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Jerez test day two in 100 pictures

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Pictures from the second day of testing at Jerez in Spain.

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team, Williams/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham, Motioncompany, Pirelli

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34 comments on “Jerez test day two in 100 pictures”

  1. No pics of the McLaren???

    1. Everyone says that. It does say that more images will be added.

      1. It said that yesterday too but yet no Mclarens. Quite interested to see how it looks on track…

    2. Yet, top of the article says

      “More images will be added here.”

      That force India really is a pretty car, I hope it’s quick too.
      Granted if it is they’d kick themselves for dropping Sutil.

      1. Why? They chose the two drivers they thought were the best. Whether the car is fast or not won’t make them regret that decision.

        1. I think, despite the potential of two of the (in my opinion) most talented rookies of the grid, they are, in the end rookies. So if the car is good this year, I think they will kick themselves because Sutil would (probably) I think have gotten even more out of it.

          I really like their line up though. Don’t get me wrong.

    3. The pictures are copyright of the teams so I doubt Keith can put any up until they’re released by the teams.

      1. mclaren have released no pictures of either today’s or yesterday’s testing on their media centre so until they do that, there wont be any pictures of the mclarens

        1. Fair enough, it is a shame though as I would love to see it in action as there isnt any live coverage of testing

  2. Caterham look nice without sponsor sticker.

  3. There is no pic of Ferrari Either………..interesting its seems that these two teams r not providing any testing picture to media…………….guess why…..

    Nd RBR 8 is again fast. wow

    1. no pic of Ferrari??? are you sure??

    2. The Ferrari is there; it’s just so ugly that you don’t recognize it!

  4. Does anyone know why we can see the driver’s face in some pictures?

    We’re used to it at evening/night races, but not during the day.

    Not complaining either way.

    1. Does anyone know why we can see the driver’s face in some pictures?

      Probably because they’re using clear visors.

      1. Brilliant. Glad we’ve got to the bottom of that.

        1. @iamdanthomas I think early in the morning/late in the afternoon the visibility is low and so drivers choose clear visors.

  5. Is it me or are HRT running Brawn’s 2009 colours? I guess this is just testing colours on the old car as their 2010 livery was actually pretty good, for a pretty rubbish team. Would like to see the Torro Rosso in the red bull light colours though.

    1. Is it me or are HRT running Brawn’s 2009 colours?

      It’s just you. HRT are using a blank white interim testing livery. Brawn used white with yellow and black.

      1. Ok, now I have seen a couple more pictures, I agree, at first I only saw the white and a bit of lumi yellow.

    2. Disagree with that one. I reckon the STR scheme is currently the best in F1 – much better than RBR. The navy, dark red and gold work very well together and the pinstriping works for me. Plus I hate the silver/alloy wheel look in comparison to the dark rims usd my say McLaren and STR – the ‘black’ wheel/tyre combo looks awesome…

      1. … how about I use “the dark rims used by say McLaren and STR…” instead. Oops

        1. I know what you are saying but I havent had that wow factor since Caterham turned up as Lotus in 2010, I was really hoping for someone to have a big shake up this year with their livery.

  6. I have to say it now: two days into testing and I am now 85% used to how this years cars look. Will probably never love them but what the heck, F1 cars will be F1 cars no matter what.

    1. Same here. Apart from Williams and Ferrari the step doesn’t bother me, even looks good on some cars.

      1. Williams and Ferrari look still weird, but I’m not afraid of them anymore when I see them!
        And the other ones are good.

    2. agree wholeheartedly,
      I felt the same after the narrow track cars, the narrow rear winged cars, etc. etc.
      You get used to the look pretty quickly, even though they aren’t pretty, they still look the business

  7. Looking at the HRT makes you realise how stupid the 2012 cars look. I was getting used to the ugly noses until seeing the HRT photos :/

    1. @ivz
      I have to say now that the HRT was an attractive car, actually. It’s a shame they had to ruin it with their “CAN WE HAZ SPONSZORZ NAOW HURR DURR?” – livery.

  8. Ahhhh seeing that all white HRT with the hi-vis yellow paint on the T bar and low nose whizzing around the tracks.. kinda makes me wonder.. could this be another Brawn GP story..

    ..then I start laughing and crack open another beer :)

  9. Anyone else notice how McLaren lost their aigo sponsorship? That space on the chassis between the front wheels and cockpit seems so empty

    1. @mpw1985 I had noticed that as well, yep.

  10. Still don’t get why the Lotus is beige on black.

    1. gold on black. it harks back to the days when john player special (cancer sticks) were sponsoring lotus and kinda became synonymous with lotus

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