McLaren MP4-27 launch, 2012

McLaren MP4-27 launch – first pictures of their 2012 F1 car

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McLaren have revealed their latest Formula 1 contender.

The MP4-27 is the car the team hope will allow Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton to compete for the championship in 2012.

“As you can see, this is a beautiful car,” said Button. “Many you’ll see will not be.”

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh added: “Cars really do look beautiful if they win races. But beauty is more than skin deep and there’s some beautiful engineering under the skin.”

Hamilton described the new car as a “strong base”. The 2008 world champion said: “I’ve been keenly following the development of MP4-27 over the winter and I’ve been really encouraged by the results and the data that the engineers have been showing me.

“I think we already had a very strong base to build upon: Jenson and I won six races with MP4-26 last year and I think we’ve been able to retain all the strengths and the reliability of that design while also incorporating lots of improvements and new ideas into the new car.

“Of course, the biggest changes for 2012 are the modifications to the exhaust regulations – that will reduce the downforce and grip that we had last year, but it just puts the emphasis on the designers to try and claw some of that back in other areas.”

According to McLaren, the new car features narrower rear bodywork, to improve airflow at the rear of the car. The revised cooling system re-directs air to the gearbox oil-cooler. The distinctive U-shaped sidepods of the 2011 car are gone, which McLaren say is a consequence of the FIA’s new exhaust regulations.

McLaren finished second in the championship for the last two years, and so have the numbers three and four on their cars once again. Whitmarsh said: “Having finished second in the constructors’ championship for the past two seasons, we’re determined to mount a sustained, hard challenge for both world titles.

“Our engineering team continues to develop and grow: while the key names who head the department are well known – Tim Goss, Paddy Lowe and Neil Oatley – it’s the strength in depth within the department that continually impresses. I’m extremely proud of our efforts to invest in and recruit young graduate engineers and to develop and school them in the ways of Formula 1.”

Test driver Oliver Turvey will be first to drive the car at Jerez next week.

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177 comments on “McLaren MP4-27 launch – first pictures of their 2012 F1 car”

  1. It’s chrome, says Vodafone on the side and has a normal nose. It looks brilliant!

    1. Looks rather boring, in my opinion… last year’s looked far more aggresive.

      This one looks conventional… It’s still pretty tho!

      1. Yeah it’s a test car the proper kit will come for the last test at least. What i want to know is were you there keith if so why didn’t you ask any questions? I couldn’t believe the crowd, jenson lewis martin and more stood there waiting for questions and a room full of journalists can’t think of anything to ask. I felt embarrassed for crofty when he decided to take the onus upon him self. o.o

        1. Because when I’m at a launch I’ve got half-a-dozen things to do at once – including taking pictures, writing stories, transcribing and updating the site. As you can see!

          If I’d had a question I particularly wanted to get across I would have set aside time for it. But basically everything I would have asked (that might have got a half-decent answer) was covered.

      2. The U-sidepods from last year’s cars were the worst looking of the grid.
        I think this is one of the best looking cars since 2009 regs.

        1. I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. It looked aggressive, but it wouldn’t have been possible due to the new regulations anyway.

    2. I quite like it – except the wheel rims. That style of black rims reminds me of NASCAR. ew.

  2. Yack. The only decent Mclaren in recent years was the 2010 one. I’m tired of the chrome and this one just looks like a beast and a bit of a large one at that. Not the best looking car to come 2nd place in the WCC :P

    1. Agree, it looks so clunky and bulbous.

      1. Are you looking at the same car as the rest of us?

        1. Yes and at best it’s just bloated at worst it’s just a car. It doesn’t have any character or anything about it and as I said on Twitter it just reminds me of those guys and women on Wall-E who have grown so large and (to pinch Dan’s word) bulbous because they’ve done nothing but sit around for all of their time. It’s only better than the Caterham because that immediately think “aahhh my eyes!”

          1. I dont think its bloated or bulbus at all, I think it’s just the shorter wheel base than last year that gives that illusion!

          2. Yes, the shorter wheel-base makes it look much better. I hated the change to longer wheel-bases in 2010, but this is looking a bit less stretched. :D

          3. All you had to do was look at the second to last and final photo in the set to see it’s far from clunky and bulbous. This is easily the best looking car in the field.

    2. The front looks .. huge. but then again it might be the angle. I wonder if it is because of my preference but McLaren certainly doesn’t build pretty cars.
      Can’t wait to see it on track though, in my eyes cars always improve a lot once they are being driven at speed :-P

      1. It should look better on track. The horrid chrome doesn’t show the lines very well under lights.

      2. I err, I really don’t like it.

        It’s just… I mean…. kinda ew….

        The nose is strangely reminiscent of the Lola team.

        In my opinion, the Caterham puts this to shame.

        1. the caterham is a farm vehicle and this one is big like a bus. f1 is one step closer to becoming tractor racing.

          1. Tractor racing is awesome.

            I won’t hear a bad word about it :D

          2. Well then another attempt at calling the new Ferrari F150 wouldn’t be out of place … ;-)

    3. I think it looks fine! I can’t really how how it’s very different from the last two McLarens.

    4. I agree. Many people seem to love it… Why? It has no character at all. It just looks so… boring.

      1. I think the colours & design/radical shape of the car say what has to be said about the appearance of McLarens in general.

        I think the MP4-27 is no different to it’s predcessors btw can anyone tell me why Teams put that little endplate on the Rear wing,Separate airflow maybe?

      2. It’s quite simple actually. After the Catheram launch most of people expected 2012 cars to be really ugly. McLaren isn’t, so people love it.

    5. Some really strange tastes here. Mclaren is I bet the most beautiful of the 2012 cars by far in a year that will probably be dominated by Caterham-like monstrosities. The nose is beautiful and the sidepods, rear-end are very agressive and neatly packaged. Livery-wise, I like the chrome but obviously it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

      @Mike: Put to shame by Caterham?! That monstrous gharial shape is not for the sensitive type, for it will give them nightmares. And it’s even before we mention its overlong wheelbase that makes it look like a strange test tube on wheels. So, can I have some of that great stuff you’ve been smoking

      1. I think this car’s the prettyest mclaren since 2007 it is smaller and more tightly packaged in most if not all areas. The shorter wheel base only adds to it’s looks, last years mclaren looked to be about twice lewis’ height in length and at times looked like they were driving f1 limos much improved looks but it’s the stop watch that counts.

        Gotta say to really make the point last years mclaren had the biggest posterior measurements of any team in f1 calling this car bulbous bloated or clunky after 2010 is just silly :P

        1. I think it looks quite good! How on earth any of you, after seeing the horrendous Caterham can complain about a beauty like this new McLaren is beyond me.

    6. I was just thinking I was getting a little bored with the chrome color scheme as well. It would be nice to see something a little different. Maybe then the shirts and merchandise wouldn’t be so chintzy and I would consider buying some.

  3. As pleasing to the eye as Marilyn Monroe.

    1. Hold on a minute, where are the U-Sidepods?

      1. They’re gone, it seems.

        1. And good riddance! Looks like the 2010 car without the shark-fin engine cover, which is brilliant!

      2. ‘Bow-tie’ side pods instead

        1. @John-H That’s the best description I’ve ever read. From this day forward, we must remember the MP4-27 as the car with the bow-tie sidepods.

        2. @John-H Lol, here I was about to dub them X-Wing sidepods :P

  4. Amazing how Vettel’s odds went from evens before the unveil to 11/10 after the unveil. Haha.

    1. @trebor27 what do you mean? :/

      1. The odds for Vettel to win the title 1/1 before Mclaren unveiled the new car to 11/10 after the car was shown.

  5. The curvy nose looks really nice. A huge departure to the Caterham nose as well. I wonder if they would apply the concept of the Mclaren nose and put it on the update as they did before Australia last year ?

    1. they cant because the chasis is already homologated and cannot be changed anymore. and since they chose to have high mounting points for the suspension, and the rules specify a maximum height for the nose, they are stuck with that “bump” for the whole season.

  6. Oh, look. McLaren have taken the covers down without giving a reason. Now we’re not going to have anything to talk about.

  7. The nose looks perfect. the car is a stunner. If it performs as good as it looks, McLaren are back in the game.

  8. interesting exhaust position. looks like they are pushing the limits with the rules.

    and there goes the fear that all cars will have platypus nose.

    1. they still have to drag around that snowplow of a spoiler in front. only a mother could love these creatures.

  9. the nose is a surprise looks good though

  10. Another beautiful car, the nose kinda reminds me of the 2009 car a bit though.

  11. Well at first I thought it was last years car, then I realised its basically a copy of last years Red Bull with this years nose, not particularly innovative.

    1. Didn’t you spot the bodywork running from the centre of the rear wing and extending back under the monocoque? Or the very tiny sidepods, which drop away at a steep angle?

    2. RB7 clone? Clearly you’ve never seen the RB7 or have only a cursory opinion lacking any real knowledge. This car looks nothing like RB7 other than fact that it was designed to the same regualtions.

      The devil is in the detail and you’d know that if you new much at all about F1.

  12. not the best looking Mclaren… but a ‘simple’ design actually (which could be an asset)

    lets hope its fast enough ! : )

  13. Keith you have made a big mistake this is the 2011 car with 2010 sidepods.

    1. @realracer You need to address your complaint to the people at the McLaren Technology Centre. They’re the people who pulled the covers off the car that’s in front of me as I type this.

  14. Ted Kravitz:
    “New McLaren looks similar to last year’s car, but with adventurous exhaust positioning, rule-wise”

    What?… similar in that it is a F1 car.

    What a numpty, no U-side pods as rumoured, totally different intakes and cooling ducts for KERS etc, thinner area behind the driver by the looks of it. Not sure but looks like a bigger undercut around the side pods as well.

    Its about as different as you’ll get (until we see the Ferrari)

  15. is it me or do you think its shorter than MP4-26 too??

    1. Impossible to tell from the pictures I’ve seen, the MP4-26 was already long, longer than most.

    2. Although it does look a bit shorter now you mention it

  16. Nothing ridiculous on the MP4-27 from the initial shot, but I’d like to find out about those potentially illegal devices they’ve been talking about.

      1. Is that just it?! I was expecting something massively different after the “mysterious vanishing article”
        hmmm…. roll on March

        1. yeah i’m expecting some secrecy here as well…but exhausts do look different in first look!

          1. Half the teams are going to have the exhausts blowing the rear wing if that’s what they’re talking about. Or the alternative was to blow the rear suspension.

        2. and about that article, I got a feeling that the whole thing doesn’t have any solid source…but we’ll see soon

  17. They apparently have the 2011 front nose on the car as well as a few other bits of 2011 bodywork.

    Car won’t be seen in full 2012 spec untill the final tests.

  18. Aside from the nose cone, it looks like a chromed Red Bull.

    1. Not really.

        1. Not to me, many differences

          1. such as…

          2. Banburyhammer1
            1st February 2012, 17:26

            Well for one, the Red Bull in the link seems to have a shorter wheelbase. That is a significant parameter – they couldnt have a longer wheelbase, then stick the RB7 bodywork over the top – itd be a disaster.

        2. Seriously?
          – The side-pods on the Mclaren tapper down quicker than last years RBR.
          – The exhausts are in the new position (obviously) coming out of a bump, totally different to last years RBR and we don’t know where/how they are on the new car
          – Rear crash structure is different arrangement.
          – The cooling outlets are totally different
          – Under cut looks much deeper, almost like a double floor.
          – Brake ducts different

          You can’t just look at a side view and say they are the same, even the side view shows some major differences. It pretty much as different considering the scope of the regulations.

          So what do you think is the same? Conventional sidepod? Everyone had those last year apart from Mclaren, and this year they are conventional but still significantly different to RBRs

        3. PS All the intakes are totally different as well

          1. There are a few similarities in overall shape but you are right all the finer details are pretty different.

  19. Very speedy, Keith!

    So far, so good. I don’t mind it, actually. Much better than last year’s car and I personally like it more than the Caterham. Can’t wait for more angles. :)

  20. hrmmm.. after reading reports of a ‘radical’ new Mclaren, and that they are expecting a fight from other teams regarding design.. im struggling to see why..?

    looks a lot like the 2009 car..

    I’m hoping that they still havent put everything on the car yet to stop spying eyes.. time will tell :)

    lets go McLaren! :D

  21. One word: awesome!

  22. William Graham
    1st February 2012, 11:33

    Anybody else notice the possible blown beam wing ? It seems there is a direct attachment, rather than the ‘heat outlet’ hole other teams had in 2011.

  23. Urgh. The Caterham looks better. This reminds me of something Osella might have churned out in the mid 80s, or some kind of F3 car, what with that chunky, fat, stainless steel fridge of a nose. Still hate the colour scheme.

    1. Banburyhammer1
      1st February 2012, 17:31

      that chunky, fat, stainless steel fridge of a nose

      I give you the Renault R29, which its cheese wedge nose. Id pick the R29 over the CT-01 any and every day of the week.

  24. Id have thought thats the 2011 nose, its too high to meet the 2012 regulations.

    1. its lower than the CT-01

      1. It may be lower at the very front, However the 2012 regulations make the entire nose section lower & not just the bit at the very front.

        See this image which explaints the new regs:

        1. The 2011 nose already conformed to the new regulations (there is a comparison picture on the internet somewhere, I’ll try and find it) so there’s really no need for them to change it much this year.

        2. @Dizzy it’s here

          1. No the 2011 nose does not, its close but is doesn’t

          2. @BBT: If it’s a close one that’ll mean they only had to make small adjustments to make it conform the rules. The nose on the underside does like more flat, so I believe the 2012 nose is legal.

          3. @Andy Looking at the side view comparison Keith posted you can clearly see the difference, more than I originally thought. I don’t disagree, they didn’t have to make as big a change as most teams
            If the 2011 nose confirmed why make such a change, they are trying to get air around the side pods this time not over so maybe that why.

          4. @BBT: Quite possible. T believe they did so to have that long snow plough under the nose, which would direct air to the undercut of the sidepods. Also a lower nose gives a lower centre of gravity, increasing mechanical grip. Furthermore, I have this idea that with the ban of EBDs and DDs it’s not giving as much advantage anymore to be running so much air to the diffuser.

  25. The mirrors look much more stable – Massa should be pleased ;)

  26. Looks like they have chosen a very particular concept for the exhaust and how it blows the wing, let’s hope it’s one that actually works this time :) Other than that it does look a little, well dull.

  27. Have a close look at the sidepods, it looks like there are two outlets, one on top of the other mmmm!

    1. The 2nd will probably be the outlet for KERS cooling.

  28. Looks extremly sexy :D

  29. I don’t really have anything positive to say about this car, the Caterham looks better.

  30. Is the tray underneath the nose part of the display or is this something new?

    i’ve been trying to find it in last years pictures but cant see anything like it

    1. The tray acts as a splitter, Its been there since the 2010 car:

  31. I think (and hope) that bulge housing the exhaust will look very different come the first race.

    1. What’s that man pointing to?

      1. @verstappen He’s saying ‘Oh no, they got rid of chrome rims and went back to black!’

  32. As usual, they are not showing the real thing yet. I believe the difference wiil be substantial this year.

    1. Agree, i think they have a lot of things off tha car that they’ll fit on, on a later ocassion, probably testing, bet you newey had pen to paper drawing diagrams when wraps came off. Mclaren are hiding their so called “questionable innobations” that are going to be moaned about by rivals

    2. And i do believe they are outside the 2012 regulations concerning the nosecone with shown specification.

      1. Ah, you could be correct on that if it is the old nose cone as well.

        1. The nose is legal, check this pic of the 2011 cars compared to Scarbs tech drawings of the 2012 rules: here

          1. 2011 nose does not confirm, on to the tech guys confirm as such, its close but not cigar, a purely placed yellow square on a tiny image proves nothing.

    3. I can’t see it changing much to be honest, OK it has the stock release day front wing that they have used for about three seasons but apart from seeing the ‘real’ new front wing what else is going to change, surely they will be small changes, floor, diffuster etc, normally difficult to spot

  33. Wow, that is ugly. I guess they sat down and said, ‘yup, the 24 was a failure, so I think we should go for the same this year’….. Its sooo boring and uninspired, this doesnt look like it’ll be a winner. But I’m not Newey, so we’ll have to see how slow/fast it is soon.

  34. LOL at all the speculation concepts on the net! XD

  35. A few things I’ve noticed, from this gallery:

    Firstly, we’ve all spotted the tongue under the nose. I’m guessing that is to optimise airflow over the front splitter. It appears to arc up slightly, so I’m guessing it’s designed to dump air over the splitter at the optimal angle.

    Secondly – and more interestingly – there is no obvious exit for the air that enters the sidepods. If you look at the final shot in the gallery, you can see the bodywork goes right up to the diffuser, with a small opening (I’m guessing there is another hidden from view on the other side). It looks like McLaren might be trying to simulate an exhaust-blown diffuser, but using the air that passes through the car instead of exhaust gasses, which is very clever. But it’s difficult to tell, since the teams like to keep the details of their cars’ rear ends as secret as possible.

    1. Those sidepods, from the front they look like something I’d see from the Star Wars Trilogy. In a good way.

  36. Cant find the exhausts.

    1. They’re on the side, that little dimple just behind the Vodafone branding. Their position is largely fixed this year – in order to stop teams from using exhaust-blown diffusers, the FIA has limited the placement of exhaust outlets.

    2. On the sides, in that buldges in front of the rear wheels.

    3. they are in a sort of bulge or bump between the vodafone logo and the back wheels. an interesting way of controlling the airflow around the exhaust exit.

  37. the mp4-27 is like the mp4-25

  38. It actaully looks a lot like the Ferrari F-60!!!

  39. am i seeing an STR style sidpepod with a double floor?

    cant really tell from the picture, but it looks like thats how they will be feeding the diffuser.

    1. Apparently no. The STR sidepod was cut down until the chassis. This isn’t.

    2. It’s not quite like the STR, the sidepods are still connected to the floor of the car, but there is a very aggressive undercut in addition to the sidepods being teeny-weeny in the RBR style.

  40. Are people blind to the fact that this car looks very aggressive and has once again extreme side-pods compared to the usual desighn?

    1. this picture is awesome. Those sidepods are really badass, it’s like the designer was told: “Make it evil”.

    2. Agreed, they have a really aggressive undercut on top of being tiny. They look really special.

  41. For anyone who was doubting the legality of the nose, Scarbs has just posted on Twitter that it IS legal.

  42. I think the car looks very good, at least better then Caterham at this point. I think the color will look better on track instead of those lights.

    What I’m really concerned about is if it will at least be on par with the Red Bull from the start of the season.

  43. now Ferrari would look stupid if it has copied L-shaped sidepods!

    1. It would be more stupid if Ferrari did copy those sidepods, and win with them. :p

  44. I wasn’t too sure on the car at first, it seemed quite dull. But having seen the car from different angles, I think it looks fantastic.

    The sidepods look awesome, and I love the way that they angle upwards as they go out, not to mention the components that look like they down near to the floor.

    I’m also very glad that they have gone with a nose that doesn’t have the same bump as the Caterham. It will surely be one of the best looking cars on the grid this year, no doubt.

    Here’s hoping the car is as quick as it looks (or quicker). On a side note, it does seem to look closer to the designs of the 2009 cars.

  45. Wow..its looks stunning, but to be honest they could stick a silver bin up there with Vodafone on it and I’d fall in love with it.

    It looks very tight at the back which I love and the side pods look agressively big.

    I wonder how many “red hearings” they’ve stuck on there to draw peoples focus away from other areas. Like most people are stating, this is purely a launch car and will have not have the features most people are expecting…I can’t wait to see it on the track :-)

    1. Herring even!

  46. After the launch of the Caterham I was worried that all the cars would have an ugly nose like that due to the new regulations, thankfully that isn’t the case.

    The McLaren chrome/red livery is still my favourite on the grid and from these pictures there is nothing wrong with the shape of the car either.

    Although I didn’t dislike the U-shaped sidepods on the MP4-26 I did prefer the more traditional style so I am glad McLaren have gone back to them on the MP4-27.

    Overall I think it looks great, although it some details may change before the first race as none of the teams are going to give away any secrets at the launch if they can help it..

    But it doesn’t matter how good a car looks the only thing that matters is how fast it is compared with the opposition.

    1. This ain’t the traditional style.

  47. Looks alright to me.

    Interestingly, the front-end/nose is nothing like the Caterham. I wonder if Caterham will panic if more cars look like the MP4-27? That’s not to say that the aero will be any worse on the CT01 but surely they will be asking questions.

  48. Describing the car in one word: ORGASMIC!

  49. Anyone else noticed that one photo the Mp4-27 has extra air intakes while in others it does not?

    1. could you post a link?

  50. Awesome looking car. Nothing more to add.

    Even though I’m not a Mclaren fan I hope it’s fast because it deserves to be successful as a reward.

    1. Yes. Even i am not a McLaren fan, But i hope it is insanely fast. I hope someone will overthrow RedBull. I have a feeling that McLaren is capable of doing it.

  51. I won’t lie, I wanted to see something outrageously different to what we’re used to, but it looks good and hopefully it’s quick too.

  52. In my eyes, a very pretty car. Very clean and simple. Love that ass. It will be interesting to see how the 2012 wings look.

    Those mirrors are HUGE. If Crashilton can’t see in those, maybe he should have an eye test.

    1. Its not about the size of them, its about how much they used to move around.

      They look pretty identical to last years Redbull mirrors. Infact the shape of the car from the front wheels back, side-on view looks very much like last years Redbull, im surprised more people havnt mentioned that.

      Anyway, hopefully the car is sufficently quick enough that the mirrors wont be needed :]

  53. Honestly, I’m liking it. That said, I also liked the CT01 (apart fom the nose). This car is simpler than last year’s, it has conventional sidepods and a nose without the CT01’s step. It’s definitely better than the MP4-26, which I remember not linking at all when I first saw it.

  54. Undercut side pods, a tighter ‘coke-bottle’ zone at the rear and a possible air intake at the tip of the nose.

  55. It looks very nice, its easy on the eye, looks very refined and well thought out and am glad it doesn’t have the hammered in nose of the caterham last years car looked agressive but was slow in testing before they changed it for Oz this year it may prove to be the opposite.

  56. Apretty car does not wins make; but this car just looks ugly to me. The side pods look like a cross of the -24 and the -25. Nose too.

  57. Nice One, apart from the nose everything looks new.

    It may be stupid what i say now but please think about it.

    It is not obvious that exhaust may feed rear wing either over or under it, they are pointing outside in my view. First of all i though they may be directed outside to completely get reed of the hot gases with makes sense.

    But than i realized that it looks like they are going to feed brake ducts !?
    Brake ducts looks quite large to me and have splitters that can suggest gases of different temps may be passed through.
    Hot exhaust gases could help to keep brakes worm and than could be passed to the diffuser..

    What do you think?

    1. The interaction with the airflow from around the sidepods will direct the exhaust gases towards the lower rear wing. There’s what looks like thermal shield coating on the rear suspension structure, which would also be consistent with the hot gases flowing at that level. That’s what it looks like at first glance anyway, but I’m sure Scarbs will explain it better.
      This might be a point for other teams to protest, as it pushes the exhaust regs.

      1. Could also be blowing exhaust gas directly onto the rear suspension which (as Scarbs will hopefully agree) is more efficient at creating downforce than blowing onto the beam wing or other bodywork

  58. Well i think it looks brilliant, sure it’s not too different from the previous 2 McLaren’s but i think that new lower nose looks really good. Can’t wait to see it on track.

  59. After the Caterham, this has restored some faith in 2012.

    1. Absolutely!

      I was worried we were going to have a grid of ugly ducklings like the Caterham this year… Ok, it may not be earth shattering to look at, but it’s miles better than what I was envisaging :)

      Can’t wait to see what RBR, Ferrari and Mercedes have to offer (though we’ll have to wait a while to see the latter)

  60. First chance I’ve been able to see this…I like it! Something very 2009 about it, and looking at the details, there’s something that tells me there’s more going on here than we think…

  61. I find it astonishing. A glimpse of hope that this years’s grid will not be composed only of caterhamish bottle-nose dolphin wannabies.

  62. It looks better than I expected after seeing the Caterham. Interesting Nose Cone, its has a section underneath it which looks to split airflow either side, I think the MP4-26 had something similar only smaller.

    The sidepods look neat and tidy, and much cleaner around the rear of the floor. From looks I reckon it will have a much better start than last years effort, Shame to see the U shaped sidepods go though, I thought that design was ace, it just seem so logical to my mind……instead of air being slowed down to go over it just let it through!

    Overall I like it, there are elements of great design on this car and I look forward to seeing it in action.

    1. Oh yeah and also it has a much more aggressive stance, more akin to the RB7 level of Rake, its quite noticeable on this car :)

  63. Cars stopped looking cool back in 2009!!!!!!

  64. I have to say that this Mclaren is the most beautiful Mclaren since Coulthard drived for them. In first analysis Mclaren is trying to blow the rear brake and the whole rear end by having that type of exhaust output they are also possibly trying to combine the hot air from the exhaust with the air that enters the sidepod maybe using that chamber Ferrari and Mercedes invented (scarbs). It still is missing a few bits for obvious reasons but I hope they will be ok for the start of the season.

    1. Yes, Scarbs nailed quite a few details in his pre-season predictions, including the exhaust solution:
      “Even more aggressive solution would be directing the exhausts onto the vanes allowed around the rear brake ducts…the issue here would be the solution is likely to be so effective, that it will be sensitive to throttle position and rear ride height…”

  65. Having read all the posts I’ve got to say I’m a little suprised no one has mentioned the diffuser. I mean it doesn’t look like any diffuser i’ve ever seen before, surely thats not the finished piece.

    P.S Looks nothing light RB7(Which i have to say IMO is not a great looking car) and it’s defiantly better looking than the caterham!

    1. If you’re referring to the apparent ‘flap’ at the end of the diffuser, i would say its there to keep Keith’s or indeed Scarb’s camera’s out of there…

  66. The MP4-27 is looking fantastic the more you look at it the more you fall in love with it. The nose, sidepods, exhaust outlet all sport on

  67. The detailing of the underside of the nose is really very interesting…
    Was there talk of the Mclaren Monocoque being an separate entity from the sidepods themselves? So we could see different sidepods for different rounds…
    Hopefully it will be a good year none the less, and maybe we will see if Mclaren can keep up development when ahead of the pack instead of spending the season perfecting others ideas ;)

  68. Wondering about the little hook shaped fin or scoop on the front brake ducts. Looks wing like and is moveable as the wheels turn. Also ahead of the front center line.
    Wouldn’t that constitute a moveable aero device and make it illegal??

  69. surely thats not going to be mclarens exhaust exit (the horrid bulge) once they go racing, where about`s in the box does it sit, and is it directed at anything? imo, i think they`ll try blowing the underside of the beam/top of diffuser (if possible) not where they are now. Anyway`s THANK YOU MCLAREN simply for a nice looking car.

  70. As much of a fan of McLaren I am, I do prefer the CT01 and the MP4-26 over this. This car really does feel just like a lifeless lump of aluminium with a rather dainty sloped nosecone and lack of the L-shaped side-pods which gave the MP4-26 character and differentiated itself much better from every other car car on the grid. Compared to Caterham which portrays a bit of attitude with it’s own nose sticking straight out in front.

  71. Caterham has done an awesome job creating as much publicity as possible by being the 1st to launch their Car. All cars will be compared with them no matter whether the other cars will have a platypus nose or not.

    If not: reactions will be : at least not the same nose like the Caterham car
    If yes: exactly the same platypus nose as the Caterham car.

    Brilliant PR from Tony Fernandes!!

  72. It’s a shame they blocked the diffusor from views… Or is that a feature? :P

  73. I thought this car looked stunning yesterday… now that I’ve seen the FI and Ferrari, it looks even prettier!

  74. Do we think the McLaren nose could be just for show to make it look nicer for the launch? Would seem strange if 3 teams of the 4 teams to larunch their cars came up with more or less the same solution to the reg changes and McLaren didn’t…

  75. Cool… now let’s kick some *** boys…

  76. As a Mercedes fan, I must admit there’s just something about the approach they took here that tells me this will be the pace setter in 2012.

    This year will belong to McLaren!

    WDC and WCC

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  78. Gracious. 2012, such an ugly litter. “Pick out the one you want, we’ll drown the rest.” All F1 cars have been as ugly as the ginned up rules for some years now, and this year the worst. We can say McLaren is the least ugliest.

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