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Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

It’s not been a good week for HRT. The team admitted their new car’s debut had been delayed as it had failed a crash test.

Is this what Pedro de la Rosa was discussing with team principal Luis Perez-Sala? Supply your caption for the picture above in the comments.

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182 comments on “Caption Competition 5: HRT”

  1. Missed it by that much…

  2. I say old chum, I seem to have misplaced my pipe.

    1. Brilliant!

      although, can i add a second line.

      “Never mind that Pedro, I’ve lost my car!”

    2. Damn, competition is over at the second comment. Impossible to do better!

    3. @ajokay Well done, didn’t realise you got in your winner so early.

  3. P DLR: ‘I thought you said the car was alright now? Why the delay?’

    L P-S: ‘no Pedro, I said the car’s all white now! We’re trying a new disguise’

  4. No, really? I’m driving that?!

  5. I think we’re gonna need bigger airbags…

  6. With HRT’s future looking uncertain, De La Rosa got some practice in for the World Invisible Pipe Smoking Championship just in case.

    1. I’m sorry that I beat you by 30 seconds @dan-thorn

  7. Pedro: “So Luis, you’re old and never really had much luck in F1. Why aren’t you driving?”

  8. “erm.. i heard from somewhere that Nissan’s going to be our biggest rivals next year?”

    1. Winner.

      1. in fairness nissan owns infiniti which is a redbull sponsor so this is probably correct. ;)

  9. Pedro de La Rosa and Luis Perez-Sala argue about who should kill himself first as the HRT disaster lives on for another year.

  10. Another competition. Guess who´s older

  11. Luis, the Paella looks great but tell the cook to put not much peas.

  12. “When I was asked if I’d benefit from HRT, I’d assumed it was to offset the effects of ageing”

    1. christopheraser
      11th February 2012, 11:56


  13. “OK the pizzas I ordered are on the nose cone”…..”mmmm, yeah something we’ve designed that’s fit for purpose, like it!

  14. “I told you – gaffer tape fixes everything.”

  15. Did u hear any news on our salary pending for last year ? , Ah, Forget it. They have asked us to spend it to develop a new car , after failing to pass crash test.

  16. “I wish we had one of those”

    1. lol that’s what i was gona say and might i add the line

      “what ever it is”

  17. “Maybe we should have done the crash test without Narain in the car?”

    1. I like this one

    2. So funny! Tears coming out of our eyes now. Funniest one yet. Thanks for the laugh! Just what we needed.

    3. FlyingLobster27
      11th February 2012, 13:03

      Very good one.

  18. “Do you really think Ferrari were serious when they said that they wanted to swap cars with us this year?”

  19. De La Rosa: “This is how much testing the new HRT will do”.

  20. I say Luis, why does it only have 3 wheels? Surely that’s not a safety precaution of ours? Is it?

  21. DLR: Hang on, isn’t there supposed to be a car there?

  22. No no no, don’t worry, as long as I stay behind Vettel we don’t need the side impact protection too much….

  23. “This was all trees when I were a lad”

  24. “That? **** it. I’ll just walk.”

    1. Or: “I thought you said you’re from Ferrari. That doesn’t look like a Ferrari. Where’s the Ferrari?”

  25. uum luis……whats the old car doing here???

  26. Luis: We’re at the wrong end of the grid, aren’t we.
    DLR: Yep. Just act normal, slowly walk back, no one will notice…

  27. This season’s HRT will be launched in Australia… 2011

  28. Poor Sebastian – he may have the best car, but apparently it’s only that big..

  29. Not only did HRT fail the crash test but Pedro couldn’t even do the Vettel finger properly

    1. FlyingLobster27
      11th February 2012, 13:04

      Nice too.

  30. “Crikey, I never knew Britney was here”

    1. ok this was a terrible attempt.

  31. “Doesn’t look good from here, either”

  32. “If I knew that HRT stands for Hispania Reluctantly Testing I wouldn’t have signed for the team.”

    1. I thought that this year the team would be be able to test with the new car. But once again, for a third straight year that seems unlikely.

  33. So I left Mclaren for this?
    Yeah… By the way… your insurance is in order right?

  34. “Stop picking your nose Pedro”

  35. De la Rosa: “So yeah, the car is good but… wait, who’s that in the car with my helmet??”

  36. we’ll just give him a couple of minutes for his hot lap

  37. Now that we have failed the crash test, is Narain and his money coming ?

    11th February 2012, 11:46

    “Look on the bright side Pedro, our HRT jackets did make it to Jerez”

  39. Pedro asks for Pipe to be fitted in HRT, reckons could give it a couple of tenths.

  40. Pedro: “I thought you said all the Grand Prix Masters cars were the same specifitcation?”

  41. So how fast do I have to turn the pedals.

  42. When I was young we were driving lawn mowers and nobody complained.

  43. Pedro:I’m sure our new car will be “this” much faster than Mclaren.Lets delay our car unveiling and show them with the power of the Spanish!!

  44. Perdo any ideas how we can race this year?

    How much do you reckon for the safety car?

  45. Pedro: You call that a car!?! Beam me up Scotty!

  46. PDLR: There’s something missing there, but I don’t have a clue right now…
    LPS: Yeah, I miss Marussia too.

  47. What are they doing? / I don’t know

  48. “Maybe if we stand here looking sad, someone will make a new car for us”

    (If someone can spot the relatively obscure Simpsons reference they get a special prize…*)

    *That being the prize of nothing

    1. @f1alex “Marge Be Not Proud”, when Bart wanted a Bonestorm game. :P

      1. @pielighter Yup! Well done sir :D

  49. I have a cunning plan, sir !

    1. baldrick…black adder goes forth

      do I get a prize too?

  50. Pedro: Was the car meant to explode?

  51. Luis Perez-Sala: We’re really living the life
    Pedro de la Rosa: Well I hope my life turns out better than Gary Brabham or Bruno Giacomellis’ did.

  52. Failure HuRTs

  53. We may aswell make our car’s nose look good, it doesn’t seem to have much of chance against Marussia

  54. “What is speed? Luis don’t HRT me, don’t HRT me, no more…”

  55. …..meanwhile, at the old peoples home….

  56. I paid 40 million to drive that…

  57. You know, I’m sure its not too late to call ferrari and buy last year’s car. Forgot all this expensive r&d. Some big guy sits on the nose to lower it – job done! In fact, there’s a 5 year old focus for sale that will go quicker than our car, would past the crash tests, go for several races on same tank of fuel!

  58. (almost) as seen in the movie The Fast and the Furious, after smoke came out of a cars’ hood at the end of the race: “It don’t matter if you lose by an inch or a mile… losing’s losing”

  59. The HRT Locker: A film about agony and desperation. Starring PD Rosa and N Karthikeyan

  60. PDLR: I’m surprised and fearful of our ruthless inefficiency…

  61. “You sure that’s not the 2012 car Luis?”
    “But its safe enough… Err.. I mean of course this is the old car.. blame the funds “

  62. FlyingLobster27
    11th February 2012, 13:07

    PdlR: “What do you mean, ‘we used your nose as inspiration for the new car’?”

  63. Pedro: ‘Eh..Tell me again…. where is the front of these cars?’

  64. This car better be good. I was this close to replacing Vettel at RBR

  65. there is no way those are real… are they?

  66. “I have a cunning plan”

  67. “I know nothing Mr Fawlty”

    1. god thats funny!!

  68. Pedro: “you know, we could sell the damn thing and go for Le Mans instead”

  69. I see, that orange light on top means everyone stays behind…

  70. “Don’t worry Pedro I can guarantee we’ll be more competitive this year than in 2011. Narain, bring out the Fiat Panda!”

  71. PDLR:- “Good job my team mate won’t be a girl, we are HRT after all”.
    LPS:- “I agree, ‘NEOW I AM SO ANGRY!!'”.

  72. the sad thing is HRT emboised blazers had a bigger budget then there safety testing

  73. Remember the signal, when I touch my nose you run over there and steal that Mclaren.

  74. so wheres the car?
    I thought you were bringing it?!
    uh ohhhh

  75. i agree pedro, that red bull sure has one tight ass

  76. Following a cutback on staff numbers in accordance with their 2012 budget, the HRT team line up for their pre-season photo.

    1. FlyingLobster27
      11th February 2012, 18:04

      This one’s got RRS syndrome. :D

      1. FlyingLobster27
        11th February 2012, 18:07

        I should probably explain that one a little, so as not to be misunderstood as offensive: RRS stands for Redundant Repetition Syndrome.
        So saying “HRT team” is like having “RRS syndrome”.

  77. “is that the guy who is going to replace me half way through the season?”

  78. PDR: I didn’t come here to fight against the elements.

  79. luis: “so pedro how big of a chance do you think we have of winning some point this year”

    pedro: “dis much”

  80. Pedro: “Now that is a nose I can live with!”

  81. Luis Perez-Sala: Mmmm, nice ass.

    Pedro de la Rosa: Luiz… um… I think you’ll find that’s Toni…

  82. “…And that my dear boy is what Mclaren’s bulge is for.”

  83. “Has Ferrari passed their crash test yet? Looks like the nose absorbed most of the impact.”

  84. LPS: “Impressive”
    DLR:”yeah.. one small thing”
    DLR:”I said no pepperoni”

  85. “You know, those grocery carts do have some nice cornering abilities. Your engineers might want to start scouting them out and figuring out how they’re doing it.”

  86. TheGreatTeflonso
    11th February 2012, 16:27

    Pedro – “This invisible camera is amazing. Now if only Ross Brawn would give us a glimpse….”

    Luis Perez Sala – “Chamone!”

  87. Hey Luis, is that Steffi Graff getting in the Caterham?

    No Pedro, it’s Jarno Trullli.

  88. “Yes, yes. You bump it over there and the wheels fall off.”

  89. “Wipe that smirk off your face Luis. Forward is not that way.”

  90. Um…that’s what I’m driving this year?!

  91. PDR: Just move it little bit to the right, it will cook best in centre of the oven.

  92. I just pushed two potatos into the RB8 exhaust pipes

  93. Ah, so that is Fernando’s new girlfriend…

  94. Hardly Running Today, HRT.

  95. Pedro: “I’ll be honest, Luis. I’m quite nervous to drive that thing”

  96. or…

    Pedro: “Are you sure that’s safe? They’re using super glue”.

  97. Screw the test I’ll be careful … trust me!

  98. How close where we to not making the 107% time?…About this much.

  99. “That’s not the car…right?”

  100. PDLR: So I have to bring my bike to Austrailia just incase?!

  101. I said brake , brake brake . Where my radio gone ?

  102. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    11th February 2012, 19:05

    DLR: Well, at least you can star a series as the new Al Bundy

  103. “Ohh…we were meant to bring our 2012 car?”

  104. Sherlock de la Holmes: ‘The new car bores me Watson, i’m going to smoke an imaginary pipe whilst I figure out a solution to our performance issues’

  105. …please just tell me something…what are we doing?

  106. Pedro: “sure, we can win the tractor championship with that”

  107. Parrots of landing, housewives all, you had to be English …

  108. We’ll see who laughs last.

  109. ya its simple pick up the phone and ring the AA

    1. You are wrong. scratch is just an egg …

  110. In Spain there are for jokes. The war has been declared anti-capitalist.
    State terrorism. The F1 does not give a damn now …

  111. Pedro: “Did I just hear you say it’s faster to drive in reverse?”

    Luis: “Yeah. I don’t want to brag, but our 2012 car, like its predecessor actually has the fastest reverse gear on the grid.”

  112. “Is it supposed to be on fire like that?”

  113. It’s quite elementary my dear Perez-Sala, we need a car that passes something at least.

  114. LPS: how fast is the car pedro?
    PDR: It’s a rocket, but i am driving 8/10ths, or the bloody french will say that the car is on dope as contador, and the rest.

  115. “I paid very little for this HRT seat” Narian used his lifesavings!

  116. “Hey Luis, could that possibly be Keith Collantine standing over there?”

  117. PDLR: “Come hear, I whisper in your ear…”
    LPS: “I’m not falling for that again, last time I did Narain stuck his tongue in there…”

  118. “Stupidissimo! Our car failed but their noses are all broken too?”

  119. “Mr. Fawlty, I no want to work here anymore.”

  120. Getting on a bit in years, Pedro looked confused in the pit lane in Jerez this week.
    ‘I ‘m not as young as I used to be, so when they offered me HRT I was obviously very keen. What they have given me is not what I expected.’

  121. pssst over here.

    *looks both ways*

    I have lotus’ front wing under my jacket i nicked it whilst they were all busy watching lewis pit.

  122. Well Luis, that rear impact structures gonna need SOME doin!!

  123. Pedro: “I told the engineer that in the upper part of the stepped nose he shall but the lunchbox so I can have my tapas during races”

  124. Pedro: “I’m really sorry, but I realized I will have a full schedule this season, but don’t worry, my mom will drive it”

  125. “I could start to get excited if I knew which end’s the front”

    “Me too pal. Me too.”

  126. Is it meant to look like that or was that my foalt!!!

  127. Pedro: “for goodness sake, it’s supposed to be racing, not Sunday afternoon driving”

  128. Eje Gustafsson
    12th February 2012, 5:23

    It’s all in the nose..

  129. With no car for winter testing, HRT turn their attentions to the world of consumer electronics and produce the worlds smallest mobile phone.

  130. Do you think all that hair is really benefiting Alonso & Ferrari, Luis???…

  131. Tell me Luis, will this Karthikeyan bloke have a car to race this season or do I have to share mine?

    Don’t you worry about that Pedro, only one of you is gonna qualify anyway.

  132. Hey Luis, tell me about our new car. Does it have a broken nose, or is the whole thing broken?

  133. No need to shave this year, think I’ll be staring at the car stroking my moustache more than I’ll be driving it.

  134. Pedro:”ergh its one ugly f1 car”
    Salez:”you should see the new one”

  135. Pedro: “Ok, theoretically it is a race car, but….”

  136. Pedro: “Seriously, don’t say manana to me once again, I know all to well what it means.”

  137. Pedro de La Rosa “This Car is a winner we should move to Gp2 qucikly to achive that”

  138. If only F1 fans would show us a teenie weenie bit of sympathy…. We need it so badly

    1. What do you mean by “we”?

        1. OK – do you work for them or something?

          1. No I dont. Just a regular F1 Fanatic. Just feel like everybody is beating up on them so much. They deserve a lot of it as they seem to mess up time and time again. Let them be and lets see maybe they will atleast beat Marussia this time

          2. Maybe I didnt put it in the right format causing the confusion.
            Pedro de La Rosa :”If only F1 fans would show us a teenie weenie bit of sympathy…. We need it so badly”

  139. Luis: If only we’d hired Rubins; we would’ve only needed to pay the pensioner’s fees with Bernie for our entry, then we could’ve had more cash to work on the front wing.

    Pedro: Yeah, but to qualify for the concession we need to fit a walking frame to the car, and I need two – 1 spare in case I have a crash.

  140. What do you mean ‘stop picking, were live’ I thought we were supposed to get a count in?

  141. “I’d say she’s about a 6”
    “who? the girl or the car?”

  142. “Smell my Finger”

  143. LPS, “did you see that scar Lux’s neck

    PDLR, Yeah, not sure how that happened because I saw the video & this is the way Adrian was holding the glass.

  144. My nose is much more aerodynamic!!

  145. They are trying to guess the caption competition 5 winner.

  146. PDLR- “So,Luis,what do you want me to do with that white thing,push it around the track? “

  147. Pssst, Luis — I’ve got the hat. You still have the rabbit?

  148. ronald plain
    11th March 2012, 6:07

    She’s hot!

    Yeah, wish I had a Ferrari Jacket… I might get lucky

  149. “This is how big our engine is”

  150. PDR: Do you think it will run?

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