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2012 F1 season

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Jean-Eric Vergne joins the roster of F1 drivers in 2012

The F1 driver biography pages on F1 Fanatic have been given an overhaul.

They now feature statistics on every driver’s season and allow you to find other F1 Fanatic readers who support the same drivers as you.

And the biographies have been fully revised and rewritten to bring them up-to-date, and many of them have had new images added.

2012 F1 driver biographies

We don’t have a definitive list of 2012 drivers at present. All the drivers from the 2011 season are listed below plus those who have already been confirmed for 2012 such as Jean-Eric Vergne and Charles Pic.

View the revised and updated biographies for each driver here:

2012 F1 driver statistics – Championship positions

This table shows every championship finish by each driver since their F1 debut. You can hide or show different drivers using the controls below:


Adrian Sutil192017119
Bruno Senna2318
Daniel Ricciardo27
Felipe Massa1312133421166
Fernando Alonso23641135924
Heikki Kovalainen77122022
Jaime Alguersuari241914
Jarno Trulli15171110988671213982121
Jenson Button817793961518152
Jerome DAmbrosio24
Kamui Kobayashi181212
Karun Chandhok2228
Kimi Raikkonen1062725136
Lewis Hamilton21545
Mark Webber16101310141211433
Michael Schumacher133411325111113298
Nick Heidfeld20810141811956131811
Nico Hulkenberg14
Nico Rosberg17913777
Paul di Resta13
Pedro de la Rosa1716162120111720
Robert Kubica1664148
Romain Grosjean23
Rubens Barrichello176118131274324287201431017
Sebastian Vettel148211
Sebastien Buemi161615
Timo Glock1910102525
Vitaly Petrov1310
Vitantonio Liuzzi241918221523
Pastor Maldonado19
Sergio Perez16
Narain Karthikeyan1826

2012 F1 driver statistics – Race wins

Here’s how many races each current F1 driver has won in the years they competed:


Felipe Massa000236000
Fernando Alonso0107742051
Heikki Kovalainen01000
Jarno Trulli000000010000000
Jenson Button000000100623
Kimi Raikkonen001170621
Lewis Hamilton45233
Mark Webber0000000241
Michael Schumacher01189356299116131700
Robert Kubica00100
Rubens Barrichello0000000104220000200
Sebastian Vettel014511

2012 F1 driver statistics – Pole positions

And here’s who’s started at the front:


Felipe Massa000366000
Fernando Alonso0216620120
Heikki Kovalainen01000
Jarno Trulli000000021000100
Jenson Button000011100400
Kimi Raikkonen002153320
Lewis Hamilton67411
Mark Webber0000000153
Michael Schumacher0006443339117581400
Nick Heidfeld000001000000
Nico Hulkenberg1
Robert Kubica00100
Rubens Barrichello0100001103340000100
Sebastian Vettel0141015

2012 F1 driver statistics – Overall results

A record six former world champions will compete in F1 this year:

DriverDebutBest championship finishWinsPoles
Michael Schumacher199119168
Fernando Alonso200112720
Jenson Button20001127
Sebastian Vettel200712130
Lewis Hamilton200711719
Kimi Raikkonen200111816
Rubens Barrichello199321114
Felipe Massa200221115
Mark Webber2002379
Robert Kubica2006411
Nick Heidfeld2000501
Jarno Trulli1997614
Nico Rosberg2006700
Heikki Kovalainen2007711
Adrian Sutil2007900
Vitaly Petrov20101000
Timo Glock20041000
Pedro de la Rosa19991100
Kamui Kobayashi20091200
Paul di Resta20111300
Vitantonio Liuzzi20051300
Jaime Alguersuari20091400
Nico Hulkenberg20101401
Sebastien Buemi20091500
Sergio Perez20111600
Narain Karthikeyan20051800
Bruno Senna20101800
Pastor Maldonado20111900
Karun Chandhok20092200
Romain Grosjean20092300
Jerome D’Ambrosio20112400
Daniel Ricciardo20112700

Please leave any feedback or suggestions for improvements to the biographies below.

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2012 F1 season

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  1. @keithcollantine The Overall Results list has Maldonado, Di Resta, Perez and D’Ambrosio debuting in 2010 instead of 2011.

    Otherwise, the revisions look great, now I’m going to spend a moment of my time looking through each one :D

    1. @Silverkeg Fixed, thanks.

      1. @keithcollantine Sorry to bug you again, you changed Bruno’s to 2011, not Pastor’s.

        I am enjoying reading through everyone’s, might take me a while though. I am learning a lot of their histories before Formula 1 which is very interesting.

        1. @silverkeg Oops, double blunder. Sorted.

  2. Keith, your table of driver overall results, you order them by wins or something else?

    1. I’m trying to figure it out too but I can’t see any pattern. Not that it’s a problem of course, quite fun trying to figure it out!

      1. first criterium seems to be best finishing position. After that I am not sure about it, but its not amount of wins, nor percentage.

        1. @BasCB @AndrewTanner I think it’s 1) Best championship finish 2) Points

          1. @Girts @BasCB @KeithCollantine Can you throw any light on this for us please, Keith?

          2. Definitely this, sorted by total championship points after top finishing position. Hence why Raikkonen is last of those finishing 1st, as he hasn’t raced in the last 2 seasons where wins were worth 25 instead of 10.

    2. Jack Leslie (@)
      6th January 2012, 14:25

      its ordered by their highest finish in the WDC? :)

  3. filtering just Schumacher and Vettel in the championship position graph is very interesting. So far Vettel seems to be on a similar path.

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Schumi’s record before his comeback was astounding.

      It’s interesting if you try to look at groups of contemporaries. Ie if you look at just Fernando, Kimi and Felipe, it’s clear to see that Felipe is just not a top tier driver. Especially when you consider that he’s been in a Ferrari most of that time

    2. That’s uncanny.

    3. Imagine if Schumacher hadn’t retired in 2006, and gone to Red Bull instead. He might have won ten championships by now.

      1. But viewing figures would be a lot lower, I guess!

      2. Days of Thunder
        6th January 2012, 20:15

        Wow Keith that would be a perfect F1 for me :D

      3. Same could have happened if he’d stayed at Ferrari perhaps. Or moved to McLaren.

    4. The beginning of Alonso’s looks very similar to Vettel’s as well… Next year will be interesting.

  4. Srry if this is a stupid question but I can’t find where to follow a driver :/

    1. @Deurmat

      Click here:

      Then go to Edit and then to F1 teams and drivers. You can pick as many as you want, just hold Ctrl if you support more than one driver / team. After that press Save Changes.

      1. Ty found it!

  5. Its amazing what kind of statistics and graphs you come up with @Keithcollantine, great idea!

  6. The graphs really show just how few of the drivers in the current field are race winners and pole sitters.

  7. Adrian Sutil…

  8. Have to say Kieth, you love your crazy multi-coloured line graphs on this webiste. Haha :P

  9. Hamilton profile had 2009 where 2010 should be or the season title.

  10. Small niggle: shouldn’t F1 drivers be shown with 0 wins in years they didn’t compete?

    For example, Alonso should have no wins in 2002 (instead of 1/2), and Schumacher should have no wins in 2007 (instead of 5 and a bit).

    1. @smallvizier They aren’t shown with any wins for the years they didn’t compete (there are no data points for them).

  11. This is great Keith. Thank you for putting this together. Shows why you’re the best F1 blogger on the web.

  12. Nicely done, thanks for your effort. I am color blind in life and admit to having some trouble following the paths of the colors. No complaint here, it is with admiration that you have gone to such extent to provide the details as you have. We are fortunate.

  13. Great stuff as always thanks Keith, I love the interactive graphs, quite illuminating,

  14. Cynthia Aldridge
    14th March 2012, 15:46

    Hi, so much great information here! I’m looking for a list of F1 drivers with Twitter accounts. Do you have that? I have some and happy to share but not all or perhaps not that many are on.

    1. Hi Cynthia, nice to see you on here.
      Keith put together a list of just that – the real and confirmed twitter accounts of the drivers (and teams, team members, … listed separately) here: https://www.racefans.net/f1-information/f1-twitter/

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