosjean and Pic were awesome). I’d love to see them take on the wall of champions… But it would be terrifying.

    11. Now I want them to come to Korea…

    12. Did anyone else notice that they’re racing in bahrain twice?

      2 Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit April 20th-22nd
      3 Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit April 26th-28th

      Is this correct?

      1. From the article:

        an additional round will be held in Bahrain the week after the F1 race.

        1. Oops, I guess I missed that. thanks

    13. If all you want to watch F1 or GP2, in a modest but good internet streaming, just visit, even though it´s in Spanish

    14. If Bahrain is able to go ahead Im actually fairly pleased there will be 2 GP2 races there as all GP2 races on the original layout have been awesome, loads of great battles, tons of overtaking & a lot of very close, competitive racing.

      GP2 really proved just how badly the new section harmed the racing in 2010 as they put on 2 fantastic races on the original layout & then 2 weeks later the same cars/drivers put on 2 awfull races on the circuit with the new loop.

    15. I did like having the GP2 Asia Series last year, it was a nice warm-up to the F1 season!

      This seems like a logical step to me.

      GP2 should be good next season. I expect things will be closer up at the front.

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