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Jarno Trulli, Flavio Briatore, Renault, Suzuka, 2002

Jarno Trulli has lost his F1 seat for 2012, bringing to an end a career which began in 1997.

Here he is during his three-year stint at Renault, sporting an unusual jacket and chewing the fat with Flavio Briatore.

But what’s being said? As ever it’s over to you to supply a caption.

You know the drill be now – remember to look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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Image © Renault/LAT

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137 comments on “Caption Competition 6: Jarno Trulli”

  1. Just your friendly neighbourhood Trulliman.

    1. Haha! :D I love it :D

  2. Jarno: “At least with these spider-powers I’ll be able to cope with any kind of power steering…”

  3. Briatore expects a superhero performance from Trulli

  4. “what’s that? I can’t hear you, my swag is too loud”

  5. “Jarno, just wear the damm thing, keep quiet, and keep smiling – there’s a few quid in it for both of us!”

  6. Trulli: Flavio look, I’m Spiderman
    Briatore: I know. You’re hanging by a single thread

    1. +1

    2. Congratulations

  7. Not even spiderman can stop the trulli train..

  8. Jarno: I’ll be able to cling on to my place in F1 longer than you!

  9. “We have got to talk about all these fashion faux pas.”

    “What do you mean, Jarno?”

  10. Everyone knows wearing red makes you go faster.

  11. “Wait, wait, wait, I didn’t tell you the best part about this new team yet – their caterers have whole hams. They cater ham!”

    1. Too cheesey!!

      1. and thats what makes it epic! :P

      2. @formula-1

        Too cheesey!!

        Thank you. I was trying to look beyond the obvious jokes about Spiderman and Flavio Briatore. I find that if you’re smirking when you’re writing the punchline, the joke probably isn’t as funny as you think it is. The trick is to take your time and find something in the picture that you can work with. It’s a little anarchronistic to talk about Caterham in a picture from around eight years ago, but I think it’s a small price to pay, and it stands out in a sea of Spiderman jokes. I tried to do it in the first caption contest, and when the obvious punchline was about cutting ribbons or hair, I managed to get away with rock-paper-scissors jokes and punchlines about topiary. Unfortunately, these were my best jokes; I haven’t done anything good since.

        1. Yes but the cheesiness made it good. :)

        2. I don’t always agree with you, but you think more than me, I’ll give you that.

        3. the explanation ruined the quality of the joke…

  12. -Jarno, does that jacket help you get the younger women?

  13. ‘You think Jenson has silky driving?’

    1. Kudos good sir.

  14. Can you stop wining about my Trulli train superpower?

    1. I would’ve put whining, but then again, he has his own vineyard and loves a good wine…

  15. Briatore: “You look like an idiot”.

  16. FB: You’re like a brother to me Jarno, we have a special kind of relationship.
    JT: Yeah, although you’re more like my Dad’s age and you look about his age too.
    FB: What are you saying Jarno, that I don’t look so young these days?
    JT: Well, looking back, I saw a picture of you and MSC in ’91 and you were like brothers, now you’re like his Dad too.
    FB: I don’t like where this is going.
    JT: So by 2012, I reckon you’ll look like our grandfather.
    FB: You’re not going to like where you’re going either. Enough.

  17. How do I power steering?

  18. Flavio: I’m telling you, Jarno, Not even Spiderman could hold onto that drive!
    Jarno: Trust me – this is guaranteed for 10 years!

  19. Ever since Jarno lost his job Mary Jane really let herself go.

  20. Sorry, Spidy has got a reputation to uphold, you’ll have to get some other loser to crash your car!

  21. This is what used to make me glide through corners!

  22. “With great power steering, comes great responsibility”

    1. @legnig Hahaha Brilliant!

    2. Gold mate

    3. hahaha love it! Absolutely love it!

    4. :D Quite a few really good ones today

    5. this one!

  23. JT: Hey boss look what i got at that schumacher auction great eh!
    FB: Whata you thinka you do eh! make me so mad i gotta go an have some white stuff of my own tipped on naomi’s breast’s.

  24. “Jarno, I’m sorry…no matter what you wear, you’re no Mark WEBber”

  25. “Eh Flavio, you gotta any good tips to impressa the ladies here inna Japan?”

    “Just get rid of the ridiculous jacket Jarno, just get rid of the jacket.”

  26. Soooo. Spin out here…..and get another 11 years in f1, yyyyeeeaaa. I get ya hehe

  27. FB: Jarno, your race seat is hanging by a single thread

  28. Trulli: “Are you sure these cobwebs will give me better grip in the corners?”


  30. Briatore: “Why are you wearing that?”
    Trulli: “I want to drive for Ferrari.”

  31. Flavio, when you told me leaving Caterham would be a good idea…

  32. Jarno Trulli thinks his new training jacket will be perfect for dusting off the cobwebs during the long winter break.

  33. “Jarno, do you know that saying, ‘Fernando is faster than you’? I invented that.”

  34. Take a few pictures of me, so I can show them to Adrian!

  35. So where are you going to be in 10 years time then?

  36. By day, he’s a mere train conductor.

    By night, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    He is Trulliman.

  37. JT: ‘My spidey senses are tingling…’
    FB: ‘Will your speedy senses ever tingle?’

  38. Flavio: “In a couple of years, if you’ve been fired and are trying to think what you could have possibly done to deserve it, think back to this moment.”

  39. When Italians were all happy…

    1. yes yes me like

  40. trulli-man, trulli-man, does whatever a trulli can.
    hold up cars, like a train,
    faster guys go insane,
    look out, he is a trulli-man.

    1. My drink went through my nose while reading this.

    2. Best so far!!!

  41. Jarno: So can I be called Trulli Amazing Spiderman now?
    Flav: Try Trulli the Tank Engine.

  42. Trulli: With great power comes great responsibility!
    Briatore: reponsi…..what??

  43. Spiderman may have superpowers, Jarno – but Nelson Piquet Jr can win us races…

  44. FB: A radioactive spider bit you? Pfft. I’ve heard that one before.

  45. “Trulli’s spidey-sense detects power-steering issues.”

  46. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    18th February 2012, 12:43

    “These communal toilets were a bad idea!”

  47. “Call me Yarno”

    1. That’s shocking! :P

  48. “No thanks, Jarno, I’m not interested in an Italian job”

  49. In trulli, has f1 lost a true hero?

  50. “The Trulli train means the cars behind have to weave their way past you.”

  51. ‘Flavio presents Jarno with the most pointless use of sunglasses award.’

  52. Flavio: Jarno I think you have had too much of your own wine.

  53. Flavio Briatore really should have taken Trulli’s outfit when it was offered to him. Perhaps then he would have been able to spin a more convincing web of lies.

  54. With great (horse)power comes great responsibility, Jarno.

  55. Jarno: So Aunt May,will this suit help me go faster?

  56. Reports of a Renault test for Webber prove to be a little wide of the mark.

  57. (in thick italian accent) “Hey Flavio! I heard-a you once asked Piquet to Park-a on the wall! I though I’d-a give it a go! Ho Ho!”

    I guess it only works if you read it like Mario.

  58. Everybody gets one (win).

  59. Gav (@foxtrotoscar21)
    18th February 2012, 15:25

    “My Trulli-sense is tingling…”

  60. Rupert Richardson
    18th February 2012, 15:27

    But if I crash deliberately, Fabio, the spider won’t like it, and will eat us both up!

  61. Flavio: “We’re not called Benetton anymore”

  62. My Spider Sense is tingling. I’m going to lose my seat to a pay driver!

  63. Jarno, that jacket is almost as tasteless as the whale penis seats we’re sitting on.

  64. Jarno to Flav: At least I never lied like someone I know.

  65. trulli: do you like my costume, flavio?
    Flavio: It’s okey, but do not fool yourself, jarno. You are going to need more than that to match alonso’s race pace.

  66. So Flavio, you don’t think the Japanese fans will find this getup a bit silly? Trust me……I take it you’ve never seen a Godzilla movie?

  67. flavio: Are you out of your mind, jarno?
    Jarno: What do you mean?! the jacket?
    It’s the damn crisis, i have to work partime as a scarecrow, and if the rumors are true, it may even have to be fulltime.

  68. You know Flavio, wherever we travel, we Italians are always known for our fashion sense. ….Uh, yes Jarno, about that…

  69. “I’m spiderman y’know.. And you’re the chosen one!”

  70. FB-you do know what lap we want the safety car dont you
    YT-dont worry my spidey sense will let me know when the times right

  71. “You’re missing the driver parade, Jarno.”

    “Yeah, but I’m just having a ****.”

  72. Tom (@tomforpresident)
    18th February 2012, 17:25

    JT-how do I look?
    JT-for sure?
    FB-for sure!
    JT- nice. And later we discuss my contract renewal?
    FB-jarno, you so pretty.

  73. Jarno – So we can go on that fishing trip after all Flavio

  74. “I told you blaming it on the power steering was a stupid idea.”

  75. My Spider senses say your time is up!

  76. Jarno Trulli tries a Peter Parker esque deception…he’ll be lending that jacket to Alonso for the race.

  77. Flavio: Just stick at it Jarno, you are Trulli great!

  78. Italian Spiderman: “shut your mouth pussycat and get me a macchiato, Pronto!”

  79. at last bye bye jarno :)
    sad is the way team did it. same like barichello, those two deserve to have propa goodbye party like @ the end of season in interlagos.

  80. Spider-Jarno. Spider-Jarno. Does whatever Spider-Jarno does. Does he swing from a web? No he can’t he’s man. Loooooook out! This is the Spider-Jarno!

  81. Domenicali: “I am very sad that, after so many years there will not be a Spider Man in the Formula 1 World Championship field”

  82. “I’m not getting stuck in your web of lies, Flavio.”

  83. “So what is retirement like?”

    “Itsa not so bad, Itsa nice-a place, Ahh shaddupa you face”

  84. “Jarno, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

  85. Jarno finally achieves his childhood dream!

  86. Spider Trulli!
    Spider Trulli!
    Does whatever a spider Trulli does!
    Can he hold onto his seat?
    No he can’t
    There’s a russian with more quid
    There it goes the spider Trulli

  87. what do you mean, there’s no crane at turn 15? There are no cranes here!
    – even better! Now listen to me…

  88. “You see Flavio, I’m Trulli a superhero”

  89. Great explanation. I like to see clearly Marcy

  90. With great speed, comes great responsibility.

  91. JT: Now Flavio, you’re sure this jacket is how you are able to bag supermodels 1/3 your age?

    FB: Ya, ya, ya…

  92. JT: So.. Flavio. Any plans this weekend..?

    FB: that a spiderman jacket

  93. “Nice suit Jarno”

    “Nice haircut Flav”

  94. I bought it off the web.

  95. My power-steering is tingling!

    Jar? No.

  96. So, your mother buys all your clothes huh!

    1. Or

  97. So your mama buys all your clothes huh!?

  98. yea i had to wear it for a competion at f1fanatic….they said its something to do with the web

  99. Trulli: I’m securing my post-f1 future and training with this suite. I’ve heard kids love the fun.
    Flavio: No need for the suite, you just have to tell them how you were driving. Kids find trains fun too ;-)

  100. Trulli: “With great power comes great, big wallets.”

  101. “For the last time, Flavio — I cling to the walls, but I won’t drive into one for you!”

  102. Jarno I have Fernando coming next year so one of you will have to go at the end of the season and Jenson has scored more points so i’m afraid ……damn it how can I fire you when you look so cute!!! Ok you can stay silly little man

  103. “Jarno, If you crash into the wall when I give you the signal it well get you a podium”

  104. (jarno) Hey Flavio I don’t want to worry you but… my spidey senses are tingling…
    I sense that you will go from F1 hero to F1 zero, with you getting caught in a mysterious web of your own making!
    (flavio) I best sit on my hands and keep a low profile then!

  105. Jarno : “Don’t you worry, bro. I have other things to do”

  106. JT: What do you have to do to get sacked, ’round here?
    FB: Don’t ask me. Seriously.

  107. Spider trulli,spaider trulli,does what ever a spider trulli does. Can he win,another race? No he can’t he’s a trulli,look oouuut,heee’ss the spidertrulli.

  108. Briatore – Hey, you found my suit!
    Trulli – Yeah, but it makes me look stupid.
    Briatore – That’s the suit I give to drivers who are
    going to get sacked.Well, actually they have always
    found it just before they were fired
    Trulli – …Oh…

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