Circuit of the Americas construction 3/1/2012

Construction continues at Circuit of the Americas

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In the round-up: The Circuit of the Americas shows signs of progress.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Construction Photos – January 3, 2012 (Facebook)

Pictures of construction at the Circuit of the Americas including the pit building.

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“The AT&T logos have disappeared from Williams’ website and their Facebook group has been renamed as well.”

The story of Budkowski, McLaren and Ferrari (F1Enigma’s Insider Notebook)

“He is indeed in a career break or sabbatical, but he isn?t going to Ferrari.”

Newey: Vettel eager to iron out mistakes (Autocourse)

“As a team we all learned a lesson from [the Canadian Grand Prix], and I kick myself that we didn’t take enough action in critical parts ?ǣ as we could probably have done a bit more under the red flag, we could have said more about Jenson [Button’] progress in those last few laps. It is those little things that you have to try and learn from.”

Williams relish the joy of six in driver hunt (The Sun)

“Force India reject Adrian Sutil is favourite to land the drive, although he faces competition from ousted Toro Rosso pair Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi, Renault cast-off Bruno Senna and HRT struggler [Vitantonio] Liuzzi. And it is still possible Williams may opt to retain Rubens Barrichello for what would be his 20th season in Formula 1.”

Richard St Clair-Quentin (Caterham commercial manager) via Twitter

“Despite the most dangerous dangerous journey to work, it was mega to to see the boys building the new car! The quality of carbon is amazing! And this year we have KERS! Can’t wait for testing! Mood in the factory is very positive, lots of busy people!”

Fontana fan club in a frenzy (Red Bull)

“Former Formula 1 driver Norberto Fontana was already a hero in his native Argentina. Now he is tackling the Dakar Rally on home soil and his fan club is growing even bigger.”

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Comment of the day

The world champion remains a fertile subject for debate. Here’s RBAlonso’s take:

Pressure for Vettel will come in a different way: Champion?s Pressure.

When Ayrton Senna won in 1988 he was against an established team-mate and double champion, in that sense Alain Prost had proven his greatness time and again. Senna had to prove his greatness and duly delivered. When Lewis Hamilton arrived it was the same idea.

The media and fans know all about you when you are a champion and no longer can blame inexperience and political naivety. Had Vettel been strongly tested from the first lap in 2011, maybe things would be different, but, now he knows he has the abilities to eke out extra performance when he needs it most. The problem will arise when his extra performance no longer brings results and he must continue knowing he can only manage third for a few races and is behind in the championship.

My opinion: We only have had 32 champions, I think Vettel is comfortably within the top 15 even if his career falters. If he can win in a car that is noticeably inferior, as all greats have, in normal circumstances and challenge the two golden boys of this era in top (even equal) machinery, then we may well be witnessing one of the greatest drivers ever.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Anne Lambert!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Ferrari dropped race strategist Chris Dyer one year ago today, in the wake of Fernando Alonso’s championship defeat in the final round of the 2010 season.

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  • 74 comments on “Construction continues at Circuit of the Americas”

    1. Fontana raced last year’s Dakar on a buggy too. He said it was one of the most horrible moments of his career as the buggy was incredibly frustrating to drive, it got stuck everywhere and it was quite a lonely trip.

      It’s so sad his F1 carreer never went the way it should. It’s like di Resta saying all those things about Vettel: Fontana beated a lot of Grand Prix winners when he raced in Europe. Now he’s back in Argentina, he won the TC2000 championship twice in 10 years, and also scored a Turismo Carretera title.

      1. It really goes to show, that success in F1 is really something only the exceptional and lucky achieve then. For even a driver that will be better known for his role in blocking a driver was a great driver!

    2. I don’t know if it’s been reported on the blog just yet, but Williams have apparently removed AT&T from their website.

      1. You’re going to feel silly when you scroll up… :)

        1. Eh, I don’t follow Twitter. So I don’t feel silly at all.

          1. You don’t follow Twitter to the point where you actually don’t even see items in the round-up that contain the word? That’s hardcore! ;-)

          2. Carlito's way
            4th January 2012, 0:57

            @prisonermonkeys bro @johnchuckle meant you are going to feel silly because it is reported on the blog already on this very article you are commenting on. Jeez

            1. I know exactly what he meant, thank you very much. Because I don’t follow Twitter, I gloss over most Twitter updates as reported in the round-up. So I don’t feel silly for having posted “I don’t know if it’s been reported yet” in the comments section of the article where that piece of information was reported.

            2. @prisoner-monkeys if you’re reading the Fanatic round up and choose not to read all the updates only to post one you aren’t sure has been reported I think maybe you then can’t argue with users who will have assumed you have read the whole article.

              I understand you may not care about Twitter updates but a lot of very interesting information and news is broken through it so if the round up writer believes it worth including maybe it’s worth your time to read < 140 characters.

            3. Only dummies waste time reading articles or site content, that’s valuable comment posting time going to waste.

              Go on Keith, delete this too.

      1. I do not think I fully agree with it @electrolite, @rbalonso makes some good points, but to me the point is not about Vettel having to prove where he stands between champions, nor if he should be on top.

        I think the most important part of that quote is

        but, now he knows he has the abilities to eke out extra performance when he needs it most.

        for that is truely the thing that matters.

        Clearly Vettel knew he had a little bit in hand for most of this season. We want to see him put it on the table and then go on to find there is even more in him in that even he does not yet know if its there and what it is!

        1. I think the spirit of the comment is still on Vettel’s side, however, and implies that he has and will continue to prove himself.

          1. It certainly seems to be that way @electrolite

      2. Thank You @electrolite and also to @keithcollantine of course!

    3. I’m happy to see that the Circuit of the Americas is cruising along nicely. Somehow, I doubt we’re going to have a repeat of Korea and (to a lesser extent) India – even with the stop work order. Does anyone know when they are planning to be finished?

      1. I think they’re announcing it via Twitter

        1. ^
          Where’s the “like” button?

          1. Don’t encourage him. Yes, I might have left myself open to that one, but Hamish only knows how to use snark.

            1. Yes, I know you carefully planned for him to takt that one PM :-P

              Although for you to claim you do not read the lines Keith writes below those links (intended for all those who do not follow twitter to see what news is in those tweets) sounds pretty much unlike you. Even more so when only a few days ago, you posted a very up to date link that you found on twitter yourself!

            2. That, I do believe, was transposed from another forum. Didn’t I make that clear at the time? Apologies if I did not.

      2. @prisoner-monkeys Me too. I really like the look of the circuit. If America can’t get it done on time there is something seriously wrong!

    4. I swear, if I see just one more comment saying “now if only SV wins a championship in a not-so-great car (YOU KNOW, LIKE ALL OTHER GREATS HAVE) then we will see how truly good he is…”

      These kind of remarks have to stop. The guy won a race in a mid-grid car, joined Red Bull, got up to speed (in the process, taking the 2010 title) then he decimated a field of four other world champions in record-breaking fashion. His pole-position strike rate may soon eclipse even Senna’s, he out-qualified an incredibly fast teammate umpteen to two, passed a double world champion Ferrari driver flat out on the grass at Monza, and did I mention; he was the youngest driver ever to do all of the above?

      Rather, I challenge RBAlonso (et. al) to name a single driver in reasonably recent history (80s or more recent) to win a title in a noticeably slower car – you won’t find one. The fact of the matter is that Seb’s perceived talent is somehow diminished because he drives for the best team; does no one else see how unbelievably foolish such a notion is?

      1. @d3v0

        The fact of the matter is that Seb’s perceived talent is somehow diminished because he drives for the best team

        I would say that is because people don’t like Vettel that much. He certainly doesn’t have the following that Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton do. And because of that dislike – mostly for the infamous finger – people tend to marginalise Vettel’s achievements (and the others’ weakenesses), because he threatens to overthrow the established order (if he hasn’t already done so). If Alonso or Hamilton did not win the title, it’s not because they had a lacklustre car or because they were distracted by personal problems in the season. To the minds of the fans, the Alonsos and Hamiltons of the grid did not win the title because somebody else had the best car, and if that somebody else were driving a lesser car, then they would not have become World Champion.

        1. What’s funny about the fans who feel that way, @prisoner monkeys, is that they are admitting that their idealized drivers (you mention the Alonso’s and Hamiltons of the F1 world) are on the same level as SV, because they too are not winning in an inferior car. I am sure you see how the argument wraps right back around on itself.

          A syllogism:

          A race driver can only win the championship in the best car.

          SV won the championship. Fernando did not win the championship.

          Therefore, SV is in the best car. Alonso is not in the best car.

          The fans of Alonso, Hamilton etc. are ragging on Vettel simply because they don’t like him (as you say). They dont like him because he is winning when he is in the best car (just as their idols did when they won their championships).

          However, none of them seem to want to argue with PROOF, that SV can win the championship and break the syllogism – if he is not in the best car. They are holding SV to a higher standard than they even hold their own idols – therefore proving his dominance.

          Personally, I am a fan of the constructor’s championship (McLaren); a Lewis Hamilton fan (thus the avatar) and this is how I feel. I want SV in a Mclaren.

          1. Correct that, “none want to argue…that FA, or LH can win the championship while not in the best car”

        2. not too great at this linking business yet: @prisoner-monkeys

        3. @d3v0 you are quite right about vettel, he has nothing to prove.

          but lets go back the monza pass. it was a great pass, but he ruined it and in the process lost a bit of respect from race fans by instantly complaining about alonso’s driving……it for me to the sting out of a great performance.

          also bearing in mind the amount of times he has done the schumi chop on the first lap over the last 2 years it was hypocritical.

          taking nothing away from his achievements but i think it needs to be noted taht he isnt all sweetness and light as he portrays himself to be.

          1. @q85 when did he complain about it?

            1. i do believe he said it was ‘questionable’ or ‘borderline’ or words to that effect.

        4. I dont think many people dislike Vettel. He’s the new kid on the block and people are not just going to instantly switch their support from Button, Lewis, Fernando etc over to him.

          People respect Vettel and no one is saying he needs to prove himself in a slower car. I’m not sure where you get that from. People would like to see him in a slower car, as it would be a good test of his ability. That test is not exclusive to Vettel – all drivers who win while in the fastest car are asked to go through the same thing.

          By the way, we (F1 fans) want to see them win RACES in slower cars. We dont expect them to win entire championships in slower cars.

          1. I dont think many people dislike Vettel.

            Then maybe the fans are marginalising Vettel’s achievements to convince themselves that their favourite drivers had a better season than they really did.

            1. I also think that Vettel is not that unpopular… by example Hamilton is highly disliked on Latin America, really in here they HATE the guy!!!! By the contrary Vettel is really popular in Brasil, Argentina, etc.

              Alonso is not the most popular driver in England, and even in Spaint I have read very nasty thigs about him. While I have never found a bad article about Vettel in German press…

              You can´t judge a driver popularity based on online opinions, this are the fans passionate probably, but there is the regular average Joe/ Jane fan that don´t comment on blogs, tweets, or facebook… I guess a proper messure will be the sell on merchandise, but…

      2. Keke Rosberg 1982 will easily fit that bill. Prost in 1986 debatably also given the Williams were easily the pick of the crop.

        1. Agree on both counts. Will also add Schumacher in the 1995 Benetton there – Williams had a clearly faster car that year. A case can also be made for Raikkonen in the 2007 Ferrari.

          1. Yes Raikkonen 2007 could have a case – just about. Rosberg in 82 is just about the champ winning in the (statistically) worst car. I dont think anyone else has won the WDC in the 4th WCC car

        2. maybe Keke Roseberg with all my respects is not the best example of this case because the death of gilles villebeuve & the injury of Pironi made it a bit easier for him to win the WDC

        3. Agree with Prost 1986. Similar to Keke in 82, I think the stars aligned. I thank you guys for posting some counter-opinions – that is what the comments are for.

          I dont see how 1995 is applicable here. MSC was fast in the Benetton, but Johnny Herbert (!) won a race in that car too. In fact, 1995 is more like 2011 than a season where a driver in a slow car won the championship. Was the Williams really the faster car? I dont think so.

          1. @d3v0 – Herbert’s 2 wins required Hill to take Schumacher out of the race, and for Coulthard and the Ferraris to break down when battling or ahead of him.

      3. Michael Schumacher Benetton Ford. Noticeably slower than the Williams Renault. I believe this qualifies.

        Tend to agree with your point though.

        1. Wrong engine, Benetton Ford was 1994 when the car was at least equal, and probably a better car over the whole season than the Williams, in Schumacher’s hands anyway although there is always the debate about whether it was illegal or not.

          1995 which is probably what you’re referring to was Benetton Renault. I remember watching the season review and Williams were really poor in the pits that year (15/16 second pitstops were common) whereas Benetton were the best on the grid (7/8/9 seconds). That with Schumacher being superb gave them the edge. And Coulthard definitely should have won more races that year.

          Prost 86 is the best example, Williams had the best car all year but due to Mansell and Piquet squabbling over who was No.1 in the team they let Alain in.

          There have also been numerous examples of cars being the best at the start of the year, before being caught up:
          Button 09, Alonso 06, Villeneuve 97, Senna 91 etc.

    5. I am afraid I do not see the point in saying that Vettel still has to prove himself.

      He has won in Toro Rosso in 2008. Now the Toro Rosso was no Minardi, but at no point was it better than the Ferrari, Mclaren and BMW Sauber that year. The way he handled pressure in Spain and Monaco this year was remarkable. I do not agree that winning from the front alone means nothing. The great Senna won 29 of his 41 races from pole but I don’t see anyone saying that those 29 wins mean nothing.

      Regarding the COTD, Vettel knows all about being behind in the championship. Don’t forget he didn’t lead 2010 till the last race.

      Regarding him not driving the best car, it has been established without doubt that on race day in 2011, Mclaren was on more than one occasion better than the Red Bull. That didn’t stop Vettel from winning, did it?

      I think people are finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that a driver can improve so much over the course of a year. That and the fans of other drivers – Hamilton, Alonso – realizing that these two are no longer the golden boys of F1. Hence this doubting of whether Vettel is great or not.

      1. Agreed. I think it has just upset the apple cart, for a team and driver like RedBull and Vettel to explode onto the scene and have such relatively lasting success against the standard bearers like McLaren and Ferrari. It is rather unprecedented in recent F1 history, it has shaken things up, and been great for the sport, but some people just have a hard time wrapping their heads around it.

        He’s just that good everybody, get used to it :)

        1. I think it has just upset the apple cart, for a team and driver like RedBull and Vettel to explode onto the scene and have such relatively lasting success against the standard bearers like McLaren and Ferrari.

          Even the teams are struggling with it. When Red Bull first started winning races and proving to be a real title contender in 2009, Luca di Montezemolo called for the World Constructors’ Championship to be renamed the World Teams’ Championship because Red Bull are an energy drink company, as opposed to a car manufacturer. They were clearly feeling threatened by Red Bull, though they seem to have come to terms with it now.

        2. I don’t agree there @adam-tate and Sumedh. Its not about him not being good/great/the best, to me that is irellevant.

          Surely you are right, in saying that many fans of specific teams or drivers sometimes (or often) talk up their favourites and diminish what their competitors have achieved.

          What I want to see (and probably others as well) is Vettel having to go beyond his limits, having to use the reserve capacity he no doubt knows he had there for a large part of the season so far and find out what more there is for him to dig into skillwise and talents.

          If Ferrari can field a better car, Alonso can make best use of it. And Hamilton should be al the better for what he learned this year. Button might grow even further. Kimi might spring a supprise and others will develop their skills.

          This is about the persuit of excellence in the sport, its not just about winning ever more.

    6. That’s going to be one heck of a squeeze at Williams, and it’s not an easy choice:

      Sutil – Known to be quick, and has calmed down somewhat in recent years, although he maybe lacks that killer instinct which the winners have.
      Barrichello – Massive experience, known by the team, good development driver, but arguably past it a bit.
      Buemi – Showed good, if untamed, speed, but a Buemi/Maldonado line-up could be a bit inexperienced.
      Alguersuari – See Buemi.
      Senna – Hasn’t really proven himself, and didn’t beat Petrov and was humbled by Klien at HRT in 2010. Still quick though.
      Liuzzi – Was better at HRT, but struggled at Force India when the pressure was on.

      My money is on Sutil, with Barrichello and Buemi also in contention. Fact is that all of them, if unsuccessful, face either HRT or no drive, so the pressure is on, that’s for sure.

      1. When did Klien humble Senna? They were in 3 races together. Klien outqualified Senna twice, but in the 2 races they both finished Senna finished ahead.

        1. didnt klein break down in singapore?

          all you really have as a reference is qualy. and as klein had never driven the car or them tyres and had been out of f1 since 2006 it didnt look good on senna.

          but for me it actually showed how good klein is/was. No way his f1 career should of ended when it did. he was coming along nicely when red bull dropped him. He was much much better than Liuzzi. I fear the same fate for jamie, its criminal when there is some deadwood on the grid.

      2. That’s going to be one heck of a squeeze at Williams, and it’s not an easy choice

        I doubt it’s that blurry. It’s just The Sun blowing things out of proportion.

        Frank Williams said he wanted his driver line-up decided by Christmas, so I think that rules Buemi and Alguersuari out – unless Sir Frank had been watching them closely and dropped everything once they became available. Alguersuari would be of particular interest because of the way he delivers such clear and concise feedback about the car, but I think that Williams were very close to a decision when the Toro Rosso drivers became available.

        Likewise, I can’t see Senna or Liuzzi joining the team unless Pastor Maldonado is forced out by the Venezuelan government over the legality of the PDVSA contract. Plus, the AT&T sponsor deal appears to be off, and rumour holds that Williams will sponsored by the Qatar National Bank in 2012. Otherwise, Williams don’t need a pay driver.

        So I think this is going to be a straight fight between Barrichello and Sutil. The others don’t really figure into it.

        1. Is funny how in some media Alguersuari gave “clear and concise feedback about the car” while on others is bening said that the technichal department wasn´t happy with him because he didn´t knew anything about the this stuff…

    7. As far as i can see VET has confirmed his status as the best, and probably most important driver, of the past decade. In my book he’s ahead of schuey because of his demenour, race etiquette and general fairness. And why does everyone have a problem with the finger? I wonder if Vettels abilities are questioned on german or euro blogs? I also picked ALO for champ in 2010 but gave that hope away by the time we got to Europe.

      1. I mostly agree with you. He shows that he has the spare mental capacity to process a lot of information quickly and his thourough work ethic has been more obvious for the past two seasons. Always wanting to improve the tiniest of details, even if he’s taken pole and won the race by miles; a relentless pursuit for utter perfection akin to Schumacher and we all know that attention to detail led him to multiple world titles.

        Sure, Vettel may have had the best car, but we all saw how he used it. Just look at his countless Q3 efforts and pulling out another half-second ending in jaw-dropping laps.

        Personally, he’s not my favourite driver, and being Australian it was hard to watch him trounce Webber this year. But you can’t deny his obvious talent and ability to pull something out of the hat when needed.

        That, and he’s only 24.

    8. The reason why many are not yet convinced about Vettel, is not because they doubt he has the ability, but more to do with the fact that the team removes any pressure or clompetition from within the team.
      Psycologically, he is in a stress free environment hence he is able to concentrate and focus on his primary task. You can contrast this with someone like Withmarsh who doesn’t hesitate to take a dig at his driver.

      He Vettel, also had the best car for 2 seasons with more reliability at the last. Mclaren, at one or two races, appeared to have as good or even better qualifying pace, then went on to exhibit poor race pace or team confusion.

      1. I think in someways if Vettel had a dog of a car (which is not going to happen anytime soon) it may well be the best thing to convince the doubters of his class.

        I remember 2009 being the time when people that weren’t fans began to respect Hamilton because of how he drove at the back of the field, and of course Alonso in the last 2 years at Ferrari. 2009 was probably Hamilton’s best season in fact, but he was nowhere near the title.

        1. yep alonso and lewis banging wheels(and not complaining) for 12th place at the british gp in 2009 showed their hunger and undoubted class

      2. @OOliver

        but more to do with the fact that the team removes any pressure or clompetition from within the team.

        Who is better then?
        Alonso has no challenge from within either.
        Hamilton has but he cracked.
        Then there is only Button left really.

    9. The bahraini GP for 2012 is suddenly looking more remote again. The political situation on the island state has degraded again, and there is yet more violence as the regime seem to have abandoned pledges they made only a few weeks ago. The US magazine Foreign Policy has the story here –

      (Guardian coverage here – )

      We should be careful about over-egging the pudding here, but the status of the GP in Bahrain is something of a canary in the coal mine when it comes to Bahrain. The king has been received warmly by David Cameron twice (that we know of) in the last year, and his regime still enjoys international support, especially from the Saudis – who have sent troops to help put down the protests. Why? because the protestors are largely (but by no means wholly) Shia muslims who have long endured a second-class status in Sunni-dominated Bahrain for many years.

      Anyway, after last year’s cancellation, and given that the much-trumpeted “reforms” of the Bahraini government seem to have been all mouth and no trousers, who could possibly think that the FIA, the teams, and especially the sponsors, would want to go ahead with the race? It would be a disgrace.

      1. @rsp123 I am not sure about the “suddenly”, but I think that those are clear indications of why it never was a feasable idea to just postpone the race in 2010 and it shows there can be no security that if it comes to that, the GP will not be targeted for unreast in 2011 or even in years ahead.

    10. Interesting article about how McLaren operate (and about how rumours get about!), thanks for linking to that Keith.

    11. My only problem with sv is he wins from the front. Only made i think 1 overtake, if he came bk from midfield and showed us how he manages his tyres, overtakes, strategy i think these attributes make a f1 driver, personaly I think he’s had it easy unlike the ex champions!!

      1. @sweetie I really don’t think Vettel has had it easy, rather he made it look easy.

        1. +1

          @sweetie I´m sure that given the choice Hamilton, Alonso, Button and any other driver will rather have pole every race that made 10 passes for the win…

    12. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying Vettel is a bad driver or lacks talent. I think he’s one of the top thirty F1 drivers of the past two years, no doubt. However, I feel like I would be more impressed if I could see how he reacts when he’s really challenged. Sure, he can win races, win championships, break records, etc., in the Red Bull, but my grandma could do those things in that car. I’d like to see Vettel routinely starting races from the back of the grid in an HRT, for example, while blindfolded and juggling flaming torches. Would he still be winning then, the way Alonso would? That’s what I want to know.

      1. Really your grandma could? Because I´m sure my couldn´t, same as Webber couldn´t and I am certain that I couldn´t do it!!!! (But Newey said that the perfect driver is the one that is les than 150 centimeters and weight less than 120 pounds, so Newey if you want me call me :D)

        Beside, Flamming torches??? And Alonso only won the race in wich RBR made the pit stop mistake, then even with out the double diffusor Vettel would have won.

        I´m not saying Vettel is the best, I know to little about F1 to made that judgement but is ridiculous to said that he is only wining because of the car… then you could say the same about every one of the past 4 drivers champions. Hamilton, Button, Alonso and Raikinnen all were in cars that have something that gave them advantage and even then, none were as constant as Vettel.

        And does anyone think that Vettel hadn´t have pressure, ñast year after Canada everyone went out with an ax because he made a mistake, same as everytime he didn´t won.

        1. Hmm, maybe I needed to make my original post a lot more outlandish…

          (I was joking, @celeste ! I mean, look at my avatar! :-))

          1. Oh sorry… my brain is not working today… I bet he wants to be on vacation…

    13. Williams have confirmed that AT&T is out, but speculation that they could be repalced with the Qatar National Bank appears to be groundless as they claim they are in “advanced negotiations” with another telco. Any guesses who it might be?

      1. Probably a Brazillian Telco… both seats on Williams will be sold. Whomever bring the most money will take it. Sad? maybe…

        1. Probably a Brazillian Telco

          If that’s the case, then why not a Russian? Vitaly Petrov could meet Bruno Senna dollar-for-dollar and then some.

          1. Well, maybe they really gave up on any self pride and are auctioning the position… Senna´s backing is the richest person in Brazil + Gillette + Bank. Sky is the limit :/

            1. I think you missed my point a little. Actually, a lot. I was simply pointing out that just because Williams are talking with a telecom company and Senna’s backer is a telecom company, it does not mean that Senna will join Williams.

    14. I appreciate you sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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