Kimi Raikkonen continues his F1 familiarisation in Valencia

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Kimi Raikkonen continued testing for Lotus in Valencia today.

Here are pictures from his second day at the track:

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Images © Lotus F1 Team

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22 comments on “Kimi Raikkonen continues his F1 familiarisation in Valencia”

  1. Lovin’ that white helmet!

    1. I hope it’s just an ‘interim’ version of the helmet because in my opinion it’s looks somehow undone (in front).

      1. I hope he doesn’t change to a Bell because I love the shape of Arai helmets. I thought the team, from 2010, had a deal with Bell because all its drivers have Bell helmets. Robert Kubica too changed from Arai to Bell during pre-season testing in 2010. Heidfeld was an exception. Maybe the deal is no longer existent, or perhaps Raikkonen would change to a Bell later.

  2. I Love The Pope
    24th January 2012, 16:35

    I hope he does well, but I just don’t have a strong feeling about Lotus.

    1. I really do hope they are up there with Mercedes at least!

      1. I Love The Pope
        25th January 2012, 4:54

        I would love to see Mercedes challenging for the title.

    1. Fascinating stuff!

      It should be mandatory, in recognition of the intelligence and interest levels amongst the fans, for teams to release a sanitised spec sheet like this for all FIA approved sessions, ie testing and race weekends.

      We could then have informed discussions about RBR’s camber decisions, team strategies, driver differences, etc. Turn 8 or 130R become much better benchmarks for car performance, the benefits are endless and I’m sure there’s a level of information the teams would agree to provide.

      I get that the secret sauce of racing cars is in their setups but there must be a level of information sharing, especially post-race, that is better for the sport than what is currently done.

      1. I don’t expect them to release data from that sheet the can be used to extrapolate competitive advantage, by the way. Stuff like vmax combined with weight split @225 and aero package choices must be dynamite to anyone with an f1 sim to play with, albeit on a 2 year old bodge-car running the ‘wrong’ tyres.

      2. It should be mandatory, in recognition of the intelligence and interest levels amongst the fans

        Why, because the fans might like to see it? Most of it is going to be meaningless to the majority of us, and while we’re busy trying to decipher it, all of the other teams will be able to read it and use that information for their own setups.

    2. Zoom and enhance :)

    3. Did you do this? It’s fantastic!!

      1. No, I found it on twitter

  3. Is he number 9 this year or other meaning?

    1. @eggryYes, he is driving car number 9. Renault finished fifth in the World Constructors’ Championship last year, so they take numbers 9 and 10. Because Raikkonen is the lead driver, he gets the number 9, and Grosjean is 10.


    Looks like Kimi has already been misbehaving, it didn’t take him long to get sent to the naughty corner!

    1. Fantastic.

    2. he looks hungover!!

  5. STILL Renault is emblazoned on their helmets just above the visor. I thought they were old news, engines aside?

  6. i know kimi`s in a bit of a test mule but is there any lap times available?

  7. I hope Mercedes and Lotus fight this year for title with SCHUMACHER vs. RAIKKONEN! It would be amazing!

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