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Jamey Price has dazzled us with his superb shots of F1 testing in Barcelona this week.

F1 Fanatic has assembled an extra-large gallery of his fantastic photographs, most of which have not been published here before.

Feast your eyes on Jamey’s excellent snaps from the Circuit de Catalunya below.

If you want to learn how to take pictures like Jamey, read his previous articles which include lots of great tips on how to take photographs of F1 cars:

Jamey is a sports photojournalist whose work has been published in a range of sporting publications worldwide. More of his photos can be found at www.jameypricephoto.com.

F1 pictures

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Images © Jamey Price/F1 Fanatic

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44 comments on “Jamey Price’s best Barcelona F1 testing pictures”

  1. Excellent images!! All of them… Even with the stepped noses!! Thanks to Jamie… he made F1 look beautiful again!!

    1. Misspelt the name…. Sorry abt that…. :)

  2. I’m nearly used to the noses already!

    1. I know what you mean. The Ferrari has started looking like a beauty all of a sudden

  3. Kudos to Jamie, really added something different to the usual pictures.

    1. And I misspelt his name *slaps wrist*

  4. I especially love the over-saturated colours, they add an almost toyish quality to the cars and track.

    Beautfil work, and very well done, Jamey! And thanks for featuring his work here on F1Fanatic, @KeithCollantine !

    1. I always tought the colors made it look like an action movie :)

  5. Big deal….give me $10,000 worth of camera gear and a $ 5,000 dollar pit access pass and I could do just as good.

    1. I’d like to see that…

      1. Thn go out to your local track and give it a shot! Nothing says you can’t. You can rent all my gear from most camera shops for a few hundred quid.

        Snappers like to use the analogy “just because you have amazing cooking equipment, doesn’t mean you can cook anything appetizing.” the tools don’t make the craftsman mate. Just food for thought.

    2. The man puts all of his work up here free of charge for us to enjoy and this is the kind of comment he gets in return. Isn’t the internet great?

      Comparing these photos to other F1 photographers, I would like to say that the pictures of Massa (http://tinyurl.com/7dmw9vg) and Button (http://tinyurl.com/6vor5qb) are very nice indeed.

      Thanks for sharing.

      1. I could be wrong, but that last one looks more like a Williams than a Macca…

        1. You could be wrong @Alex ,but you’re right!

    3. Ahh, Ted Bell. Forgot about this guy.

    4. I second that, give me a rocket and I could fly to the moon! :)

    5. Great, looking forward to seeing your shots uploaded here next time than @tedbell, so we can compae them with the shots Jamey gave us here :-o

    6. I doubt anyone “gave” him $10,000.

    7. Your assumption that a pit pass costs $5,000 shows you’re commenting from a position of total ignorance of the subject.

    8. Can we give you an F1 race car & see you on the podium too?

      1. Great shots, Jamey…love the addition of some black and white as well.

  6. WOW!! These are amazing!
    Thought that I wouldn’t have any F1 wallpapers this year (except for McLarens) but these are just jaw-dropping…
    Im’ still not used to the stepped noses but at some angles the front wheels hide the step and changes the cars appearance completely.

  7. Some excellent pics Jamey.

  8. All of his shots are now rotating as my background, absolutely stunning pictures.

    1. He takes the best background pics! Who would have thought that a picture of a strip of tarmac with tire tracks would make such a great photo?

      1. Fully agree with that one @damionshadows!

      2. Agree with you completely… All of these pics would look excellent if they were blown up and stuck to the wall of your room… Especially the high-saturation pics.

        1. They will be available for sale this week to print up in any size you wish.

  9. Love the shots, thank you! Fantastic stuff. His style is unique and he’s a great guy, too; I’m an aspiring photographer and he’s always kind enough to answer any questions on Twitter (and is very encouraging too).

  10. Massa is looking more like his dad every year!

  11. It’s rare you see such high saturation of colour in photos without it looking really tacky, and that’s been done really well. What I’ve noticed about all of these photos as that every car is made to look really good. Which is something, considering this is 2012…

  12. Just a question for Jamey – compared to the pics from the F1 teams, the colours seem to be a bit different – maybe a higher saturation? Is this something deliberate or something that came about from the environment where you were shooting?

    1. It’s really not that saturated. A lot of other photographers lower the contrast on photos so you get more detail on the cars. But that’s not really what your eye sees.

      I don’t make anything that it isn’t. The most I do is minor cropping and color adjustment. The rest is as it is. I want you to feel like you’re there. F1 is so colorful. It’s stupid not to use those colors!

  13. Fantastic pictures, I especially like the short shutter speed shots. Does anyone know what kind of camera was used ??? (problably not his I-phone I’m guessing…)

    1. Looking at his pictures on 500px he is using a Nikon D3s.

  14. Great shots, but what’s with the green red bull wing

    1. @kcampos12 That’s flow-vis paint – teams apply it to wings during testing, send the car out onto the track, then bring it back in and examine how the paint has moved. It helps them understand how the airflow is moving over aerodynamic surfaces. You can see them doing it in practice sessions at race weekends sometimes too.

      1. @KeithCollantine That’s interesting. I must have not payed good attention during last years practice sessions! Thanks for the response.

  15. Many thanks for sharing Jamey, great pics.. keep it up.

  16. Great photos. Very talented photographer indeed!

  17. Great images. Lovely warm and vibrant tone. Already stuck one of them as my phone wallpaper.

  18. Absolutely fantastic images. Jamey, you are a true talent. Look forward to your sharing more with us over many years.

  19. If you’ve got f1 photo questions or questions for me, post them to me on twitter @jameypricephoto. I’ll answer the 20 best in a post Keith and I are working on.

  20. Thanks a ton to Keith & Jamey for your effort to bring up the car pics & the detailed preseason test so far. I am jealous about both of you. Lucky you @Jamey to have such interesting job. Passionate pictures I must say.
    All these years I have liked @Sutton_Images.
    But mate believe me I have started liking your pics. Keep it coming mate,yeah.. :) Res are superb.

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