Top ten pictures from the Australian Grand Prix weekend

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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A selection of the best pictures from the first race weekend of the season.

Jean-Eric Vergne, Friday practice

F1 newcomer Jean-Eric Vergne gets cracking on the first day of the new season, kicking up spray in the wet practice on Friday.

Michael Schumacher, Friday practice

Michael Schumacher demonstrated Mercedes’ potential by setting the fastest time as the track dried in the second session.

Fernando Alonso, qualifying

Fernando Alonso persevered in a difficult weekend with the unco-operative Ferrari F2012.

Romain Grosjean, qualifying

A superb lap saw Romain Grosjean secure third on the grid on his F1 comeback with Lotus.

Mark Webber, qualifying

Mark Webber pauses for a moment’s reflection after out-qualifying team mate Sebastian Vettel.

Australian Grand Prix start

Lewis Hamilton took pole position but didn’t hold his lead for long as team mate Jenson Button beat him off the line.

Heikki Kovalainen, Australian Grand Prix

Heikki Kovalainen wrestles with the Caterham CT01 during the race.

Timo Glock, Australian Grand Prix

Timo Glock rounds Albert Park lake on his way to finishing 14th – an impressive feat given Marussia’s lack of pre-season testing.

Sebastian Vettel, Australian Grand Prix

The evening light catches Sebastian Vettel as he returns to the pits after finishing second.

McLaren, Australian Grand Prix

Button celebrates his third Australian Grand Prix win in four years.

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2012 Australian Grand Prix

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    1. This is a great feature Keith! Really enjoyed it.

        1. I really like this. Some great shots!

    2. Great Pictures, love the Shumacher one

    3. Great pics but sad not to see Sauber & force india in top 10 pics.

    4. I love the Webber’s picture.

    5. I like the Webber picture to …..

    6. The photo galleries from Melbourne have been superb. Where do the pictures come from?

      Are they all available on teams’ or agencies’ websites (as the credits suggest)? Must be time-consuming, but enjoyable, sorting through them all!

    7. Vettel’s picture as mind boggling. Looks so epic, almost looks like it’s been lifted from a trailer from F12010 or F12011!

    8. Keith, you give us the best available pictures of internet. A pity best ones always come from Red Bull Racing.
      Amazing pictures!
      Thanks for this.

      1. Indeed, really nice.

    9. Great feature! love it when you see the humanity of F1. A deep breath, a side ways car, a glimmer of light, a shadow of hope

    10. Sleepy Mark…:D

      1. @eggry Maybe he’s doing that visualisation thing that Vettel does prior to a race? ;)

    11. I had a great time at the Australian GP this weekend. I have posted some photos on my facebook page if anyone wants to have a look. I have plenty more if anyone is interested. Please search Kristian Zadro in facebook. I believe I have posted the photos as public. Although nowhere near as good as the photos above there are some interesting up close shots of the cars in scrutineering.

    12. Hi can i ask u to download mp4-27 photo in the same resolution from media center off Mclare ?
      pls try the resolution is very Grate

      1. @abocaesar At present the cost of hosting F1 Fanatic makes offering larger images (which would substantially increase the amount of traffic being served) impossible.

        For information on how you can contribute to the cost of hosting the site, see here:

    13. Could Hamilton’s smile (last photo) look any more forced? We kept hearing about his new mindset, but his body language post-race was just like last year.

      Great pics btw.

      1. I picked up on that as well. He sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn’t he?

    14. Awesome pics! Schumacher, Grosjean, Glock and Vettel pics are amazing.

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