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2012 F1 season

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The 2012 F1 statistics pages have been revised and expanded for the new season.

The statistics section of the site contains all the information available last year plus some new data.

As before driver form guides are available for every competitor in the 2012 season, allowing you to compare them against their team mate and see how well they are doing.

Explore the new 2012 F1 statistics pages now:

  • Championship points – Full points tables and interactive graphs for the drivers and constructors championships.
  • Season records – Complete list of race and qualifiyng results, plus which drivers and teams have the most wins, podium finishes, pole positions and fastest laps.
  • Race results – Race data including how many laps each driver spent in search position, race finishes and places won and lost on the first lap.
  • Qualifying – Gaps between team mates in qualifying, Q1/Q2/Q3 breakdown and grid penalties.
  • Retirements and penalties – Reasons for retirement and which drivers received penalties.
  • Strategy and pit stops – How many pit stops each driver made, what tyres they used, and which team had the quickest pit stops.
  • Driver form guides – Compare the performance of every driver in the field against their team mates.
  • Race charts – Lap charts, lap times and pit stop strategy information for every race.
  • Stats and facts – Milestones, trivia and more interesting statistics from every race weekend.

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19 comments on “Expanded F1 statistics section for 2012”

  1. Got to keep this one bookmarked!

    1. @bascb Well in case you don’t it’s also in the F1 2012 menu at the top.

      1. Great, thanks Keith!

  2. Great section!
    One thing though, the “Race charts” and “Stats and facts” takes me to the “Driver form guides”. Is it supposed to do that?

  3. Keith, first of all you do a great job with this site. Unbelievable the amount of work you put in really.
    Whenever I access one of these pages, a full size advert takes over the screen and starts playing an ebay video.
    I have no problems with ads whatsoever, but it really is detrimental to something which is otherwise perfect.

    I’d happily subscribe for say £5 a month to remove them of course :)

  4. Another great addition Keith!

  5. this website is quite amazing. thanks for all the hard work, Keith.

  6. Keith , the site gets better and better, well done.
    Quick question, is there a search facility on the predictions table to save me looking through 1300 results ?

    1. CTRL+F isn’t enough? ;)

      1. cheers mate

    2. ‘Ctrl F’ in your browser will allow you to search any work/sentance on any site.

        1. ditto, thanks a lot, I’m a bit of a technophob !

  7. Keith, only just noticed the issues you’ve had with revenue for the site. I looked at the forum post about it from a while back too but dont you think a small subscription could be more beneficial than the advert’s revenue?

    That way you can still charge for adverts on the site and you’d have an income from the subscribers. Was just looking on the site the other day and there are over 30,000 members…if you could get even a third of them to subscribe perhaps £10.00 a month that would help you out a lot im sure. I know with the current financial climate you are probably reluctant to ask for money but a lot of the newspapers are going down that road now…and for F1 fanatics this is the best site to follow f1 with.

    Hope you can sort it out…been a regular reader more or less every day since 2007 when I stumbled across the site. Just looked at the donation page…do you have to have a paypal account to do it? sorry if that’s a dumb question

  8. Chris (@chriswayne1985c)
    21st March 2012, 13:18

    Hi Keith, I want to thank you for all the effort you put into this website. I am on this site everyday and it has been the most frequent site I visited during the winter testing. Its awesome to have a community of F1 fans that you can visit in click of a button. I live in South Africa and the F1 community is a lot smaller here which is why I appreciate this site, and if you were to charge £10.00 it would cost me over 100 South African Rands, which is alot. So I don’t really mind seeing the advertisements when i come to this site :-). But if there is a charge, I will understand. It is costly to run something like this and i hope it doesn’t come to that.

  9. Great to watch the site keep developing. The stats and facts feature after every race is one of the articles I look forward to the most.

  10. I’ll definitely be using these statistics when making my half season driver rankings, I guess you cannot find any other web source that’d be as good for this purpose.

  11. Great stuff as always Keith – big kudos. Didn’t you say a while back you had to scale back your input into the site? I wonder how much you get done when going all out!? Seriously, thumbs up.

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