Adrian Sutil, Force India, Shanghai, 2010

Showers forecast for Chinese Grand Prix weekend

2012 Chinese Grand Prix

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Adrian Sutil, Force India, Shanghai, 2010Cold, rainy weather tends to greet the F1 teams in China – particularly since the race moved to its April slot in 2009.

Two of the three races since then have been rain-affected: a thoroughly drenched race in 2009, followed by a mixed wet-and-dry Grand Prix the year after.

The local weather appears to be running true to form, presenting cool conditions and a recurring threat of rain over the next three days. The forecast radars show bands of rain passing across the area from west to east.

There is a chance of light rain during Friday practice, and the forecasts for rain on Saturday are higher, though there is a good chance it will fall after qualifying. Sunday is currently expected to remain dry.

With overcast conditions, temperatures are predicted to remain a cool 10-13C throughout the weekend.

Air quality has also been a concern here in the past. Nearby factories are often required to stop production during the race weekend but in recent years this has not happened during Friday practice, leaving a thick haze in a sky.

As always if you’re in the area and can supply details on the current weather and local forecasts, please do so in the comments.

Here are radar images showing rainfall movement in the region:

Shanghai International circuit location

Shanghai is in eastern China, and the track itself lies to the west of the country’s largest city.

2012 Chinese Grand Prix

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23 comments on “Showers forecast for Chinese Grand Prix weekend”

  1. Actually, cold, rainy weather greets them no matter what time of year – we had mixed wet-and-dry races in 2006 and 2007 (when the race was still slated in October).

  2. Perez will be happy :P

    1. So would be Alonso

      1. I would be supprised if those two would not like to repeat the last podium!

        1. but we need rain during the race!

  3. Perez can go for the win again haha :D

  4. Cluffy_Wedge
    12th April 2012, 11:35

    Should it not be “on the cards” in the sub header instead of “on the cars”?

  5. Is it just me or the amount of wet races has increased dramatically over the past few years?

    1. Global warming, dude! :P

  6. 2005- Dry, 2006 & 2007 – Wet
    2008- Dry, 2009 & 2010 – Wet

    2011- Dry, 2012 & 2013 – Wet?

    1. It’s only logical. ;-)

    2. good theory. we will see.

  7. Ferrari will be happy presumably

  8. I hope for a wet qualifying where the big names qualify at the back, and then a dry race to see them come through the field.

  9. Another wet race again at this boring event. This is the singular worst track layout being used in F1. Absoluetly no pace at this place and when it rains ( every year ) we again will see tainted performances where anybody with a bag full of luck will win. How about those absoluetly empty grandstands, just what Bernie hoped for. Maybe it is the wrong time of the year to race there….maybe racing somewhre else should be considered. A pattern has developed here year after year, not so good racing. Oh yeah lets remember Hamiltons amazing pass on Seb….a moment for all eternity….other than that what has happened there. Bernie please put a end to this and that other pile called Bahrain.

    1. What’s wrong with a wet race other than the drivers being too gutless to race in the rain? The rain has led to many great Chinese Grand Prixs in the past

      I also disagree with your opinion of Shanghai having the worst layout. It does have some decent corners, and the track flows nicely most of the time. It’s nowhere near as bad as Yas Marina which has absolutely no flow at all after turn 3.

    2. TED BELL, i have to say the last few GP at the circuit have been absolutely awesome. I would say China last year was in my top 5 races.

    3. Sunday is expected to remain dry.

    4. Peter Smiith
      12th April 2012, 22:10

      Valencia and Abu Dhabi are far worse! Boring layouts, poor atmospheres and zero chance of overtaking.

    5. Oh yeah lets remember Hamiltons amazing pass on Seb….a moment for all eternity….other than that what has happened there.

      2004: Schumacher’s eventfully bad race
      2006: Schumacher’s surprise win from 6th on the grid, passing both Renaults, insanity on the final lap where Button went from 7th to 4th
      2007: Hamilton ends up in gravel trap (pivotal moment for the championship), Massa and Alonso have race long battle for 2nd, Vettel finishes 4th from 17th on the grid
      2009: Vettel, Button and Webber have three way fight for the win, Hamilton spins several times but recovers for 6th
      2010: Alonso, Vettel, Webber, Hamilton make varying degrees of progress through the field
      2011: Webber gets podium from 18th on the grid

      Weather assisted or not, the races in Shanghai have been surprisingly good in my opinion.

  10. I do hope we have a totally dry race. As fun as Malaysia was, I want to see some raw pace.

    1. well, we will definitely see in Bahrain next week if not this week :(

  11. I want some dramatic track condition changes…for damage limitation for Ferrari!

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