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Caterham have published new studio photographs of their 2012 F1 car, the CT01.

Of the three new teams which entered the sport in 2010, Caterham are the only one to have launched and tested their new car so far.

Marussia announced earlier this week they will not be bringing their MR01 car to the final test in Barcelona after it failed one of the FIA crash tests.

HRT’s new car has passed the crash tests and the team hope to have it run before pre-season testing finishes: something they failed to do with their new cars in 2010 and 2011.

Here are the new pictures of the Caterham CT01:

2012 F1 cars

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    Image © Caterham

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    25 comments on “A closer look at the Caterham CT01”

    1. No blown diffuser “mk2” there then :)

    2. omg is everyone going to design a car nicer looking than ferrari?

      1. (from a serious Ferrari fanatic) don’t worry about it, they all look bad from certain angles. Be thankfull they travel too fast to see most of the time :)

        1. With the exception of the obvious eye candy mclaren. ;-)
          Just hope it performs aswell as it looks and leaves the other teams headscratching why they continue to copy Newey.

          1. Indeed. We haven’t seen the HRT or the MR car yet either, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the step as well.

    3. I think my three year old daughter has drawn a nicer looking car than the 2012 Ferrari…

      1. we can all draw nicer “looking” cars. that’s irrelevant though to performance. We’re not F1 technicians & engineers.

        1. would have been better without the billboard at the back. luckily the sharkfins are gone from F1.

          Other than that the Audi looks great. Cant wait for Le-Mans. will be exciting this year.

    4. Isn’t a bit erm… too late for this kind of pictures? there are already thousand of pictures of the new car after the 4 days of testing…

      OOOOOR maybe they were waiting for Petrov and his sponsors to put their money and stickers on the car, so now they are “officially” showing the car.

      1. @fer-no65 The only sponsor I can think that Petrov would have brought would be Lada. Can’t see that anywhere. Do you know of any others? I’m sure there must be others?

      2. Yes, but those aren’t official “studio” pics. All teams do that for publicity.

      3. Mainly for honouring Sponsorship deals….
        Nice crisp, clear logos etc.

    5. iamLewis4FAKE
      1st March 2012, 0:22

      Did Caterham hire Warwick Davis to be driver for the day? ;-)

    6. I just noticed the Queens Park Rangers logo on the piece of bodywork just in front of the sidepod inlet. Had to go back to the testing photos to see if it was new but it was there all along. I guess if there are Caterham ads at the QPR home games then why not advertise the other way around.

    7. just a suggestion keith…could u make it like a album photos reveiw so we could just click the next button to see the next photo….i mean like facebook…do u know what i mean….? :)

    8. Funny how I never noticed their exhaust solution, with the 3 vanes over the brake duct. Are all the teams employing this?

      1. the-muffin-man
        1st March 2012, 22:12

        Yep, they’ve been using these ‘cooling fins’ on the rear brake ducts for some time now. Gary Anderson is always ranting that they should be banned as they are clearly aerodynamic devices and nothing to do with the brakes.

    9. Dear Caterham, I find your lack of sponsorship disturbing.

    10. Looks quite nice

      1. agreed, great looking car.

    11. the f1 fantic logo would look perfect on those side pods..

    12. Is it just me or do these noses look even higher and more dangerous than before? I know they are lower and supposedly safer but they just look too harpoon-ish for me…

    13. I actually like the look of the CT01, it is probably the colour scheme, however not a patch on the Mclaren, but out of the step noses it is probably second best behind Force India, and slightly better than the Toro Rosso.

      1. dodge5847 (@)
        1st March 2012, 18:31

        whoops, forgot to log in before.

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