2012 F1 testing day 12 in pictures

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Pictures from the final day of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

More images will be added here.

F1 pictures

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham

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24 comments on “2012 F1 testing day 12 in pictures”

  1. i know i’m the minority but i think the Ferrari is beautiful.

    1. The exhaust exits have grown on me.

    2. Yeah, as long as you don’t see the front it looks quite good. The lotus is also quite nice but those ‘gold’ coloured lines seem a bit whitish, slightly beige…it looks odd. Last year it definitively had darker shinier gold lines..

      1. They adjusted it some point last year i think. They were concerned the Gold they had to begin with didn’t look gold on the TVs.

        1. Now the beige they have doesn’t look like gold at all.

    3. no the ferrari is ugly now the mclaren is sexy

    4. Gibo is driving (@)
      5th March 2012, 11:15

      My previous post seems to have disappeared.. Just saying that for some reason I also like the Ferrari more than any other car so far! (no seriously) If anything it has character..

      And to expand for the rest of the cars, my opinion is that McLaren/Lotus/Mercedes look boring, Red Bull/Force India they just look right so second best after the Ferrari, Sauber is the ugly duckling, Williams/Torro Rosso/Caterham not so sure yet..

    5. why the heck are these car noses?, why this curve in the middle, cars this year look very wierd, only the mclaren look very nice.

    6. It wouldn’t be so bad if they got rid of the car number on the stepped nose.

  2. where’s the merc? why so many of the ferrari?

    1. It’s all dependant on the pictures made available by teams. Not to mention there will possibly be added more pictures later

  3. Hm, currently the pictures are not showing for me. Something to do with the server move @keithcollantine?

    1. Same for me, I can only see one picture of the Red Bull, the rest are just blank.

      1. Seems the problem reached me as well, but I can’t see any of the posted files.
        Could you please take a look?

        1. Flying Lobster 27
          5th March 2012, 15:21

          This, and the item on the launch of the Marussia has also disappeared.
          Considering that in what he posts, Keith requests authorisation to use the pictures, is this a case of the teams black-flagging F1F in the back? Has the obviously sensitive RBR exhaust thread on the forum triggered a backlash?

  4. Great to see the Spaniards going mad for Alonso as usual!

  5. Very disappointed with the lack of McLaren pictures from the testing.

    1. am i the only person finding the cars very wierd , with a curve in the middle of the nose??? what the heck

      1. No, you’re not the only person finding them weird, however you might be the only person who has not read anything written within the last 3 months about the new regulations.

        1. bro, i know about regulations, but the design of the nose on most of the cars is really wierd, why isn’t the red bull and mclaren have this Platypus nose, it could have been done in a more appropriate way to make it look better on the eye, it hurts the eye seeing the ferrari like that…

          1. the redbull nose bulge looks better than the ferrari, it could have been done better with a more rounded edge…..

        2. Nothing on an F1 car is to do with looks in anyway, shape, or form. (except livery)

          Teams designed the noses to best suit car performance, if it looks ugly, tough ****.

          Mclaren didnt run a nose like this because they run their bulkhead lower, therefore not needing to have the awkward step.

  6. Really liking that Force India livery. Have to say the VJM05 is in my opinion the second best looking car on the 2012 grid.

    1. i agree, the livery looks very nice , as for the others , seems all the same from last year. but to me, still the 1990-1995 was the best era of f1 liveries and overall design , all cars where exceptional in that concern, mclaren, benetton, williams renault, symtec ford.etc

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