F1 fans’ video highlights from the Australian Grand Prix weekend

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Get a flavour of the Australian Grand Prix with this selection of footage from the race weekend.

Here are some of the best videos shot by F1 fans at the Australian Grand Prix.

Vergne drifts in practice

Jean-Eric Vergne, in his first F1 race weekend, gets out of shape in the fast chicane during Friday’s rain-hit practice. His is the second car in this shot.

Turn five

One of the quickest corners on the Albert Park circuit, turn five showcases the commitment of the drivers and the capability of their cars.

Alonso spins in qualifying

Q2 didn’t go well for Fernando Alonso – he spun into the gravel and missed a shot at the top ten.

Tour of the track

This fan takes us in and around the track during practice and qualifying.

Firat-lap crash

Bruno Senna is tipped into the air in a tangle at the first corner.

Problems for Petrov

Vitaly Petrov retired from his first race for Caterham. The safety car made an appearance as a truck was sent to salvage his car which stopped at the start/finish area due to problems with his steering wheel.


The safety car heads into the pits and the race resumes.


The post-race celebrations begin after Jenson Button claims his third Australian Grand Prix victory.

Post-race clean-up


The circuit begins its transformation back into a park as the race finishes.

More Australian Grand Prix fans’ videos

Check out this footage of Michael Schumacher keeping photographers away from his Mercedes.

Plus more footage of the start by F1 Fanatic reader Damon Smedley, who wrote about his experiences at the track:

If you’ve shot any F1 footage you’d like to share, please get in touch , using Twitter or via F1 Fanatic’s YouTube account.

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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    10 comments on “F1 fans’ video highlights from the Australian Grand Prix weekend”

    1. Excellent collection of vids, effectively a diary of the weekend. Well done on collecting them.

    2. Great vids, thanks for collecting them up. Pretty much all of these show what a terrible job FOM do in coverying the speed and grip these fantastic machines offer. Someone should tell FOM that it wouldn’t hurt once in a while to have static cameras at various corners instead of constant panning around. Such a shame.

      1. They had one aimed at turn 1 in Malaysia. Not the greatest, but a good start.

        1. They had one on the back straight as the cars com out of the 9-10 chicane and head alongside the lake. It’s always a great shot every year.

    3. I really liked the one with the safety car going by. That sucker was really moving and the engine sounded very nice.

      1. Having never been to a race, it’s really hard to comprehend just how fast those cars move. Behind the safety car, you could hardly say they were crawling, but it just doesn’t look fast on TV coverage!

    4. The static camera’s on a corner really do give you the feeling of being there and actually give you a huge feeling of speed. You can instantly tell who’s car is handling well, who “On It” who is just making up the numbers – ( and the one I love ) who trying big time but is driving a slower car. This static shows what a poor show we have been getting. Thanks all.

      1. Seconded. Vids from T8 and 5 are very telling and so nice to watch.

    5. I like the crowd reaction when Alonso gets mad at the marshal after his qualifying spin. At about 0:43 you can hear someone saying “you put the ****** in there ya ********”.

    6. @keithcollantine Here’s another video @Aus_Steve put together of the Thursday. And here’s us getting signatures outside of the paddock!

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