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Update: Here’s the real HRT F112.

HRT published an image of a car labelled the ‘F112’ on their website today.

However the team later confirmed the car in question was actually a F111 – the 2011 model.

Here is the image which was published today:

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89 comments on “HRT’s ‘F112’ is last year’s car”

  1. Ohh dear…….In what situation they have fallen. I think they are the worst team in history

    1. far from true… VERY far from true…

      There have been hundreds of teams worse than HRT, not only in performance but in organization too. Andrea Moda comes to my mind…

      This team is stuggling, yeah. But they got a competent driver, an association with Williams and they are just starting. If they carry on, they’ll get much better.

      1. They have finished above virgin/marussia 2 years in a row, they lack money but they continue to try hard and have had good drivers who give their all almost like f1s rocky. In this sport of politics, money and accusations of rule bending, its nice to see a plucky team who plod along and have beaten a team with more money.

      2. Yes, you’re right, today F1 limits the nº of teams per season why one reason is to avoid Lola’s (1998), if you take in account the level of technology nowadays the bad job with the press, the resources they have hrt is really bad at least marussia doenst atract so much atention to themselves.

        They cant even put the tyres on the rims. Thats 90’s teams when the season had alot of teams how can a team like hrt own a spot.

        1. You said it yourself. Lola (in 1997 it was), a company well known in motorsports, which was backed at the time by MasterCard, a proper sponsor, couldn’t make it as far as the first race.

          HRT, with less sponsors, much more risk, and a much higher technology level to achieve, is still going after 2 seasons.

          Even Honda struggled after only 1 season. And we’re talking about one of the biggest car companies in the world which also had bought BAR, an established team.

          HRT is doing just fine in comparision. If anything, even better than Toyota or Honda, given the budget.

      3. Plus, their ‘longevity’ is impressive. They’ve been struggling to find strong financial support ever since they entered the sport but never seem to be giving up or rushing to realize an equity profit through selling the team.

        Despite their organizational missteps and lack of funds, I don’t foresee HRT pulling out the plug.

    2. Where have you been throughout the 80’s and 90’s?
      Not born, I suppose.

    3. don’t forget that they have beaten Marussia (Virgin) for the last 2 years, so give them some credit.

    4. They are definately not the worst team in F1 history, not even close. They have had to endure some very tough situations over the last two years. Also, as many will point out that this year their development seems to be heading in the right direction and has a sense of order around it. The have said that they would be keeping the same 2 drivers throughout the season which is a big step up from the previous years. In fact I admire their tenacity and determination to stick it out.

      I dont know if they will be here next year but that they have shown resolve to guts it out makes me want to wish them all the best .

      1. Wow, that’s a bit harsh! I do wish people would cut some slack and give the back-marking teams a break. To get any car on the grid in F1 is a massive achievement and their dogged determination and tenacity should be applauded. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. I hope they make some real progress this year and prove their critics wrong. Good Luck to ’em.

        1. I whole heartedly agree. Even if this car doesn’t get to the first race I’m 100% in support of them.

          There’s nothing that impresses me more than a small team that digs it’s heels in and refuses to give up.

          1. In fact, I just put them as a team I’m a fan of on my profile.

    5. I won’t say HRT is the worst F1 team but they are among the worst F1 team.

      1. I disagree. Modern F1 is so, so much tougher than it used to be. They are clearly the team who, in the next few years is going to struggle to survive the most. But to compare them to some older failed attempts, they look positively magnificent.

        Sorry to advertise another site, but I think this link is very relevant.

        1. Totally. THe fact that HRT is trying their best at this era of F1 just shows they are far from being the worst in F1.

          In the old days, the backmakers used to run old Williamses or McLarens, or even cars from the feeder series. HRT is building a new car every year, and trying to keep up with the likes of blown-diffuser, KERS and million other innovations (even if, obviously, they don’t fit it in the car).

          Besides, the development rate is as high as ever. In the old days, some teams even ran the same car for multiple seasons. Now, you just cannot do that.

          People just give HRT respect.

        2. A-Safieldin (@)
          21st February 2012, 20:32

          I read a lot of F1 rejects, HRT aren’t plucky their financial difficulty sadly hasn’t made them creative like many of the old teams who lacked money. They should flip through the rule book and find more loopholes than anyone because they need them. Under the current situation I’ll be thoroughly impressed if they make to 2013.

    6. I really have to agree with all the HRT supporters.
      How often I hear complaints about F1 losing its soul.
      Tilkedromes, Silly Rules, and Big Constructors Teams ripping out the heart of what started in the garages near Silverstone.

      While I am not a big fan, I have to respect the underdogs who struggle when it makes ZERO sense for them to do so. No, they will not challenge for wins, Yes, they will be broke for many years to come, but they are TRYING. In the face of Monitary disadvantange, they are Trying, when they start from the back again and again, they are Trying. When they answer their sponsors “Why no points AGAIN this year?” They are TRYING.

      Go on HRT!!! Remind us all where we came from, and that its still not too late to wrench some aspect of the Pure Love of Racing out of the mouth of the commercial beoheamoth that has become F1.

    7. falconspatrol, grow up and don’t go with the flow. They are not as bad as some mainstream fans want us to believe.
      I wish them the best. It is a big effort, and a wonderful adventure.

    8. HRT are probably the worst team on the grid, but its unfair to rank them with some of the disasters before them.

      Mastercard Lola were 15 seconds off the pace in their only race.

      Life never did more than 6 laps before engine failure.

      Andrea Modawere banned from ever competing in F1 again.

      HRT are nowhere near as bad.

    9. Going by the Facebook link Keith posted, it would appear that the F111 was mistakenly posted as the F112.

      Also, there are substantial differences in the nose on this car compared to the F111.

      1. The interesting question then is, why did the team publish this picture.
        It doesn’t show a new car (although their 2012 car might actually be just a reworked version of last years), nor does it show a stunning new livery.

  2. 1) Nice nose
    2) Unusual sidepods – or is it just the white colour?
    3) I hope they colour it pink

  3. Very difficult to tell from this image, but do I spot a shark-fin engine cover? Aren’t those illegal now? They’re ugly as sin, whatever the case.

    Overall, however, I think it looks decent. Very interesting front end, anyway.

    1. I think the shark-fins are restricted, not forbidden, because HRT used a tiny one last year that looks quite similar to this one.

      1. Of course, I see now! It looked as though it stretched to the rear wing at first, but upon closer inspection, I can see it’s only little. Red Bull also had a little shark-fin when they launched the RB7, which they ditched for some reason.

        By the way, I’ve changed my mind already. I don’t like the look of this car at all! Awful shape…

    2. @damonsmedley

      As far as I can remember they restrited the length of the fin, so that it could not touch the rear wing. So it was deemed unnecessary by most teams. It is however not banned alltogether to run one like this.

    3. No i don’t think thats a shark fin, just the end plate from the rear wing blending in due to lack of contrast. Looks like a render though.

      1. It is definitely a render.

      2. It’s the lack of contrast from the render (plus the small image size) which makes it look like 2010 fin at first.

        1. It looks to me like the back end is not big enough to fit a fuel tank and engine in there behind the driver.

          I hope it’s just the angle of the image and render quality and they didn’t forget to put in one of the important bits.

  4. I dare to say it is the same car as last year’s one, only with a different nose. But even the nose looks the same!

    1. Who is your ophtalmologist? Go chamge to a different one .. ;-)

      I have to say, that car could have been a lot worse, I hope it’ll be good enough to compete with Marussia.

      1. I’m just hoping their nightmare ends. I hate to see teams in trouble.

        1. the solution to that would be for them to wake up and realise that it was only a dream.

          let someone else have a go.

      2. very doubtful. They only started developing this car in november/december. Most other teams started working on the 2012 cars in the middle of 2011. It does look very similar to the 2011 car, same roll hoop, same front wing etc

  5. I swear i’ve seen this before… At least it looks nice in comparison to almost all the other cars :D

  6. …That could be interesting.. Looks like they’ve gone for a slanted nose rather than a stepped one.. That could be better, I’ve often wondered whether the stepped noses would disrupt the airflow..

    There’s really not much else noticeable about this car.. I guess we can only hope that it’ll close the gap to the midfield…

    1. I’m willing to bet that it won’t get even close to the midfield, the sloped nose will be more an indication of their budget than of design choice.

  7. Definitely a race-winner.

    1. Almost certainly.

      1. Sloped nose = win

  8. The fin on the back and the Pirellis with the old label would suggest this is indeed something they came up with for 2011…………

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was their final livery.

    1. I hope not. I know Daniel Simon’s moved on to the Lotus WEC car, but his livery last year for the HRT was actually quite nice.

      While they’re not retaining that I hope they come up with something sensible at least.

  10. Best-looking car of the season! If they come up with a nice livery, with white, black and a little gold, it’ll look amazing!
    Maybe this is what Ross Brawn meant when he said: “there were a few teams who said ‘we want to continue with our 2011 chassis, and we want to be able to match the new nose up to it’.” However, as HRT used a low nose last season as well, they could’ve changed the regulations to remove the step and they’d have been legal anyway.

    1. That was the first thing I thought…it could only be HRT (and maybe Marussia) who would have needed to run their 2011 chassis.

    2. I think that Ross Brawn’s point was that they didn’t reduce the maximum chassis height in the regulations to allow old chassis to be mated to a new lower nose (where necessary). The regulations don’t specify the step, that is the teams’ preference with the current regulations.

      If they had changed the regulations as Ross Brawn suggested then this chassis would not conform, regardless of the fact they don’t currently have a step on it.

      The lack of a step may relate to crash-testing issues rather than optimum performance.

  11. They have failed 2nd crash test… And this is a beast car! :))

  12. Now if they just got rid of the shark fin, it would look as good as the McLaren (which doesn’t actually look that good).

  13. Looks like a Brawn. :)

  14. Keith you’ve made a mistake. This is the F111. Looking at that I’ll be amazed if they often make it past the 107%

    1. @andyredden-on-f1 See the link in the article: This is what the team are calling the F112, though as I said it looks a lot like last year’s car.

      It may well be the same chassis underneath, as described in the Ross Brawn article earlier today.

      1. Their site appears to be down.

      2. Andrew Benson has wrote of Twitter that he has been in contact with HRT F1 and that is NOT their 2012 car. Im Puzzled.

        1. Yeah, this is an interesting situation.

          Can anyone confirm what exactly it said on the HRT site?

  15. Nice! I’m hoping for a mostly white livery, with bits of gold and black. And of course, some sponsors. Awaiting more detailed images though.

  16. So far, they’ve kept their tradition of hiring an Indian driver for each season… will they also continue the tradition of dropping him halfway through the season?

  17. thats a nice nose :)

  18. Is that a F duct going to rear wing?!

  19. I reckon they should leave it white and forget about littering it with ‘This Could Be You’ logos :)

    1. Or how about doing what McLaren did last year and have fans design the livery for every qualifying session? ;)

      1. Good call! I reckon you’d be in with a shot there Mr Tierney. Perhaps they should cover the car in your F1 poster designs ;)

        To be honest, I think they should have a yellow body with red front and rear wings. The new investors have openly said that they want to make the team ‘more Spanish’ so replicating the Spanish flag seems the obvious solution?

        1. We could get @jezson to put some together.

          1. It might look a bit rubbish… I think the only pictures they have of last years car are computer generated.

            I see you mentioned Repsol colours… I did a Repsol Toro Rosso a couple of years ago, around the same time as the sugar free. I think it can be found via google.

  20. Erm, I’m really struggling to spot differences between this and the F111 (other than the nose obviously)!

  21. So they’re not stepped nose anyway. Mclaren, you’re not alone.

  22. They’re some nice black wheels. Because thats all I can see on that white background!

  23. Interestingly, HRT have still got Liuzzi in their drivers’ section, below Dani Clos… Clos’ role is “test driver”, Liuzzi’s is “driver”.
    As they have revisited completely the site for 2012, it’s almost impossible that they’ve missed him – actually it looks like they’ve updated his profile. Or they might want to keep all the drivers who drove for them since 2011.

    1. They probably have a rotor system going. “Am I driving this weekend? No? what about the race after that? Okay, maybe.”

      1. I hope you’re right @electrolite! :’D

    2. “Driver” could mean manning the forklifts for all we know :D

  24. I believe that’s the f111, if it’s the F112 then why worry about the crash tests, use the f111.

  25. Plus I’m sure HRT are using KERS this year

  26. If McLaren weren’t worried about their nose before, they will be now.

  27. Is this the car before or after the crash test?

  28. @keithcollantine have you contacted HRT? because apparently that’s not the F112 after all.

  29. Looks alright so far, and De La Rosa should be able to extract what performance it has hidden away, but it does look a bit too similar to last year’s car, which was rather similar to the 2010 car. Time will tell…

  30. I’m pretty sure it’s the F111 (which may in deed end up racing this year!)- check this image out of the car at the same angle:

    1. It may be the same Chassis, but some parts look different.

      1. Although that may be due to this being a rendering.

  31. HRT have now confirmed the car is actually last year’s car, despite being clearly referred to as an “F112” on their website.

    I have (heavily) revised the article above accordingly.

  32. I Love Pope Benedict XVI
    21st February 2012, 18:09

    Is Andrea Sassetti secretly running this team?

  33. I love how much support HRT are getting these days, I’ve always respected them and had a soft spot for them! I want to give them a big cuddle.

    Whatever happens with the car, I’m looking forward to their livery.

    1. *member of the HRT fan club*

  34. At least they aren’t USF1, now that’s a poor team.

  35. 1st thought,thanks other then Mclaren someone did turn up with a good nose.

  36. I’d missed the news the “F112” was actually the F111… the real F112 is different, luckily (but not too much).

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