2012 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

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2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    27 comments on “2012 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Ferrari 2013 line up would be leading the championship after that 1-2 finish! :P

      I jest, great victory from Alonso, shows how important wins are that he’s hoisted Ferrari right up the standings. Although good consistency is also important – hopefully Hamilton can keep stringing the posdiums together like he did in 2007!

    2. Almost flawless driving by “Speedy Perez”, but I take my hat off for Mr. Alonso.

      On McLaren, what’s going on on those pits? Poor Lewis. Button playing “2011 Hamilton” hitting someone was not good.

      On Mercedes, that car was not made for sundays…

    3. Mercedes has only 1 point!

    4. Much as I love to see the “Nasty Spaniard” win, I was so gutted for Perez. Decent drive by Hamilton, let down in the pitstops.

      Shocker from Button though, imagine the vilification if Hamilton had been the one hitting Karthikayen?

    5. This is the kind of racing i have always wanted.I’ll like Sauber to retain the fourth spot in the championship.

    6. Alonso leading the Championship? It seems he’s redefining damage limitation.

    7. Perez Yay. Why oh why were they in Perez’ ear at that time. I think they made him have that moment at the end. He was a second a lap faster than Alonso and Perez should have overtaken Alonso without risk.

      Alonso really does show his ability and mental strength with the wins and drives like this.

      Oh Mercedes, just keep getting everyones hopes up.

      Rosberg. I used to laugh at those who say Rosberg will never win a race or that he is an also ran never to be a WDC. Rosberg always drifts back in the field like another driver famous for it , I can’t remember the name (italian I think).

      Vettel may finally be facing his share of the bad luck. Same bad luck for Button. Booo.

      Hamilton the big winner in terms of points for the WDC contenders (whoever they happen to be now).

      Kimmi can’t believe he has been away from the sport at all. I now think that Ferrari messed him around and that is why he was so despondent and a little anti F1 for a while.

      Big ups for Sauber and Lotus.

      The race itself unreal. Wow wow wow. Even Nanna Charlie Whiting couldn’t spoil it with his red flag and prolonged restart under the safety car.

    8. rain certainly made this race what it was, a disaster for some, but a god send for others.
      waiting for others to change tires first because the pit crew with all that data, as much as mission control can not make the right call.
      how they still have a job is beyond me.
      Ferrari/Sauber congratulations on a excellent race.

    9. not a ferrari fan, but credit to Alonso.

      still gotta laugh at this though. this is bloody woeful
      “19 Felipe Massa 0”

      is he really classified lower than pic and glock?

      1. Yes – that’s why he’s listed there!

        Glock: 1x14th, 1x17th
        Pic: 1x15th, 1x20th
        Massa: 1x15th

        Massa wasn’t classified in Australia.

        1. And he made it very dangerous for those passing him, must have been close to a penalty.

          1. I disagree, Massa was hard but fair. He wasn’t weaving all over the place or anything, he gave his rivals just enough room.

          2. I don’t think he made it dangerous. He was driving *very* defensively though to the point of losing masses of time each lap. He’d decided he had no chance of catching anyone so was doing his damnedest to hold on to every place he could. He didn’t do anything illegal, he just made it clear he wasn’t going to easily relinquish his place.

            1. Massa is the only driver who can hit both the inside and outside apex of the same corner and claim he is on the racing line, he definitely did not leave enough room on the track for cars that were alongside him going through corners, I think it was beyond “hard but fair”, more like desperate but pointless.

            2. @hohum I kinda agree, I forgot who, Button I think it was, where Massa cut him off going into the main straight. A car width it wasn’t. Honestly I’m disappointed he got away completely with that. When Narian gets a penalty for what was essentially a mistake.

    10. If this kind of things continues, I’m sure it would be the epic season.

    11. Uncharacteristic mistake from Vettel, we weren’t seeing him making stupid errors like that last season. Webber definitely looks closer and his car is no longer dominant, now we will see what he’s really made of.

      If he’d banked the points for 4th he would have been joint second with Hamilton, consistency is going to be key this season so the number of non-scores you get needs to be kept to a minimum. Button must be kicking himself too, any top 5 finish would have been good under the circumstances.

      1. oh Vettel made some silly errors in 2010. I think still Vettel is not mentally solid as Button or Alonso. If he has control of the race and fast car, I doubt somebody could stop him, but if he’s under pressure…well you know. for sure RB8 is not fast as its predecessor so it’s interesting to see what he’s made of.

    12. Congratulations to Williams on beating their 2011 points haul!

      1. Here, here to that.

    13. Massa is a superb racer!
      He should drive go-kart with chimpanzees. :P

    14. Massa doesn’t seem to be able to adapt to the Pirelli tyres.

    15. Shouldn’t Grosjean be 24th? He’s the only driver not to have finished a race?

    16. I was one of the 4 % who thought Massa would up his game for this season in the pre-season poll. Sadly, I was wrong. Very horribly wrong. At this point it seems Karthikeyan is doing a better job in the HRT than Massa in the Ferrari. The sands are running out fast in Massa’s hourglass.

      The only question I have is, if Ferrari decide to get Perez on board would Sauber let him go, considering he has performed better than Kobayashi many times. And if Sauber do let him go then would an Alguesuari or Sutil get a recall ? Would make for interesting dynamics. Mind that Ferrari took Fisichella in 2009, they can do the same with Perez. Funny thing is that both scored 2nd places for their teams then :) !

    17. i’ll have to check with Sean ” @virtualstatsman ” , but i can’t recall the last time the top 8 was covered by 8 different teams.
      must be some time ago, if ever.

      1. *that’s @virtualstatman * not stats

    18. what a season this will be!

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