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Rubens Barrichello’s 19-year F1 career came to an end last season.

The Brazilian driver made his debut in IndyCar on Sunday with new team KV Racing.

His mammoth F1 career spanned over 300 starts for six different teams.

And if you’ve been following it closely, you should have no trouble answering these 20 questions on Barrichello’s F1 career.

Regular players take note – the timer is in a slightly different position and should stay visible throughout the quiz.

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17 comments on “Take the Rubens Barrichello F1 Fanatic Quiz”

  1. I think I will have to find some time and remember things about Rubens before taking this quiz. I just love how these quizzes show we might think we know things, but there is just endlessly more to know!

  2. 9 points, I think that’s by far my best score on one of these :P

  3. I miss Rubens :(

  4. Errrr, the intro says 20 minutes, but I got five…

    1. It’s supposed to be five minutes – It always has been.

    2. @losd Sorry about that – it is supposed to be five minutes as usual.

  5. Same here, it only gave me 5 minutes

  6. got 15 which I am delighted about.

  7. I got 18 !!! hahahahahah …

  8. It only gave me the timer for about 10 seconds, then it disappeared as usual. Ran out of time :-( Can I try again?

  9. The image for the picture question didn’t show up for me. To think, I could have got a monster 9.

    1. (@Keith Collantine)

  10. it made me think, that Rubens Barrichello, Jarno Trulli and Nick Heidfeld “brought out” a sum of 766 Grand Prix participartions together.
    The Malaysian Grand Prix was the 860th GP since 1950.
    Pic, Vergne, Grosjean, Ricciardo, Perez, di Resta, Maldonado, Hülkenberg, Senna, Kartikheyan, Petrov, Kobayashi, Glock, Vettel, de la Rosa, Kovalainen, Hamilton and Rosberg together (18 drivers out of 24!) participated in 756 closing with the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix…
    I know F1 have never had 6 crowned world champions with 14 titles on the grid, but there are only 3 more GP winners, so the current grid looks like a caricature with a big head and a very small body.
    Sorry if that was a bit like offtopic, but I also miss Barrichello, seriously think that the current Williams lineup can say a huge thank you to him for contributing to this years car, and it’s a shame that he can’t enjoy the outcome of his labours.

  11. 16/20, did better than I expected. Some really nice questions in this one.

  12. 3/20

    Is it bad that I’m happy with that?

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