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The 2012 F1 season got off to an exciting start in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.

While Jenson Button won in style for McLaren there was a lot of action behind him in a busy midfield.

The rain that greeted the teams on Friday was a distance memory and the late afternoon sun at Albert Park in Melbourne provided the perfect backdrop for the opening race of the year – as this collection of pictures shows.

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16 comments on “2012 Australian Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. I do love the Mercedes livery and general image but the overalls that the front and rear jack were wearing are awful!

    I’m sure Petronas appreciate it though.

    1. @andrewtanner Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner. :p

    2. I actually quite like them, it’s not the nicest shade of turquoise, but I find the consistency of image rather pleasing.

      1. @wificats Oh yeah the consistency is good. Rosberg was wearing a white Mercedes cap, I really liked that!

  2. where are the williams ???????????????????????

    1. Seriously — is there a comment like this on literally every single photo post?

    2. Ctrl + F “Williams” – I think you’ll find 6 pictures.

      Would love to have seen a shot of the Toro Rossos and Di Resta on the final straight. What a tight finish!

  3. @keithcollantine
    I think you will find that the picture of the Caterham going sideways is Kovalainen and not Petrov.

  4. Any pictures from the driver’s photo shoot with everyone together? Did they click one with the 6 world champions together?

      1. Lewis and Fernando are in the wrong place…….at least according to the names on the cars behind them :-)

  5. they are so bloody ugly, i cant see that nose ever growing on me.
    thank heavens one of those ugly cars never won.
    that would make me want to vomit.
    oh Ugly.
    don’t blame Ferrari saying what an ugly car.

  6. Awesome pictures as usual. It would be a shame if Melbourne ever becomes a night race

  7. I love how forced Hamilton’s smile looks in the McLaren group picture

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