Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012

Caption competition 2: Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012
Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom, 2012

Here’s the second instalment of our new Caption Competition series.

Fernando Alonso sported an interesting new look at Ferrari’s annual media event Wrooom last week.

It’s over to you to supply the caption. Remember to look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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188 comments on “Caption competition 2: Fernando Alonso”

  1. Fernando joins the elite list of F1 Drivers to star in Head and Shoulders Commercials..

  2. Fernando’s enormous hats suddenly seemed a less surprising choice of team wear.

    1. Nice one! I’m no-where near witty enough to even attempt a caption, so I’ll happily sit aside and watch the big boys play! :P

      1. @damonsmedley Ditto! I’m going to sit by the side lines I think.

  3. Barbie felt she had let herself go recently but ken kept her spirits up!

  4. Fernando was a little unsure about Ferrari’s new aero package for the 2012 season

  5. Yes, it’s a new wearable aerodynamic device that we are testing

  6. FIA ruled against the new moveable aero parts that Ferrari were sporting on Alonso recently.

  7. Hairodynamics

    1. Winner.

    2. Yes totally agree, WINNER!!!

    3. Yep, brilliant.

      These are so hard to do, but there’s only so many ‘Head and Shoulders’/’Felipe, Fernando is faster than you’ comparisons you can have.

    4. +1. lol You can imagine them designing a new helmet with special vents that he has to pull the hair through, then the chief hairodynamicist adds super extra strength hair spray and shapes the hair into wings lol
      Only downside is it now that him 3 hours to put on.

      1. rofl

        1. One word is all it needs – brilliant!

  8. My lovely lovely lovely…. Horse
    Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the… Wind?

  9. “And Pat Fry is sure that this will give us half a second a lap”

  10. Ferrari’s new sponsor: Alpecin

  11. “No! I won’t cut my hair before I will be champion for Ferrari!”

  12. At least people no longer mock my eyebrows

  13. The FIA banned the use of reactive ride-heights after early testing revealed some unusual side effects.

  14. “Do you think I could get in to see Jenson at this hour?”

  15. But you promised I would be Champion sooner!

  16. Guess who. Antonio Salieri? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

  17. Remember kids to always maintain your eyebrows.

  18. Ferrari were always looking for a bigger rug to sweep Massa’s feud with Hamilton under

  19. If you think this is bad you should see my merkin.

    1. or Stefano saying “Hey fernando show ’em yer merkin”

  20. “Im sexy and I know it”

  21. Stefano was unimpressed with Fernando’s Sideshow Bob impression.

  22. Fernando preparing to go to a nightclub this evening in which he attempts to impress Lewis Hamilton

  23. There was much excitement from fans when Ferrari announced that they had developed an anti-DRS. Excitment turned to disappointment when it was revealed that the system consisted of Fernando Alonso shouting ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS!’ at anyone who tried to overtake.

    21st January 2012, 12:02

    The Italian Disguise Co. has clients such as Fernando Alonso (above) F1 driver, and Cpt.Francesco Schettino (cruise ship captain.)

  25. Dominicali said it’d wouldn’t be pretty…

  26. And you thought Valentino Rossi’s Afro looked ridiculous!

  27. And now David Hasselhoff impression.

  28. Someone forgot his appointment at the hairdresser…

  29. Michael never had to do this when he was #1!

  30. ‘ Ok ok Fernando, you can go on twitter, just promise me you will get rid of that !’

  31. Sideshow bob unvieled as the driver to replace Massa at Ferrari.

  32. Moments later, a very specific Brazilian could be heard ordering his engineer to bring him a white wigfro…”Otherwise I cannot intimidate anything!”

    21st January 2012, 12:24

    Fernando’s impression of Nicole Sherzinger seemed like a funny idea at the time- Alonso should be out of hospital soon.

  34. “My wife used to cut my hair for me”

  35. You can still just about see the aftermath of the collision with the poodle at brazil last year.

  36. We’ll miss you Rubens

  37. Domenically: “the sponsors wanted Hagrid, so we had to come up with something”

  38. Stefano is most protective of his supply just before harvest.

  39. Lotus’s reactive ride-height system is already having a ‘chain reaction’ effect on Ferrari

  40. Gary Cahill’s arrival at Chelsea left David Luiz free to do some testing with Ferrari.

    I wonder how many people here follow football enough to get that?

    1. What’s football..?

  41. “Felipe.. Fernando’s hair grows faster than yours..”

    1. AHAHA! gets my vote.

  42. It’s…………Monty Zemelo’s Flying Cir-cus

  43. Fernando’s hair grows faster than yours, Felipe

    1. sorry @nackavich beat me to it!

  44. Felipe, Fernando is hairier than you…

  45. extra head insulation will be required for the return of the iceman

  46. Fernando: shaving my legs for Abu Dhabi in 2010 didn’t work…

  47. wheres Jenson with that gaint pair of scissors when you need him?

  48. “Perhaps this silly wig will stop people noticing my hands are frozen together..”

  49. Ferrari reveal a last-minute replacement for Felipe Massa, promising equal treatment for both drivers.

  50. i now pronounce you; mr and mrs Domenicali; you may kiss the bride.

  51. On one of his ‘special’ Friday nights out, stefano was sure there was something familiar about that gorgeous little brunette.

  52. And they thought the new ferrari was ugly!

  53. “Because I’m worth it”

    1. excellent

  54. “Fernando, use the best of your hair, we know how big it is”

    1. 2nd place.

  55. “Fernando has more hair than you…”

  56. Stephano: ‘cos he’s worth it!

  57. “Look I’m Massa.. Hair today, gone tomorrow” ;o)

  58. Bonita Alonso, 2 time F1 champion Fernando’s lovely sister, chats with Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali at Ferrari’s annual media event, Wrooom.

  59. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    21st January 2012, 13:55

    Massa and Alonso. The tortoise and the hair.

  60. Look Stefano, I know we need to try some radical ideas for 2012, but this is just ridiculous !!!

  61. no need to this year car is fast

  62. No need to Hide this Years Car is Fast

  63. Fernando’s audition for the Head and Shoulders ad wasn’t quite as convincing as Jensons.

  64. Ferrari once again take technology to new limits with it’s ground braking carbon nano tube crash helmet design.

  65. Alonso took time from his busy schedule to let his hair down

  66. It’s OK folks….. He just spun, this is perfectly normal…

  67. “Anything you can do I can do better!”

  68. Fernando has massive hair and Stefano looks a bit embarrased by it.

    Yeh, I don’t get this game. :)

  69. The FIA has decided to ban driver movements designed to influence aerodynamics – such as Fernando’s suspicious new haircut.

  70. “Yeah bring it Mr. Button! Lets see how sharp your scissors are!”

  71. John Bergqvist (@)
    21st January 2012, 15:25

    “Wow, it’s bracing!”

  72. Unfortunately, it was to late to realise zat ze kers system was wired up to ze seat……

  73. Reporter “Stephano, why do you pay Fernando such a massive salary”
    Fernando “Because I’m worth it!”

  74. ‘fronando Alonso needed some time to mullet over, blue just isn’t his car colour any more

  75. “Do you still have those scissors Jenson?”

  76. Only after Ferrari saw their new employee part the Red Sea did they believe they could rule F1

  77. Fernando’s eyebrows were getting out of control…

  78. Testing in wind tunnel gone dreadfully wrong.

  79. Alonso had a hairy time at the Wrooom event

  80. A new sponsorship deal with The Mighty Caveman Hair products.

  81. Alonso enters mid life crisis with extravagant toupe

  82. Fernando Alonso gave up putting his helmet on.

  83. Alonso in disguise tried to sneak up to the Red Bull factory and steal Newey’s drawings, but he was recognized by… his eyebrows.

  84. “The last time I cut my hair I won the WDC”

  85. Introducing Felipe Massa’s replacement, Carlos Valderrama.

  86. Fernando has longer hair than you. Please confirm you understand the message.

  87. smf Hilarious he needs some players boy!!!!!!!!

  88. Definitely a step forward on helmet safety specifically designed for winter tests.

  89. Stefano to Felipe: HAIRnanado is faster than yoo.

    1. Stefano to Felipe: HAIRnando is faster than yoo.

  90. “This season, our goal will be to stay away from Jenson Button and his big scissors”.

  91. To all boys i`m not str8 no more.

  92. ”Farrari come up with innovative exhaust blown diffuser layout”

  93. Finally, fernando proves that driving formula 1 cars truly is a hair raising affair

  94. Stefano, can I please go back to using a regular Crash Helmet, Please!!!…

  95. Alistair’s new glasses made him look less dog like

  96. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    21st January 2012, 18:15

    “Oh no, I forgot to shave my eyebrows this morning”

  97. I speak from exp i have a big head than u [stefano dimenicalo]

  98. spectacular Brylcreem failure

  99. After losing a bet, Fernando will not trim his eyebrows for the entire off season.

  100. Ferrari tried to overpower JB’s stylisch ‘Movember’ mustache with a secret experiment. The experiment’s effects however runned badly late and went badly wrong

  101. He’s simply the best.

  102. My wife always cuts my hair. But now she’s gone………

  103. Alonso gets stuck into a PR event for the producers of “Queen: The Musical”

  104. Stefano told fernando to be c-hairful in the icey conditions…

  105. Fronando is hairier than you…

  106. chewbacca the new Ferrari driver, the force is with you

  107. Ferrari launch new ground effect hair pieces.

  108. Yesterday, Fernando regrettably forgot his daily eyebrow trim.

  109. “Fernando’s hair is bigger then yours, can you confirm you understood that message?”

    I know it is old, bad and cheap, but I just had to do it.

  110. Fernando misheard the team order to “stop and go”; he thought they said to wash and go…

  111. Before the season starts they are talking about Fernandos championship chances….. Hair today, gone tomorrow

  112. Driving for Ferrari is a hair raising experience…

    Last one I promise :)

  113. his wondering how jackie stewart raced with all that hair

  114. Alonso tests the new FIA head protection system which will eliminate the need to wear a helmet! Schuberth, Bell and Arai to lodge protests.

  115. Ferrari’s 2012 tactic was to employ the scary spice look to shaft Vettel off the top spot.

  116. Fernando:–Wait to you see my helmet
    Stefano:–I’ve seen it. It’s big.

  117. ‘in summerbrake I’ll have my first surgery, but please call me Fernandette from now on’

  118. The unfortunate realisation when Stefano Domenicalli realises that he has in fact been photographed next to Fernando Alonso’s lower half and not the top….

  119. And as we all sat there, we watch as Alonso’s eyebrows took over.

  120. These compressed coconut fibre helmets HRT lent us just fall apart at speed

  121. Danica, call Stefano’s, I think he has an opening on Monday afternoon.

  122. Diana Ross tries her hand at karting.

  123. Bad hair day.

  124. Hairodynamic deregulation

  125. Fronando Alonso

  126. “Felipe, Fernando is fair hairier than you. Well done, that was very magnahairmous of you”

  127. Stefano, is that Max giving me the come on.

  128. A typo in the new F1 regulations sees teams experimenting with larger wigs.

    1. king of the one liners!

      1. Clever, I like it LOL

  129. Now Fernando be as natural as possible, lets see how long it takes for McLaren to respond to this one???…

  130. Sideshow Nando

  131. With the recent ban on active-ride height, Ferrari test their newest technical innovation.

  132. Trenthamfolk (@)
    22nd January 2012, 18:17

    “Alonso’s eyebrows fixation goes to his head”

  133. Fernando was serious when he stated on the radio: “I give up! i give up!”

  134. After testing it on Fernando, Stefano Domenicali decides not to give the hair loss treatment to Luca di Montezemolo for his birthday.

  135. Epic fail. DOM enicali unveiling the new car. You doing it wrong!!!

  136. Anthony Hamilton and Luiz Antonio Massa have just signed Fernando Alonso to their new PR company.

  137. McLaren finally find a use for their Octopus exhaust system.

    1. Mclaren data leaked out to Ferarri. Ha Ha

  138. So thats how he got the name Alfonso. You cuddly thing

  139. Alonso, Shumacher’s Hair

  140. Ferrari further distance themselves from the brazillian…

  141. “Stefano, does my eybrow look big in this”

  142. “I said get me a Toupee not a Teepee.”

  143. I don’t know Stefano. I woke up and my eyebrows had done this…

  144. Fernando showing his commitment adapted perfectly to the new “Ugly but hopefully fast” Ferrari philosophy.

  145. Ferrari reveals their version of the “Reactive ride height system”.

    Edit:-FIA bans system.

  146. Dan (@chandoshall3)
    23rd January 2012, 21:22

    “I don’t know, I just took my helmet off and boom!”

  147. “alonso comes out of the closet … ” i hope Lewis likes it”

  148. You know what happen to Samson when he had his hair cut. I will keep mine until I get the WDC for Ferrari.

  149. It turned out that the new driver dietary supplement developed at Ferrari had a debilitating side effect. Fernando felt great and even led at one point, but the helmet just wouldn’t stay on and he was forced to retire with only 10 laps remaining. Nonetheless, Alonso and Domenicali knew they had found the pace; it would only be a matter of time.

    1. @Daniel

      Brilliant one!


      Good allegory!

  150. Ferrari reveal underhand plan to impair visibility of those planning to overtake them in 2012.

  151. FA: “We never really quite got to grips with ‘hot blowing'”

  152. See wot that Stoopid Nose did to my hair???

  153. Domi: Fernando, I guess we can grab Clear Anti-Dandruff to be our sponsor from Lotus soon. hihi…..

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