2012 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Australian Grand Prix championship points

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Here are the championship standings after the first race of the 2012 season:

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “2012 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Sauber has more Constructors’ points than Ferrari. I know its only the first race but that’s hilarious

      1. I love the novelty of the first race points tables! We all know they will balance out and end up roughly as we expect but to see Sauber above the two factory teams, Ferrari and Mercedes is always a good laugh! It’ll have sorted itself out by Bahrain I would expect.

      2. the Sauber is faster than the Ferrari

        1. “Sauber is faster than you, can you confirm you understood this message?”

          1. COTD!!! :)

    2. Star of the race: alonso, kimmi. Biggest loser/s: hamilton and mAldonado( what an idiot, throw away 8 points trying to gain 2 points.). I said it here yesterday. Button will own hamilton this season. You just could see hamilton body languague after the race. Button is getting into his head.

      1. mAldonado( what an idiot, throw away 8 points trying to gain 2 points.).

        Captain Hindsight to the rescue!

      2. Loser in what sense? He lost out, but Hamilton didn’t do a whole lot wrong other than his weak start. Button had great pace, but Hamilton’s wasn’t bad. He just had poor fortune to get caught behind Perez for so long (although perhaps he should have passed him more easily) and then losing out to Vettel because of the safety car.

        1. Yes . Losser he was the only one
          To lost places. He was on the pole and end uP 3rd. Vettel passed perez in a few laps hamilton almost couldn’t

          1. Perez’s tyres were wearing by the lap. You could see the his lack of traction when Vettel went around him. That’s why it took longer for Hamilton to pass him.

        2. @matt90 Pretty much. Hamilton had a good race, his start was just off that’s all. I wouldn’t say Button destroyed him today.

          1. Destroyeds a bit strong, but in that first stint Jenson really went to work and got the car underneath him. You would not expect Lewis to be outperformed in that manner in like for like equipment, Lewis has not resolved last years issues, you could see that after the race, he is realising that he is not the best driver on the grid!

            1. Dont think its got anything to do with last years problems, just an unfortunate chain of events.

              Whitemarsh admitted both cars where under fueled and where fuel saving from lap 8.

              Because Button had clean air and track position, meant he could pit and come out in clean air, Hamilton though, not able to push being in fuel save mode, came out behind the Sauber. Then losing to Vettel was pure bad luck, noone could have fore seen the SC coming out and playing just perfectly into Vettels hands because of their particular positions on track when it was deployed.

              It’s a long season, everyone gets a bit of good/bad luck.

      3. throw away 8 points trying to gain 2 points

        Captain Hindsight to the rescue!

    3. Great Race!!!
      I think from this race we can see that the order is something like this:
      McLaren, Red Bull-Mercedes-Lotus, Sauber-Ferrari-Williams,Toro Rosso-Force India, Caterham, Marussia, HRT
      I feel sorry for Maldonado but that was extremely foolish, I respect the fact that he wanted to fight till the end but it shows that he is sill a rookie.
      The Saubers were amazing today! Perez with a one stop strategy!! And Kobayashi gaining 2 positions in the last lap.
      Alonso and Kimi were great as well.
      I think that Red Bulls and Mercedes’ performance does not reflect how they will do in the rest of the season. They are both strong but I think that the short straights of Albert Park benefited the Red Bulls and it was a disadvantage for the Mercs due to their lower and higher straight line speeds respectively. In the other circuits I’m sure Red Bull will struggle a bit more and the Mercs willl be able to move up the field more easily as opposed to getting stuck behind a car and ruin their tyres.
      Williams was a surprise today, Maldonado showed that the car has pace but Senna was unlucky due to the first corner incident that ruined his race.
      Well done to Marussia with a double finish as opposed to Caterham’s double retirement.

    4. Luck is a part of his ability. Yes K.K

    5. I was looking forward to Maldonado scoring more points for Williams in one race than both himself and Barrichello managed all of last season.

      Next time :)

      1. I wouldn’t lie, I somehow knew he was gonna blow it!

        1. I too. I thought he was going to crash with alonso trying to pass him. He threw Away all the hard work he did during the seekend in the last trying trying to score 10 points instead of 8. But at the end he went home with 0 points. I’m pretty sure sr williams will talk to him. He t

        2. I did too, Its really tough for me being a Williams supporter but being also a big critic of Maldonado. I really don’t like him, but need him to do well for the team. I see this the same as his accident at Monaco 2011. He needs to learn to bag the important points instead of risking it all. He was already lucky once with his off track excursion earlier in the race and then pushed his luck and the car too far. Would have been nice if he had appologised to his engineers and other Williams personel in his interview aswell instead of acting like he is more important than the team.

    6. Sauber P3 in the championship!

      Anyway, a nice result and kudos to Button and McLaren for a great race.

      This could be a properly tight season, as there are several teams which might win races if the cards fall in their favour, unlike in recent seasons. I can see Mercedes, Lotus, maybe Ferrari and possibly a midfield team all winning a race this year in somewhere like Monaco, a circuit which rewards the best car/driver combo on the day, or any other wet or high attrition race. Looking like a top season overall, but we’ll learn more in Malaysia, a more normal circuit.

    7. It’s a pity Williams and Mercedes have no points, having been in good form all weekend.
      I love the standings after the first races, where a lucky result can bring to strange sights – Sauber ahead of Ferrari!

    8. I love the novelty of the standings after the first race!

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