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F1 Fanatic homepage, 16/1/2012

You can tell it’s the off-season because within a few days of the last site upgrade on F1 Fanatic we’ve got another one.

The latest changes make it easier for you to share F1 Fanatic with your friends as well as updated 2012 season content and more.

Share F1 Fanatic with your friends

Invite your friends

F1 Fanatic now has a quick and simple way for you to invite your friends to join the site.

This feature was introduced a couple of days ago so it could be properly tested in a live environment. It appears to be working correctly so can start inviting your friends now.

To do this simply log in, go to the My account menu and selecting Profile, and then Send invites.

You can even keep track of who you’ve invited and who’s signed up.

All new users will be shown a special welcome page on their first visit to the site with useful information on how to get the most out of their F1 Fanatic accounts.

Improved content sharing

Every article, forum thread and page now has a panel across the bottom allowing you to quickly share content with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If there’s any content on the site you’ve especially enjoyed please share it using these buttons and help spread F1 Fanatic among your social network.

2012 F1 season information

The menus at the top and bottom of the pages have been overhauled for the new season.

At the top of the page the 2012 F1 season menu has replaced last year’s.

There is also a new drop-down menu for the F1 Fanatic Quizzes and a new section on contributing to F1 Fanatic.

At the bottom you can find revised links for all the 2012 races, drivers and teams. As the final list of 2012 F1 drivers isn’t complete yet you can also find links for several other drivers below.

More fixes and features

Two more new features will appear in forthcoming articles, so keep an eye out for them. There have been several minor bug fixes, refinements and improvements.

There are some known problems still to be fixed including one on the mobile site which is being worked on at present.

As ever if you discover a problem with the site which is not listed among the known problems please send information about it here:

And if you have an idea for the site you can suggest it in the Site Development forum:

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  1. I like the Share panel at the bottom of the article, @keithcollantine

    It makes for a greater visual divide between the article and comments and looks better.

    1. I agree, great new touch on it @keithcollantine

    2. Exactly. I like it.

  2. As well as sharing, how about “email this this article”? Keep up the good work Keith and co.

    1. We had that a while ago but virtually no-one used it.

    2. And you could always just copy past the link, if you wanted …

  3. Will there be an F1Fanatic App ?

    1. Good idea! An F1Fanatic App for Android would be great!

    2. @see-thru I believe it has been mentioned but nothing concrete. The mobile site is really good.

  4. Still don’t get it how it works.

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