Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012

Caption Competition 9: HRT drivers

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Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012
Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012

HRT finally launched their 2012 car this week.

Here are their 2012 drivers Pedro de la Rosa and Narain Karthikeyan with tester Dani Clos and 2011 driver Vitantonio Liuzzi.

What did the four find to laugh about at the launch of the F112?

Come up with the best caption you can think of and post it in the comments.

Remember to look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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  • 159 comments on “Caption Competition 9: HRT drivers”

    1. Thats right everybody smile for the camera.

    2. Liuzzi – You two… seriously?
      Close – I’m hoping it’s just temporary.

      1. Clos, I mean Clos.

    3. What do you mean, “We have to bring our own cars?”

      1. Gagnon (@johnniewalker)
        10th March 2012, 16:46


      2. Short and sweet

    4. “Smile all you want, no-one going to invest their own money in this!”

    5. …and she said “HRT really!” And I said yes it is an F1 team.

    6. “I think we’ll do well this year!”

    7. At HRT no one seems to realize who the joke is actually on !

    8. So I told them do I look like Karthikeyan to you I can drive fast! Hahahaha

      Hey guys what’s the joke? :-)

      Hey erm we where laughing at erm I got a press conference got to run!

    9. Tonio: “Are you sure you two are in the right place? You do realise ‘HRT’ stands for Hispania Racing Team and not Hormone Replacement Therapy?”

      1. Overall good caption, but they are only HRT no longer Hispania Racing Team

        1. Shine9585 (@)
          11th March 2012, 6:25

          I thought HRT stood for Haven’t Really Tested

    10. Guys, I can’t believe they fell for that again! “New car”?

    11. @keithcollantine : The picture has a typo. It says JRT instead of HRT

      1. bigbadderboom
        10th March 2012, 14:09

        As opposed to J O K E

      2. @MahavirShah That’s a rubbish caption!

        Changed it, thanks :-)

    12. Liuzzi discovers Pedro has a very ticklish elbow.

    13. If we’re all here, where’s the car?

      1. correction: who’s driving the car?

    14. Alright guys, this one’s a winner for sure

    15. Liuzzi -“Has the car even arrived yet?” Pedro – “I have absolutely no idea!”

    16. With development costs running too high, HRT resort to running last years expression on Liuzzi.

    17. tom (@iwishiworkedformclaren)
      10th March 2012, 14:16

      Radio 5 live snaps 4 potential assistant commentators for 2013

    18. PdlR: Well, with a bit of luck, this year’s car might beat some of the GP2 cars!

    19. “…and so long story short, it took the engineers 3 days to realize I replaced the car with a shopping cart!”

    20. Butties (@buttiesandpies)
      10th March 2012, 14:24

      ‘……and then Luis said “when you beat the Caterham, you’ll get a big bonus”

    21. Richard Charles
      10th March 2012, 14:28

      Right guys there’s only 2 places, rock-paper-scissors?

    22. Tonio Liuzzi- “Haha,you’re in!! ”
      PDlr- “hahaha,yeees…wait,what do you mean…?”

    23. “So I said fine, I’ll do it, but pay me before the season”

    24. “…and I told her “HRT”, and the look on her face! She thought I was still with McLaren!”

    25. So this guy who cleans up after the elephants at the circus says “It may stink but at least I’m in show business”.

    26. We all signed up to this team! What a joke!

    27. Liuzzi: “they hanged me”
      de la Rosa: “ouch, the neck!”
      Karthikeyan: “yeah…. I did that, you know”

    28. How’s gonna drive first!?

      – me?
      – no me :-D
      – me me !
      – ok me

    29. HRT drivers playing “rock paper scissors” to decide who is racing in Melbourn.

    30. LIU: Hey I’m the one getting paid here! And doing nothing!
      DLR: Ouch, you’re killing me
      KAR: (clenched teeth) Ha ha ha

    31. “I used to go out with a girl called Dani”
      “Ha. But no Clos”
      “Not usually”

      That was terrible.

    32. Liuzzi: a man walks in to a bar
      Pdlr: Ouch!

    33. What do you mean there’s no car here? I thought this was a professional racing team!

    34. Imagine if we all get axed by the end of the season.

    35. Liuzzi: I put £10 on you to win the championship!

    36. Liuzzi : “Pull my finger”

      1. great one :D

      2. The only caption that made me laugh! :)

    37. “You know who designed our new car?”
      “The photocopier in the office!”

    38. bigbadderboom
      10th March 2012, 15:32

      Pedro gagging “wow what did you eat last night Narain”

      1. Indian food

    39. cali-kowalsky
      10th March 2012, 15:35

      You know what they are saying in the paddock? That one of us is going to get the first podium this season!!

    40. Clos: “Tonio, Pedro, what do you think about a competition on who’s got the best smile?”

    41. Tonio: “There are no Italians but you guys are there? Hahaha come on, GP2 has better drivers!”

    42. now I may be a useless driver but are you sure that’s actually a car!

    43. Tonio: “Luis Perez-Sala asked me who I thik should be axed… so let’s start: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe; catch a tiger by the toe; if he hollers let him go, eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Erm… it’s you Pedro, sorry!”
      Narain: “Hehe!”
      Pedro: “D’oh!”

    44. Down at the HRT garage the drivers were clearly amused at the thought of a points finish this season

      1. Hehehe, my vote!

    45. Karthikeyan: Trololololol.

    46. Karthikeyan: I may be slow but at least I have rupee’s.

    47. Liuzzi: “So lads… podium finnish in Melbourne, I reckon!”

    48. Wow they’ve changed the branding more than the car

    49. That idea of showing your car as late as possible so the other teams can’t copy your ideas.
      The others must be really worried about us!

    50. “Cruel Runnings” the story of one bobsleigh team who punched above their weight.

    51. I know, I could not afford a seat with a proper F1 team either

    52. “Tag, You’re it, Pedro “

    53. Liuzzi: And get this; Clos thinks our first race is in Australia!
      De La Rosa: That’s a good one, Dani. You know the guys at Red Bull told us the first race is in Austria, there’s no “L” in it
      Karthikeyan: Hahah, yeah Dani, you have to be on top of these things if you want to fit in here at HRT!

    54. Chris (@eddie4102000)
      10th March 2012, 17:01

      Um…wasn’t there supposed to be a car for us to drive?

    55. Liuzzi: “… and then I told the boss, if you don´t give me a good car, I won´t drive for you next season!”

    56. Clos is an intruder to the Barcelona old people’s home.

    57. Liuzzi: “No, YOU drive the car!”

    58. “This looks like a cool spot to laugh about HRT”

    59. “Dude, where’s my car?”

      1. where’s your car dude????

    60. Pedro: The drinks tube wrapped itself around my neck mid-lap, that’s why the car was slow

    61. Who among us will win the musical chairs competition this year guys?

    62. Liuzzi “I’ll trade you a can of Dimoxinil for your race seat”

    63. Liuzzi: “I think this is more likely to make the 107% cut off than us”

      1. Not in a discriminating way, just in general.

    64. Double Apex (@talladega-knight)
      10th March 2012, 18:26

      HRT deep in thought.

      So which of us will be driving in Malaysia…..?

    65. Luizzi : Hey Pedro, can u pass a message to Alonso on lap 15 ?

      1. good one ! ;0)

    66. Pull my finger Pedro, and I’ll show you our new exhaust blown diffuser

    67. Pedro – ‘ I’ve just come from a press interview and I told them how vital practice is ‘

    68. Liuzzi: When you said you two were going to be driving a lego car we thought you were joking!!

    69. Liuzzi: “Ha ha you two have to drive that thing!”
      de la Rosa: “Please help me!”

    70. Stop pretending to get the joke guys, you’re both clearly too old!

    71. Gibo is driving (@)
      10th March 2012, 18:47

      Liuzzi: “So, this second DRS zone in Australia will work to our advantage”

    72. Liuzzi says “I’ve still got my chalk from last year, if you want to draw some sponsors on the car.”

      (Here’s his great chalkboard helmet from Interlagos last year)

    73. Gibo is driving (@)
      10th March 2012, 18:57

      Or this… “Pedro de la Rosa may be an F1 veteran, but Liuzzi as an HRT veteran still has a few notes of wisdom about the team”

    74. Hilarity Replaces Testing

    75. Duncan Clough
      10th March 2012, 19:14

      So the cars invisible, yes?

    76. -someone farted really badly-

      (Liuzzi pointing out Pedro de La Rosa)

      1. must be hes take on an exhaust blown diffuser

    77. white walls, straight jackets, grinning like a idiot…. guees thats what goes with driving a HRT

      1. well, Kharthikeyan at least

    78. hahhah….so let me get this right, you and Luis Perez-sala were just staring at the timeboards and your pipe magicly dissapeared?… hilerious!!

    79. Liuzzi: “Pedro, you seriously gave up a seat at McLaren for this?”

    80. Really you are here as pit crew and part time test driver.

    81. HRT’s drivers make sure their teeth are as whit and bright as the new car.

    82. If we stand here do you think no-one will notice that there’s supposed to be a car here..

    83. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910)
      10th March 2012, 20:08

      Clos: So which nursing home did the three of you come from?

    84. samuel roslund
      10th March 2012, 20:20

      Are they serious? They really want to try us another year?

    85. Butties (@buttiesandpies)
      10th March 2012, 20:46

      ………so I said to her ‘No, I used to be a F1 driver, now i’m a plumber’ I’m meeting her tomorrow night.

    86. cali-kowalsky
      10th March 2012, 20:55

      Hey Pedro now i understand what all those years driving are good for!!! That’s the best excuse i have ever heard for not performing. I will take note.
      come on guys, be smart, and don’t use all the same excuse.

    87. Luizzi : No, I’m pushing this year.. hahah yeah, no seriously.

    88. Liuzzi: Hey, pull my finger

    89. “The car this year. It’s Scarb’s Seat Leon with the bodywork taken off.”

    90. I am only commenting here, my Caption will come up in a bit, I really wanted Alguersuari to be driving for HRT this year, he and Pedro would have been a more successful partnership than Narain and Pedro and I think the only other reason than money to him being there is to due to Jaime rejecting the HRT offer.

    91. LIUZZI I was right up with Petrov and Rosberg fighting for points at Monza yet I am only the tester, why?!
      CLOS, DE LA ROSA & KARTHIKEYAN Because you were right up in the air, about to crash..?

    92. Liuzzi shares a laugh with this year’s drivers, secretly wishing he’d bid that extra 20 pence…

    93. Liuzzi: Say Pedro, would you happen to have any of your old McLaren overalls? I hate to be in this t-shirt.

    94. PDR: hey guys, bernie says we can use customer cars. I’ll check out what’s in the Hertz lot at the airport, they’re all customer cars aren’t they.

      Narain: I reckon we’ve got this season sorted.

    95. “hahaha the car sucks”

    96. I don’t know which is worse: HRT’s performance or the majority of these captions.

      1. Butties (@buttiesandpies)
        10th March 2012, 22:24

        mine are brilliant. I should be on the telly!

        1. Yes, on the police report for crimes against hilarity

      2. Brilliant. That should be the caption.

        1. Thank you I’m here all week. Try the veal.

    97. Dateline Spain: HRT unveil their new range of crash test dummies.

    98. Another year, another second place in the Championship…

      …Formula 1 is scored like Golf…right?

    99. So we are Hisapnia Racing Team. Erm, who are we racing?

      1. Hispania Retirement Team for Pedro ;)

    100. Vitantaonio: Hey Pedro he looks like Mr Burns
      Mr Burns: Smithers! Tell him he is fired. Get my seat ready
      Smithers: Yes sir Mr Burn. Errr Pedro, excuse me….

    101. “Who farted?”

    102. Butties (@buttiesandpies)
      10th March 2012, 22:55

      ……so there i was, knelt in this yellow paint, begging Martin to take me back as reserve driver, and he kept saying ‘sorry Jarno its not gonna happen’. Git thought I was Trulli!

    103. Racing team by day, boy band by night.

    104. Liuzzi : “It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The car broke down while they were pushing it in here!”

    105. “And that’s when he said ‘We’re not going to win one race this year – we’re going to win four‘!”

    106. Liuzzi: Hey Pedro whats worse than lobsters on your piano.
      Pedro: Que
      Luizzi: Crabs on your organ.

    107. “In English, HRT means what again!?!”

    108. They said we didn’t have to pass the crash test if we promise not to go fast.

    109. Luizzi – “Hey Pedro, Pull my finger”.

      Pedro – “Narain already pulled that one on me!”

    110. You’re kidding there really is a car!

    111. What do you mean there is only one car?

    112. Who’s driving next week?… Scissors paper rock?

    113. And then they told us that the old guy, Schumacher is driving again this season !

    114. Graeme McGilvray
      11th March 2012, 3:25

      Tonio – With me driving this season I can beat anyone in this car!
      Pedro – Your so full of **** Toni!! Your not even driving!
      Narain – lol
      Dani – double lol

    115. Liuzzi : For sure we will win, i put sugar in all the other teams petrol tanks.

    116. We are part of the joke

    117. You paid how much?

    118. Dane DI Pierro
      11th March 2012, 4:58

      HRT Winter Testing

      Clos: did anyone remember to bring a car?

      Pedro: I’ve got a Prius parked by my trailer.

      Narain: Luizzi we’re not kidding, you’ve been sacked this season. You can go home now.

    119. Whose turn was it to drive again?

    120. ronald plain
      11th March 2012, 5:55

      Really, you slept with bernies girl…wow!

    121. Pedro to Tonio: “…and the he says, now we can all get some sleep”

      (Aussies of a certain age may enjoy that blast from the past. You have to agree that theres not much to work with in that pic)

    122. Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012. Not pictured: Dignity.

      1. Not pictured: success

    123. PDR to Narain: Hey, I hear that in soviet russia team pays you!

    124. There was great interest at Barcalona when Take That were spotted in the HRT garage.

    125. HRT: ‘Happy Retirement Tonio’.

    126. How we laughed when we realised HRT wasn’t just the name of the team but part of the drivers training schedule! #oldestteamonthegrid

    127. Pedro – Guys guys, you know what, i am a ninja . . .

      NK/Dani ????@@@!!

      Liuzzi – No you are not.

      Pedro – Did you see that ?

      Liuzzi – See what ?

      Pedro – “Exactly”

      Dani – Poor Pedro, hope he will drive the car lika a ninja.

    128. Liuzzi “Oh i’m so glad its you two and not me having to take this embarrassment onto the grid in Melbourne!”
      Clos snorts a laugh.
      “Its okay Tonio, me and Narain are going to make sure we don’t pass the 107% qualifying rule. After all we have the keep what little we have left of our reputations intact….and this heap of junk isn’t going to do much for that” laughs De La Rosa as he turns to the ever grinning Karthikeyan.

    129. Liuzzi “Oh i’m so glad its you two and not me having to take this embarrassment onto the grid in Melbourne!”
      Clos snorts a laugh.
      “Its okay Tonio, me and Narain are going to make sure we don’t pass the 107% qualifying rule. After all we have to keep what little we have left of our reputations intact….and this heap of junk isn’t going to do much for that” laughs De La Rosa as he turns to the ever grinning Karthikeyan.

    130. now which pedal is the one too go?

    131. HRT so off the pace….Tonio Liuzzi found the humour in wearing race suits

    132. “Hahaha! No seriously. We’ve only got one car.”

    133. “Hey, Tonio, I know that you’re hacked off about losing your seat but where have you hidden our cars?’

    134. “That’s right! We are a joke aren’t we?”

    135. jacob.stanton
      28th April 2012, 18:20

      will this car be a good car

      maybe but if you are a good driver and me the car needs to be good

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