How well do you remember the 2011 F1 season? Take the F1 Fanatic quiz

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Have you forgotten the 2011 season already?

Has the 2011 F1 season already faded into a dim and distant memory for you?

See if you can recall the finer details of the season past by taking this brand new F1 Fanatic quiz:

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments (but remember not to leave clues about the questions!)

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53 comments on “How well do you remember the 2011 F1 season? Take the F1 Fanatic quiz”

  1. 14/20, not bad for me. I found this quiz easier than the others, but that probably is because everything is quite recent.

    1. @sempregilles I like to have a mix of difficulty in the quiz questions. I always try to think up a couple of tricky questions for the end.

  2. wow hard lol, Richard 19/20 :o sick, will the correct answers be available?

    1. @deurmat No, because some people will use it to cheat the quiz.

    2. Yeah, I can’t figure out which one I got wrong!

  3. 16/20. I struggled most with questions in which knowledge of previous seasons was required.

    1. Ha, I had one less, but I messed up the name of the driver in the last question but did not notice, then quickly hit the button to end the quiz, as I was close to the time limit.

      Still pretty solid, I would say. The questions in the end were a bit harder to remember those names!

    2. @adrianmorse Ditto. History of the sport is my downfall.

  4. Yeah, 20/20

    had to guess twice but still good considering the number of races I couldn’t watch this year ;)

    1. Perfect job at it @xanathos, let me guess …

  5. Tom Haxley (@)
    9th January 2012, 13:09

    poor 7/20

    must take more notice this season

  6. 19/20 Yeah :)

  7. 9 seems like I don’t have too many memories

  8. 10/20 for me. But I didn’t submit answers for 19 and 20 as didn’t have a clue about them.

  9. Why are you given zero if you don’t finish the quiz in time? Surely you should be given the score you had before time ran out?

    1. “You must submit your answers before the clock reaches zero or your score won’t be counted.”

      F1 Fanatic Quizzes guide

      1. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
        9th January 2012, 18:20

        On that note, would it be possible to have the clock moving or attached to the notification bar some how as it’s quite annoying having to keep scrolling up all the time to check how much time you have left?

        The same type of thing as the notification bar is what I mean, so the clock is always at the top is that possible?

    2. Did the same on me first time round (that’s why I scored 0 in the leaderboard on the last 2 tests, waiting for the PC to unfreeze!) .

      I guess its to prevent people from cheating (look at the questions, then go off and find the answers, then do it again with more knowledge at hand).

      1. Well, the 1st time I took the quiz, I got the message that my score was 17/20 but that it actually hadn’t been the 1st time so my original score (0?) would appear in the table. Whatever.

        Anyway, a nice quiz, I just think that some of the questions don’t have much to do with the 2011 season itself but it’s OK.

    3. I was on the last question and the time ran out so I scored 0! :( I guess it’s the same for everyone, but I’m gutted that I didn’t get a good score on the one quiz I thought I might actually do well on.

      1. Also, there was one question (I won’t say which) that I wanted to answer with “Renault”, but I wasn’t sure whether to type “Lotus” or “Renault”. I mean the team from Enstone, by the way! :P

        1. @damonsmedley Perhaps last year’s constructors’ championship standings will answer your question?

          2011 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points

          1. @keithcollantine Yes, but I wasn’t sure if the quiz was clever enough to distinguish the names of teams based on what year the question refers to. I understand now.

  10. Can I remind everyone, as it says in the article, not to post comments that may contain clues about the questions. I’ve had to remove a few already.

  11. 14/20 not bad considering how awful my previous quiz scores were.

  12. 11 out 20, not terrible taking into account that I usually forget things quite fastly. :(

  13. 17 out of 20. Wud be considered for Ferrari or Mercedes with that score, anyone with 0 wud be with HRT and 20 be with Red Bull

    1. Ok foleyger, I will send my CV to Sauber. :) :)

  14. 16/20 on the first try. It was mainly the questions about previous seasons/drivers that I couldn’t remember.

    1. There was one slightly ambiguous question, I thought. I don’t want to give it away completely, but it was about a team that had a slightly ambiguous last season. Let’s say they were “X Y”. Was the correct answer “X”, “Y”, or “X Y”?

      1. @Estesark I’ve no idea what you’re referring to but it should be explained here:

        F1 Fanatic Quizzes guide

        1. I’ll message you about it.

  15. 15/20
    That’s 75% – not bad! But I expected to remember more.

    1. i can do the quiz because it says i must be logged in…. despite being logged in….

  16. 15/20, had to skip the penultimate question as I was almost out of time, but I still haven’t thought of the answer yet :P

  17. 17/20, I guessed the last two questions.

  18. 14 out of 20, not bad but I had no idea on the final two questions. They didn’t even have anything to do with F12011 itself!

  19. 13/20, thought I did better. For being a quiz on 2011, there was several questions that didn’t really involve 2011.

  20. Can I just say on question 14, there’s a mistake, ’14) Which ………. in 2012?’
    I didn’t put the whole question just so people couldn’t research the answer before they took the quiz.

    1. Corrected it, thanks – I think everyone realised it meant 2011!

  21. 10/20 here. Pretty dreadful. I was expecting at least to be in the teens!

    Oh well!

  22. Why do I always run out of time on the last question in these quizes. Grrrrr! 0/20 for me again. Keith, can’t it be made so it automaticly sends your answers at the end of the time limit. That would be more fair. Just look how many people have zero points!

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me.

      1. @The-last-Pope @Estesark That’s half the challenge! I just leave them blank or guess ;)

    2. You know nothing! :P

  23. 10/20. Not sure the last two questions are relevant to the 2011 season per se, but anyway.

    Can’t you publish the answers after a cut-off date, please Keith?

    1. @tobinen No, because then I’d have to close the quiz.

      1. Ok cool. I didn’t realise it was open-ended

  24. 17/20 – good considering that I did not attempt two of them

  25. I put the same answer for the last two questions. They both sounded pretty South American to me!

  26. 19. I had some guesses but at least one of them I could check and it was correct.

  27. Jacob Larsson (@)
    10th January 2012, 23:27

    18/20. I had absolutely no idea on the last two.

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