2012 Malaysian Grand Prix practice in 100 pictures

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The track stayed dry for the first two practice sessions for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was fastest in both sessions in typically punishing conditions at the Sepang International Circuit.

Here are pictures of the cars during practice for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

See here for pictures of Valtteri Bottas making his F1 debut in practice:

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Mercedes, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham/LAT

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18 comments on “2012 Malaysian Grand Prix practice in 100 pictures”

  1. Yet another helmet design for Vettel… its such a joke, the budget for his helmet designs are probably more than the whole of HRTs budget

    1. Indeed, it’s getting really boring now.

      Interesting to see the extra cooling gills on the McLaren for this race, obviously hot conditions in Sepang deeming it necessary.

    2. I never understood the problem people have with Vettel changing his helmet design so often. I don’t get the “it used to mean something” argument. Sure if it means something to the driver then by all means keep it as it is forever (and most drivers do) but its just something he does because he probably enjoys it and I’m OK with that (I in fact like to see all the new designs). If you don’t like it then I am certain looking at Alonso’s or Hamilton’s helmet will keep you happy enough.
      But then again when I was small and dreamed of driving in F1 I actually thought that I would do exactly the same thing, so this sits well with me.

      1. A driver’s helmet is akin to knight’s shield design. It identifies him on the battlefield when face is no longer visible once you lower your visor. In a modern F1 car, the helmet is the only part of the driver you see (ok, apart from gloves), and given that most teams have non-existent or almost invisible car numbers, the lack of identity can be anoying for a viewer. A driver should be proud of his coat of arms, preferably passing it to his firstborn son :-).

    3. I don’t mind Vettel’s change in helmet design, considering the way he gives them away every time he wins a race, because then there’s this one-of-a-kind helmet out there commemorating his win. But the commentators observed that he went through three separate designs in Melbourne, and now he’s sporting a new one in Malaysia despite only finishing second in Australia.

      1. Does he give them away? I’m sure it was mentioned in commentary last year that Vettel keeps and collects the helmet and set of overalls for every win…?

    4. I would take it a step further: I don’t approve of ANY of this helmet-design nonsense. Total waste of resources. We need to get back to helmets that require no more design creativity than this:


      If it was good enough for Fangio…

    5. @brawngp Looks like he’s trying to cause the guys ahead of him a headache with an optical illusion!

  2. I love this race — even if it’s just for the pictures we get! The tropical scenery and the beautiful green banks really do give this event a unique feel.

    1. I personally hate the pics we get from this track compared to others. Everything is just so dull and grey.

      1. even compared with picture from China and Korea?

  3. Hopefully the more images to come include Williams!

  4. I see HRT have had the good sense to change the colour of the Tata logos from light blue to black. While I think light blue is both an under-used and under-rated colour in racing car liveries, it clashed horribly with the white, scarlet and gold that makes up the rest of the F112’s livery.

  5. These are the best shots of the season so far. Thank you for putting all of these together Keith!

  6. Mercedes are getting heat-related problems? look at those extra cuts onto the chassis..

    1. almost all teams have these cuts, look at Mclarens

  7. Such a silly helmet of Kovalainen with that facebook game! His previous helmet looked way cooler!

  8. The Malaysian flag is brilliant.

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