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In the round-up: Karun Chandhok eyes a seat in the new World Endurance Championship.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Chandhok plots double life (The Times of India)

“My target is still F1, but the new World Endurance Championship is very interesting. There’s only one clash with the F1 calendar, so I can keep my hand in there doing a bunch of Fridays.”

Williams confident lessons learned (Autosport)

Adam Parr: “In reality we’ve been in the middle ranks for some years now. You don’t have to do anything if you’re plodding along in the middle in this sort of cotton wool world, and I think what’s happened to us is that we have really seen not only that the current level of performance is unacceptable, but also the need to make radical changes.”

Graham Wilson and Bob McKenzie get to grips with Silverstone (Daily Express)

“I hate being a passenger and it was with some trepidation that I accepted a ‘fabulous’ invitation from our Formula 1 correspondent Bob McKenzie and Sky’s Sports Formula One presenter Tony Jardine to join them for a ‘day out’ using Silverstone’s fabulous facilities.”

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Comment of the day

WasiF1 reckons Sebastian Vettel could have his pick of the F1 teams:

Vettel is now the type of driver that he will be in the shopping list of not only Ferrari but Mclaren, & Mercedes in the future. But I want him to stay with Red Bull as long as they have Adrian Newey and Christian Horner in the team.

From the forum

More on Populous’ plans for an F1-standard circuit in Argentina.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Scott Joslin and Super_swede_96!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Jerome D’Ambrosio who is 26 today!

But it may not be a very happy birthday for the Belgian driver who is out of a seat having been dropped by Virgin.

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51 comments on “Chandhok considering World Endurance Championship”

  1. Can’t belive they are cheating people saying they’ll build a massive F1 racetrack, with a 6-stars hotel and everything, as if we were Abu Dhabi or something…


  2. I don’t really know why but the word ‘radical’ in a Williams article makes me feel .. worried. Its not like that word has been underused there in the last years ……. but hey, radical change towards more conventional work might do the trick, we’ll find out next season.

    1. @bananarama It’s their favourite word. I don’t have a problem with a radical approach as long as it’s not another ‘tight rear end’!

      1. Don’t pretend no-one here likes a tight rear end.

  3. I’ve been sort of pondering the comment of the day since I read it earlier today. It’s almost impossible for me to imagine Vettel on McLaren — not sure why. (Would Whitmarsh ever want to work with the “crash kid”? ;-)) Ferrari or Mercedes, though? Maybe. However, Newey and Vettel do seem to be a match made in heaven, and I have a feeling Vettel will be there as long as Newey is. Just a hunch, and of course only time will tell…

    1. @aka_robyn I don’t think that Vettel is anymore a crash kid.

      1. I don’t think so, either, but who knows about Whitmarsh? I get the impression he doesn’t much like Vettel. Although I suppose his opinion of him might change if they’re on the same team…

        1. @aka_robyn there was a rumor back in 2008 that Mclaren had wanted to hired Vettel, but it was blocked by RBR, it was after this that they hired Heiki.

          His contract, however, is strictly controlled by Red Bull for the next few years, and his bosses were not willing to negotiate when Mercedes-powered McLaren came knocking for a replacing for Fernando Alonso this year.

          “Obviously it was a great chance, and you don’t get these chances very often in life,” Vettel told the British online publication Metro.

          “Right now there are two teams you can win the championship with and that’s one of them. But I’m confident enough that this chance will come again, with whatever team that may be. It would have been nice, but in the end I’m not sad,” he added.

          When asked specifically if Red Bull stood in the way of his McLaren chance, Vettel answered: “Yeah”.

          “But I don’t think I’m being held back, I’m happy still,” he added.

          1. @celeste Looks like a wise move from RBR/Marko!

          2. @celeste That’s interesting — I didn’t know about that! Even knowing they tried to hire him then, though, I still have trouble imagining it happening now. Or maybe it’s just my general irritation with Martin Whitmarsh that makes me think that way. ;-)

          3. Might explain the favouritism shown to him in RBR. No doubt promises were made.

          4. @HoHum I don´t Vettel was in a position to ask for anything back then. We know that the contract for RBRJr Program is bullet proof and they have always first choice, wich means that only after they have pass on you you can go to another team. The teams can try to buy you out but is really hard.

        2. @AndrewTanner in deep!!!!

          I was reading after the season was over that Peter Sauber still regret let Red Bull take Vettel away.

          Earlier this year team boss Peter Sauber was reflecting on how he and BMW had relinquished Vettel back to Red Bull too easily when he was their reserve driver in 2007.

          “I hadn’t realised how much more there was to come from him,” Sauber sighed reflectively. “The most amazing thing about him is his intelligence.”

          But it seem that someone at Mclaren and also Red Bull could see beyond and though he deserve it a seat.

          @aka_robyn maybe it wasn´t Whitmarsh but Ron Dennis who wanted Vettel.

          1. @Celeste, he may not have had a legal leg to stand on, but denying a young driver the chance to replace a world champion at McLaren is asking a lot, and could lead to a loss of enthusiasm for the status quo. Clearly Seb. didn’t suffer so I suspect the team promised to make it up to him if he kept up the good work.

          2. Thanks for posting that one @celeste, hadn’t seen that before either (although I did hear about the rumour back then and I did read what Sauber said earlier this year).

            I don’t think Withmarsh does have anything agianst Vettel at all, just when you compare him and just about everyone in the RBR team, they seem to perfectly adore his every move, while Withmarsh seems to respect him and praise his skills (as he does with Hamilton), which in contrast might seem to be quite cool feelings.

          3. @BasCB

            when you compare him and just about everyone in the RBR team, they seem to perfectly adore his every move

            This made me laugh… I think is somethingto be impress, I haven´t heard anyone since his BMW days talking bad about him, minus Webber back 2010 but thats another story. I don´t think that Whitsmarsh have anything againts Vettel either, but is really hard for me to think that he will go to Mclaren, since I had memory the talk has always been about him moving to Ferrari… I also have a hard time imagine Hamilton on Ferrari or Red Bull but I don´t think he will stay at Mclaren forever, maybe Mercedes?

    2. I have a feeling Vettel will be there as long as Newey is.

      I believe that Vettel will stay at Red Bull so long as they can provide him with a competitive car. Adrian Newey has said that Red Bull will be the last team he designs cars for, so once he decides to retire, the race to replace him is going to be even more interesting that this year’s silly season. I daresay Newey will personally select the man or woman who replaces him, which means that Red Bull stand a fair chance of being competitive even one Newey leaves the team. Vettel won’t necessarily jump ship the minute Newey departs.

      But it will be interesting to see if any team can lure Vettel away in the time between the announcement of Newey’s retirement and the appointment of his successor.

      1. I must say that in my eyes what you say there @prisoner-monkeys

        I believe that Vettel will stay at Red Bull so long as they can provide him with a competitive car

        is nothing but synonimous to what @aka_robyn writes!

    3. Mmh. Maybe Newey can follow Vettel to Ferrari? Doubtful.
      I see Vettel moving only after some consecutive under-performing seasons due to the car design. In such case Newey would remain at RBR.
      I think the more time passes by, the more unlikely it will be to see a move from Vettel.

  4. My first ever COTD thanks Keith. Long time coming, for sure made my day.

    1. Faisal Iqbal Roxna
      27th December 2011, 2:11

      congratulation Wasif. I is F1 fan too. I want COTD too. But my englesh not very good :( You is write very good englesh. I really hope you were in pakistan :) I have no F1 friend here.

      I read this sites all the day and night & i know many names too. But I am afraid to comment most of time becase my englesh is not good & spelling too :( I hope I can talk you about F1 all the time.

      thank you

      1. I understand what you mean. Please feel free to post whenever you want!

        Hello in Pakistan!

      2. Hey Faisal thanks for the comment. Same as you I tried & at last got COTD hard thing that is but I believe that one day you will make it. I know same like here Pakistan is a place of cricket no F1 but I am glad to find someone from there.Even I have only few F1 friends in Bangladesh.

        Don’t be afraid of your English as mine is still not up to the standard & to love F1 English isn’t necessary all the time, just post according to the rules of the blog.

        One thing I will want you to do is to sign in F1 Fanatic in that case you will be able to send personal message to other fanatics.& for sure we will talk about F1 all the time.

        1. Hi. thanks you Wasif. I is just done my account. I is so happy. I always want talk about f1 with everyone.

          thank you

          1. @Faisal Iqbal Roxna welcome friend. I am also too happy that I got one more F1 fan, for sure some of us delighted.

          2. Well, @faisaliqbalroxna welcome to F1Fanatic!

    2. @wasiF1 Well done! It’s a good COTD. Totally agree :)

    3. Indeed, congratulations @wasif1 with a very to the point COTD!

  5. Faisal Iqbal Roxna
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    I hope all friend here forgive me for bad englesh. I is trying hard to improve. With your permission can I start to post more frequently?

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    1. There is no reason to stop posting, Faisal. Your English might not be excellent, but it is readable. I’m sure we will all be able to understand you when you post.

      1. Hey Faisal you don’t need any permission until & unless your comments doesn’t cross the rules of the blog,don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. As PM said my words, so man welcome to this wonderful world of FORMULA 1

    2. English that is poor because the speaker is not fluent is far more pleasant than English that is poor because the speaker is lazy.

      Welcome to F1 Fanatic, @faisaliqbalroxna! =)

      1. Certainly so. If someone doesn’t get a thing you write, they can always ask if they understood it the way you meant.
        And you will only improve your english by using it frequently.

  6. If Williams can get the same pace as 2010, I will be happy.
    2011 was the worst possible!

    1. I think they’ll have loftier aspirations than that. 2010 pace would be a definite improvement, but I don’t think Williams are going to settle for “good enough”. I think watching their progress will be one of the interesting sub-plots of 2012.

  7. Williams need to change a lot, they need to takes lessons from team like Force India who are punching above their weight with less budget and that too w/o any super star (pay) driver or engineer. There are no magic tricks but it’s about getting the basics right. The conduct of the team shows it lacks confidence.

  8. Hi I is happy today. I got F1 Fanatic account now & I can talk f1 all times. I like all you peoples, all have good knolege of f1. I start watch F1 in 2001. My favourite driver of past was Montoya & now is hamilton & I support mclaren & sometimes mercedes also. I hope you not mistook my englesh plz. I trying very hard to learn it proper.

    thank you.

    1. @faisaliqbalroxna Sounds good to me!

      1. @faisaliqbalroxna You are one year younger then me in F1 as I started from 2000 though got addicted since 2003,didn’t miss a race since 05 UK, but sometimes do get powercut & the cable connection fails in the critical point.I don’t have any favourite F1 driver as I don’t support anyone but just have a soft spot for Iceman.

    2. @faisaliqbalroxna, don’t forget to add those favourite teams and drivers to your profile!

  9. I honestly don’t think Williams are doing significantly worse than any of the other midfield teams. Unlike all of their counterparts, they designed an unusual and daring car. Yeah, it failed badly, but given how the 3 teams above them finished, they could have finished 5th if they’d thrown out something more conservative, something closer to the VJM or C30.

    What they need to do now is put the right man in the leading seat and walk the walk!

  10. Who wants a dose of weapons-grade crazy?

    It’s been well-documented how Dany Bahar has jumped through considerable hoops to get Lotus into Formula 1, GP2, GP3 and Indycar – to the point where all works-backed teams will run in the black and gold livery. Most people seem to think this is asking for trouble, and that Bahar’s strategy will inevitably end in receivership.

    Now, this master plan is wild enough, but Bahar has found a way to turn the crazy all the way up to eleven: Lotus is going to enter next month’s Rallye Monte Carlo with an Exige R-GT, which is basically a Lotus Exige GT turned to WRC regulations (that’s what the “R” stands for). And this isn’t some bizarre early April Fools’ joke, either – I’ve found pictures of the R-GT.

    1. Interesting, although it looks like (to me) its trying to be a Lancia Stratos (of sorts)…

      Interesting idea from Bahar/Lotus… not sure its the best idea he has ever had either, Lotus are hardly known for their reliability and a Rallye Monte Carlo event isnt the place to go and have said breakdowns. That said, finishing it would probably go someway to help their image.

      1. Well, the car still needs to be homologated, and that may not happen until April 2012. But Lotus have said that they will be at all tarmac events this year – which means, Monte Carlo, Alsace and Italy (which I believe has been moved from Sardenga to Sicily).

        I find it odd because there are currently no GT-spec cars that have been homologated for rallying, and I can hardly picture an Audi R8 or Maserati MC-12 being able to rally effectively on gravel. I’ve heard talk that the WRC will be opened up for GT cars, or a new category created for them (like Super 2000 or Group N), but Volkswagen is planning on joining in 2013 with the Polo R WRC, and I can’t see them doing that if GT cars are elegible. Nevertheless, the Exige R-GT exists.

    2. …I’d be mocking if that WRC exige didn’t look absolutely awesome. You have to say, at least Bahar’s dedication to motorsport can’t be questioned!

    3. Yeah I saw that in a magazine a couple of months ago. I don’t think it’s that crazy. Aston Martin looked at a rally V8 I believe. And traditionally there have been so many crazy rally cars it doesn’t seem all that strange. I assume it isn’t to compete in the WRC (I imagine it’s ineligible) so don’t really see the harm.

  11. Out of the two out of work F1 drivers in the article I think I’d take D’Ambrosio, at least he doesn’t spin off every 5 laps.

    1. I like DÁmbrosio too. I think that he didn´t have a chance to show his worth in a Virgin.

      He was one of the drivers that got less atention but got the job done, and he was on the same level of Glock.

      Probably because he easy on the eyes too ;)

    2. He does spin off in pitlane though! ;)

      He’s a good driver, but I think others like Sutil, Alguersuari, Buemi, Petrov and Senna probably deserve a drive as much or more than him.

  12. Would be another impuls to boost India’s racing spirits, if Chandhok could do something good in a sportscar. Surely the Indian track would then want to apply for running a round of the championship a year or 2 onwards :-)

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