2012 Australian Grand Prix fastest laps

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Melbourne, 2012Jenson Button set the fastest lap of the Australian Grand Prix.

He set his fastest time two laps before the end of the race – while the three cars behind him did son on the following lap.

Newcomer Jean-Eric Vergne set the sixth-quickest lap of the race. The Ferrari-engined Toro Rosso lapped faster than Fernando Alonso in the F2012.

Having shone in qualifying, Mercedes’ race pace was not as good. Nico Rosberg was only 14th-fastest.

Kimi Raikkonen spent much of the race in traffic and only had the 11th-quickest lap in what was the second-fastest car in qualifying.

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’29.18756
2Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’29.4170.23057
3Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’29.4380.25157
4Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’29.5380.35157
5Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’30.2541.06753
6Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’30.2741.08752
7Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’30.2771.09052
8Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari1’30.5921.40553
9Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’30.6051.41857
10Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’30.6201.43355
11Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault1’30.7591.57250
12Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari1’30.8431.65646
13Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault1’30.8551.66849
14Nico RosbergMercedes1’30.9311.74453
15Felipe MassaFerrari1’31.9402.75346
16Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault1’33.2144.02727
17Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault1’33.6934.50626
18Michael SchumacherMercedes1’34.0214.8344
19Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth1’34.2535.06643
20Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth1’35.0115.82445
21Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’43.73014.5431

2012 Australian Grand Prix lap times

This chart shows each driver’s lap times (in seconds) throughout the race. Show/hide different drivers using the controls below.


Lewis Hamilton100.62294.29793.56693.34793.44693.3893.31593.46193.56193.47193.61793.73293.88194.25594.7396.403115.417100.73493.81394.23393.15693.11193.28591.7492.06891.59391.81491.83491.74391.73191.8292.3629292.08292.209111.396114.656152.354143.484160.66140.01493.6391.50290.53590.37889.86590.10890.08190.17990.01990.05289.92790.18890.04189.69689.64189.53889.867
Jenson Button99.26493.41493.3593.13192.98493.11793.24493.12493.39493.76793.98593.62893.9794.16494.645114.02199.35893.34893.392.8892.90393.14192.8492.70192.7692.15291.94391.78891.81391.81291.56591.59791.63291.98992.215111.349111.615164.349143.729159.748141.64691.35590.56790.23290.2290.01489.82890.70290.08189.85890.04990.04790.12489.69789.64589.18789.73890.846
Romain Grosjean103.73
Michael Schumacher102.00295.12794.40294.02194.35994.34794.24694.4394.21595.021
Mark Webber105.33695.93994.89694.58593.87994.76594.45194.39194.22493.87595.05394.60294.539113.152100.16892.35592.26292.64495.13892.94393.1694.17394.42392.54692.97892.93593.21993.21993.82793.98194.91291.09891.34191.28891.15691.685125.4145.212143.01160.269139.82193.81291.55790.72490.25390.17589.99990.16790.44689.8189.90589.71489.92190.2689.6889.77989.43889.622
Sebastian Vettel103.02995.1693.84894.14894.17496.49993.6993.63293.594.85393.60593.30893.58293.68593.75114.85799.51793.27392.76492.94594.46792.58893.17492.18292.02892.05692.16291.74192.10791.62191.79492.05991.94791.84391.86591.874120.851163.068143.569160.235141.01593.22691.47790.58590.22190.03389.89990.1690.28790.03389.88889.6989.86989.58789.99589.5989.41789.682
Nico Rosberg102.66696.23494.82594.49794.3395.82994.21893.9894.01493.98195.604113.413100.08893.3393.45492.93193.13993.87395.2292.95493.06493.94194.36193.15192.81192.8593.46293.23793.85894.067113.519100.68691.46691.73491.92491.19114.355133.473140.768160.873137.24694.79992.2691.73491.09591.24190.93791.72291.72691.33691.4793.19990.93191.4391.00791.3892.508117.816
Pastor Maldonado104.21296.85794.56994.068100.44194.09694.87494.98394.5193.68293.55293.81694.1193.94494.286113.93299.38392.35892.7292.61792.6393.04993.84395.90492.35992.1492.3192.54792.51793.6995.03292.0791.90592.11291.90992.213126.98143.593141.435159.962138.69994.11192.24691.06591.59490.44490.37590.61991.4691.24390.64190.31690.25490.87390.92190.71391.075
Nico Hulkenberg
Daniel Ricciardo157.333104.195.14594.294.30494.05694.04294.74794.05494.03793.82393.96794.0294.11595.1997.22196.65394.5994.77294.96695.367115.031102.45192.93992.95892.77692.44992.19791.79791.59898.00292.92992.31292.16591.789102.248117.281117.707107.177155.887131.16696.82692.57991.8492.27491.89993.18391.02990.66991.38990.63690.6390.59291.48391.54790.82491.58496.576
Jean-Eric Vergne112.09997.91995.15994.56795.08594.66795.05795.0594.6695.24795.92795.76595.04894.45194.5493.98594.29496.191117.33998.99292.47592.35391.97891.94791.7692.00793.96895.63293.31492.672104.13491.88291.92491.69791.77592.369135.848120.898132.696160.916133.94695.80992.92592.24591.98691.87392.32492.21691.45391.51990.34190.27490.75192.02591.54190.9491.90997.049
Fernando Alonso104.73395.86694.08194.18694.2295.65194.20794.46593.89393.89795.4494.535110.95899.47293.09392.86793.97894.32693.58693.14793.53594.91693.16992.6792.66292.89593.15292.6892.53592.50693.1392.81792.683111.32698.39991.855112.525138.746141.499160.468138.65294.11492.07190.97891.43890.33290.63290.8691.31791.1490.50690.27790.59390.67590.89491.02591.01993.838
Kamui Kobayashi106.8897.17795.31297.94594.49194.85894.52994.34795.43496.09795.73594.854117.16799.28992.89592.77694.56493.12593.21193.10593.22193.30793.37893.31895.87693.54693.95893.34592.81992.65992.68892.6192.53592.87192.989113.618120.78121.021136.87160.728135.32394.70792.3791.98291.32191.19691.28391.66891.76791.23591.08692.67792.31691.69990.6291.1992.62895.335
Bruno Senna136.893102.34896.24196.36895.7495.52495.43495.92595.02995.46595.35894.87995.78395.33994.09694.19495.14894.84795.26994.58894.60194.64294.30494.51395.13294.19394.28894.23493.883114.934101.38694.45792.191.87291.807101.63117.3497.438125.271157.642133.18797.40193.14291.84191.86692.021171.417100.47690.85591.99993.46991.119
Paul di Resta110.84996.18295.76795.42295.694.95894.82194.75594.61395.31596.68795.318115.73899.84593.56693.43693.76393.75193.50394.10493.35593.35893.00793.0193.60493.53694.07895.79493.12392.8192.97892.674113.39298.77191.91692.298117.698116.308136.243161.174134.69895.77392.96392.491.83492.04291.98692.19791.85594.14591.39191.37891.23391.49190.89190.74790.60594.553
Felipe Massa106.71496.90895.11195.24395.20894.63194.62895.26196.49696.091113.93499.59593.30893.7194.63393.88494.3994.18493.96993.9293.74293.99993.57193.66994.95893.9895.902115.74999.40492.69692.54392.8192.8494.97593.14794.82136.302107.405126.547158.242133.72396.96592.59192.05992.39491.94
Kimi Raikkonen108.4696.63195.74396.90394.88294.57894.72694.19695.17396.3295.76694.62695.79393.06693.45393.81694.07594.171115.05299.14692.56292.58992.75793.13794.49693.7892.292.39992.192.1292.35292.34891.85391.72191.92991.553129.819137.935139.939160.62136.28595.59993.10791.6791.29990.96691.96191.7592.04690.75990.991.78492.60591.74991.06590.82392.40396.023
Heikki Kovalainen113.01897.6998.08497.65697.5497.79995.63495.23995.1495.70295.2795.88295.464115.735102.49195.63794.88494.35795.19894.69794.66994.89994.15793.76893.94993.69393.84294.20194.02294.00294.92394.16194.972116.776101.693109.691173.81138.332
Vitaly Petrov115.82997.61296.47997.00697.79697.48396.03195.53295.26395.6795.15295.05195.9995.19494.1994.31794.951117.001100.65395.13193.7495.28293.84493.94793.77193.493.21493.70994.77493.77893.25493.7896.1593.939
Timo Glock110.81998.97598.69197.57697.67997.84599.00397.12196.84496.95197.03696.90396.97396.93396.68396.91496.65497.75597.596119.967105.10595.67395.60197.9395.44699.36696.68194.64295.39895.56697.25697.12197.73496.01696.853139.057123.479126.206127.16297.75596.25195.05394.25394.51694.45694.25997.53794.94394.49794.40794.72394.78494.45199.85597.17499.441109.259
Charles Pic115.732100.28598.40598.23998.62298.09297.85297.50997.19697.30897.44697.12497.15697.91296.98697.49999.43397.88997.46897.234118.777107.79898.51196.34496.66496.87499.42596.86299.128103.35999.38598.17197.16898.54151.24143.794142.29116.15999.31197.34596.19696.59796.25295.29595.01199.00196.73395.75695.82999.32114.81113.956103.299
Sergio Perez107.25697.395.78395.51794.7695.04694.29395.15995.28896.11997.62394.67395.2694.10993.97393.67893.62195.02894.21494.42396.55995.29397.174116.511100.23692.17691.82992.51391.78891.74391.52691.76391.58491.3891.33591.671113.182139.152141.342159.99138.3994.54692.20891.38691.12190.84391.15591.98591.79891.58391.69691.45991.47591.62191.55991.81292.353100.163

Lap time notes:

  • Button reeled off a series of quick laps at the beginning of the race to pull away from Hamilton. Lap 10 was the first lap Hamilton began to catch his team mate.
  • Hamilton and Vettel’s lap times were very closely-matched either side of their final pit stops.
  • Lap 37 reveals how Vettel leap-frogged Hamilton through the safety car period: while Vettel peeled into the pits at the end of the sector after the safety car came out, Hamilton lost a chunk of time slowing down for the safety car.
  • Massa was significantly slower than Alonso and wore his tyres out more quickly as well.
  • On lap 30, Webber was stuck behind Rosberg despite being capable of lapping 3s quicker than him.

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    23 comments on “2012 Australian Grand Prix fastest laps”

    1. I knew Massa was going to be slower than Alonso, but 1.7 seconds is just dismal.

      1. Massa looked absolutely AWFUL today. It looked like he was driving an HRT from 2010 instead of a Ferrari from 2012. I was one of the few hopefuls who would have thought that Massa might pull something special this year and give Alonso a stiff fight. Seeing this performance I want to go back in time and change that. Just goes to show the difference in class between the two Ferrari drivers. First he could not out qualify his team mate who crashed out early in Q2 and then drove so poorly. Such a shame.

        1. +1 to be honest to an extent, Felipe underperfomed well below the car’s ill capabilities it must it said.

        2. An then there is how he drove Senna off the track. Pathetic performance.

    2. I was expecting Raikkonen to put in a quicker lap considering he had a couple of brand new set of tyres but then again he didn’t have much clear air once the safety car period came.

    3. Michael Schumacher seems to be the one able to unlock the car potential, good run in testing, he matched Rosberg in qualifying and still seem to has a better race pace than Rosberg like he managed to do in most of the race like last season, i think if not the retirement he can get a good result. But still it is first race

      1. rosberg made mistakes this weekend. but in the 35 plus races they have done together, rosberg has been consistenly the faster driver. sure shumacher has made up more places in races, but that is because of his inferior qualifying, where he qualified behind inferior cars, which are then easy to overtake in the race. its unfortunate schumacher had the retirement, it would have been interesting to see the result, but i think his tyres would have worn out too early just like for rosberg and just like all throughout preseason for mercedes. the f-duct activated by drs will help mercedes qualify high, but since drs cant be used all around the track during the race like it can be in qualifying, they will fall back during the races. dont get your hopes up, the system may still be banned, and then mercedes will qualify 8th-10th like last year, and their race pace is still only 4th-5th best. mclaren, redbull, ferrari and renault were faster during the race.

        1. But throughout the testing both their times were matched, 35 races? not really Michael could perform consistently on the race last season, matched Rosberg time and up to the middle of the season has been consistently better race pace. 2010 just far from the old Schumacher, 2011 improved maybe 2012 he finally closed to the prime Schumacher. About the degradation showing in last year Michael has better tyre management than Rosberg. Agree with you about the team position, the tyrres degradation still the main issue Merc have to solved and it’s going to be interesting to see the teams argue about the duct legality

        2. “where he qualified behind inferior cars, which are then easy to overtake in the race.”
          He passed the superior cars as well at start, Mark Webber Red Bull and Ferraris, Hamilton and his own teammate you might missed that

    4. Seeing the data now, it turns out Hamilton wasn’t losing as much at the end of the first stint as I remembered. It was only the lap Button pitted and Hamilton’s inlap where he really lost time, although in the three laps before he also lost about 2 seconds to Vettel.

      Webber’s speed advantage over Rosberg reinforces something I commented on in the Grand Prix report article. For some reason, Webber, doesn’t seem very good at positioning himself for overtaking manoeuvres. I am reminded of something John Watson said recently on The Flying Lap, namely that a following car should not move around too much and make half-hearted moves, because this only gives the defender confidence that he can keep you behind. A shame for Webber that when he finally did pull up alongside Rosberg, Nico got away with cutting the corner. The situation is not that different, in my opinion, from Button’s overtaking attempt on Massa last year. Although Button came from behind Massa, wasn’t he ahead when they started braking (sorry, off topic).

      1. I think it speaks more to the perceived strengths and weaknesses of their cars. The Red Bull has been consistently quick through high-speed corners, while traction out of slower corners and straight line speed aren’t such strong points. The Mercedes on the other hand has quite good top speed.

        Track characterstics play a part here, too, obviously. At a circuit like Spa, the Red Bulls were carrying more speed than anyone coming out of Eau Rouge. On the Kemmel straight, they’d have a much higher hope than say, coming out of La Source. Albert Park, on the other hand, is a very different beast.

    5. it seems like caterham pace is in the lower midfield range. also, both cars running mostly on prime. petrov race pace is better than heikki. maybe that was because heikki didn’t have kers, but its quite good. he will keep heikki honest for this season. guess it’s worth it to replace trulli with petrov. you got money and pace I guess.

    6. Massa shouldn’t playing along with the new boys, he should be quicker in the field.

      1. Just heard it on the grapevine. Ferrari Red Bull and McLaren team bosses got together over a cup of tea to discuss ways they could sabotage their number 2 drivers discreetly. Following a cream bun and a chocolate slice each they hatched a plan to put Dunlop remoulds on their cars disguised as Pirellis.

        Seems to have worked wonders… :)

    7. Great job Pastor

    8. John Cousins
      19th March 2012, 3:59

      Webber and Vettels pace almost identical apart from when webber was being held up by rosberg!

      1. This was usually the case last year as well. Webber even set several fastest laps (7 I think). Vettel was also usually in clear air while Webber was not. I’m not sure what it really means.

        1. @spartle Webber did get the record for the highest amount of fastest laps last year. I think Webber and Vettel were probably in a similar position when it comes to clean air, the field would have been spread enough and even if it wasn’t Vettel would have had to deal with traffic.

    9. Felipe’s form has been atrocious. I cant imagine the Ferrari to be that bad. Although its not what you expect from a Ferrari, Im certain it could have qualified further up the grid. Alonso is a class above, and its obvious he makes the car look better than it is.

      If I were SD or LDM, I would give Massa up till Bahrain, if he continues on this downward spiral and keeps indulging in his penchant for running into people, he has to be dropped. This would then be the best time to bring in Sergio Perez, as the in season test at Mugello will give him an opportunity to get a shake down in the F2012.

      To add to this, if Ferrari dont manage at least a 3rd in the Constructors, LDM should think about giving SD the boot. Ok, he won the Constructors in 08, but Ferrari should have wrapped up the drivers that season as well. The team has been very poor since then, their performances in 2010 was purely down to luck and some brilliant drives from Alonso.

    10. Not surprised that Button got the fastest lap really.

      Probably pretty easy when you’re only running on fumes!

    11. This lap time chart is good but it would be better if you provided it as a table format also. I would prefer table because you can see individual lap times more clearly, thanks!

    12. Well done Vergne, showing great attitude and surprising maturity for a rookie.

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