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Kamui Kobayashi shook down the Sauber C31 at Jerez today

All bar one of the F1 teams will be in action at the Jerez circuit in Spain for a four-day test starting tomorrow.

Marussia will miss the first test session of the year.

In all, eight examples of 2012 machinery will be present from Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso, Caterham and Williams – the latter set to be launched tomorrow morning.

Mercedes and HRT will run their 2011 cars.

Here is the driver line-up for the test as it stands:

Team Car Tuesday 7th Wednesday 8th Thursday 9th Friday 10th
Red Bull RB8 Mark Webber Mark Webber Sebastian Vettel Sebastian Vettel
McLaren MP4-27 Jenson Button Jenson Button Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton
Ferrari F2012 Felipe Massa Felip Massa Fernando Alonso Fernando Alonso
Mercedes W02 Nico Rosberg/Michael Schumacher Michael Schumacher Nico Rosberg Not running
Lotus E20 Kimi Raikkonen Kimi Raikkonen Romain Grosjean Romain Grosjean
Force India VJM05 Paul di Resta Jules Bianchi/Paul di Resta Jules Bianchi/Nico Hulkenberg Nico Hulkenberg
Sauber C31 Kamui Kobayashi Sergio Perez Sergio Perez Kamui Kobayashi
Toro Rosso STR7 Daniel Ricciardo Daniel Ricciardo Jean-Eric Vergne Jean-Eric Vergne
Williams FW34 Pastor Maldonado Pastor Maldonado Bruno Senna Bruno Senna
Caterham CT01 Heikki Kovalainen Heikki Kovalainen Giedo van der Garde Jarno Trulli
HRT F111 Pedro de la Rosa Pedro de la Rosa TBC TBC

F1 Fanatic Live will be running throughout all four days of the test.

2012 F1 season

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32 comments on “Driver line-up confirmed for Jerez test”

  1. You left out Bianchi – he’ll be doing morning runs for Force India on days 2 and 3.

    1. @enigma The last official confirmation I had made no mention of him – I saw they tweeted recently he would be driving, but not when. Once I get something official I’ll update it.

      1. Fair enough.

      2. Updated now.

        1. I didnt know there was a driver called ‘Felip Massa’ I only know the one with the first name Felipe

  2. It’s that time of year again! When my girlfriend becomes increasingly frustrated as I sit for hours, glued to my laptop, constantly refreshing numerous tabs over and over…. LOVE IT!!!

    1. Haha, and we dust off the age-old adage ‘testing times don’t mean anything’ :D

      1. Which doesn’t stop us watching :)

  3. Does anyone know where there will be live timings?

    1. Ben (@dirtyscarab)
      7th February 2012, 0:24

      Autosport will do live text updates and I’m guessing that there will be a few spanish websites offering fairly up to date live times from Jerez like there were last year.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what Vettel will name his chassis :)

    1. Ben (@dirtyscarab)
      7th February 2012, 0:26

      Ugly Una? Step-nosed Sarah?

      1. Beaky Beckie ?

        1. PlattyPussy ?

          1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            7th February 2012, 1:35

            OMFG so good with this one “Platty Pussy” hahahha … yeah the car reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker, it even has the nostrils the same size!

    2. Ugly Betty

  5. Shame its not on TV, but cant wait to read up on each session.

    Im tipping Maldonado to be 1st to crash a car this season, or atleast bring out a Red Flag. Call it a hunch.

    1. Ben (@dirtyscarab)
      7th February 2012, 0:23

      Oh, that’s a given.

  6. Why isn’t Mercedes running on Friday? Any particular reason for that decision?

    1. They’re only here to test the tyres and to give the drivers some track time, so they don’t need that much time. It would be completely different if they had their new car here, as they would want to get as much running as possible.

      That’s how I see it anyway.

  7. If one of these stepped nose cars hit a tyre barrier head on, it will be like throwing a dart into a dartboard!

    1. They do have frontal impact crash tests for precisely that reason, you now. In that respect this year’s cars are little different to last year’s.

  8. Did HRT make any tests with the ’10 car last year? I know the ’11 car didn’t see daylight until Aus, but I was wondering if just making a test is an improvement for them.

    1. It’s a massive improvement 2010 their first laps were done in qualy and 2011 3rd practice i think

  9. What time does each test day start and finish?


    1. 8am-4pm uk 9am-5pm cet

  10. Why does Marussia decide to miss the first test? even HRT would run their last car…

    1. @Eggry

      In soviet russia, car tests you.

      1. @dennis it makes sense! :P

  11. I’m trying to find a reason why timing will be relevant.

    It largely won’t!

    I want to get excited about it, I guess I can get excited about seeing the cars move but that’s about it.

  12. Interesting that Caterham are putting Giedo van der Garde in the car before Jarno Trulli (much less at all). I heard a rumour the other day – probably here – that Vitaly Petrov had an agreement in principle with the team to take Trulli’s seat, but had untl today to find sponsors. But now Trulli will not be getting into the car until Friday; I wonder if Caterham are buying Petrov some extra time?

  13. It would be a shame to loose Petrov.

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