Michael Schumacher shows how to start an F1 race

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Seeing as anyone with a few million quid to spare can buy their way onto the back of the F1 grid these days, you could be just a lottery win away from F1 stardom.

And now, when you’re lining up on the F1 grid for your Grand Prix debut, you’ll know what to do when the red lights go out.

In this video produced by Mercedes, Michael Schumacher explains the procedure an F1 driver goes through when bringing his car around for the start of the race.

From the beginning of the formation lap to the moment they release the clutch, here’s what goes on behind the wheel when an F1 race starts.

F1 technology

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24 comments on “Michael Schumacher shows how to start an F1 race”

  1. That’s a lot of stuff! Maybe if I do win the lottery I’ll spend my money in a different way :P
    Just kidding obviously! Who wouldn’t dream of racing in F1?

    1. Personally I would feel its a waste of a seat if I would get in myself. I would rather sponsor someone who is a super good driver to have a chance!

      1. @Bascb That’s far too much of a sensible idea! Get behind the wheel!

      2. Personally I would feel its a waste of a seat if I would get in myself.

        Surely you would have a go at least once?

        I’d have to run a Fridady practise or two at least, and maybe start a race (if I could qualify), just for the giggles and the bragging factor (“I raced in F1!”).

        Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t won the lottery…

  2. I get your point Keith, but it’s very ignorant, just beacuse you are not the next Alonso or Hamilton, doesn’t mean you can’t race in F1. Money alone is far from enough, they aren’t just a bank account, they are still racing from the age of 3-4-5-6, working hard every day to achieve their dreams, some are better, but if you are a second of your teammate in an F1 car, without testing, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad driver and waste of a seat.
    I know you are not series with the lottery line, but still, have a little more respect, the guys in the back work very hard to get there, AND ofc they have some financial backing.

    1. @lsl1337 It was a joke. Lighten up.

    2. @lsl1337 Get over it mate, Britons crack sarcastic jokes all the time. XD

    3. Don’t worry Keith it’s a been a while without F1, @lsl1337 is just blowing his diffuser.

  3. ofc i mean “serious” * (:

  4. he’s looking very thin!

      1. Harry Palmer
        14th March 2012, 13:23

        Yeah, he may be the oldest but he’s probably one of the fittest drivers on the grid too…

  5. Nice video

  6. Gosh, this video makes me anxious. So many quality drivers on the grid this year. What will Australia bring?

  7. subsailorfl
    14th March 2012, 2:42

    Mark Webber likes this.

    1. Guess this is one of the video file saved on his laptop :)

    2. Alain (@paganbasque)
      15th March 2012, 9:41

      Horner is seriously thinking about the idea of recording the same video with Mark and then play with him the game of the seven differences.

    3. Webber should def do his own version.

      “Try to let the clutch out too quick, and keep the revs a little too low, that way you’ll get a great view as the midfield streams past into turn 1.”

  8. With my vast experience on F1 2011, and a lottery ticket in my pocket, De le Rosa and Karthikeyan better watch out for their seats ;)

  9. Interesting stuff. Particularly the burn-outs. I know Brundle bangs on about them all the time but I wasn’t sure what they were for. Is it literally just spinning up the rears for some heat?

    1. Yep- optimal grip needs optimal temperature!

  10. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    14th March 2012, 14:21

    Schum is practicing for being a F1 teacher next year when he gives up again

    1. subsailorfl
      15th March 2012, 5:01

      Yeah the 7 time world champion is such a quitter. Like he has to justify leaving or coming back to anyone other than himself. I hope he hangs around as long as he wants and along with the other champions makes this a year unlike any other.

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