Rosberg hails “perfect lap” for first pole position

2012 Chinese Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg described his pole position lap for the Chinese Grand Prix as “perfect”.

After setting his time at the start of Q3 he got out of the car and didn’t do another run.

Rosberg said it was “fantastic” to be starting tomorrow’s race from pole: “It went really well. It’s a very special feeling, definitely.

“And now, obviously I’m looking forward to starting first tomorrow and looking forward to the race.”

Rosberg said set-up changes prior to Q3 were part of the key to his lap:

“The track was cooling off a little bit, the temperature was coming down slightly. And so the rear tyres started to work a little bit better.

“We changed the set-up a little bit before the last run and just got a perfect lap, so it worked out really, really well.”

Team principal Ross Brawn said Rosberg’s pole position was a “fantastic achievement”

“It was a quite exceptional lap by Nico. He hasn’t had a great first couple of races in that respect and today we saw what he can do. The middle sector he did was just incredible.”

However Brawn acknowledged the team’s high tyre degradation could hurt them in the race: “We’ve obviously got at the back our mind we’ve got to put a race together tomorrow.”

2012 Chinese Grand Prix

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19 comments on “Rosberg hails “perfect lap” for first pole position”

  1. real impressive lap, will be awesome to see 2 Mercedes on the front row…. wonder who will come out of turn 1 in the lead?

    1. @blunt if Koby does not sleep at the start, I can see him first out of T2.

    2. @blunt I predict Schumacher, though I would be happy with either.

  2. I got this one correct.. pole.. Nico Rosberg..

    1. I was wondering if the best time is set by someone having penalty how does it work for prediction champ ? We take the time of the fastest but the name of the n°1 on the grid ?

      Thanks for any clarification on that

      1. I believe it is whoever set the fastest lap, regardless of pole. So, for example, if person A got pole with a 1:00.00, but had a grid penalty, with person B and C in 2nd and 3rd with 1:01.00 and 1:02.00, and so on, points go to whoever predicted “person A, 1:00.00”, however the grid would be person B, C, D and so on.
        So no, I dont think grid penalties affect prediction championships for pole.

        1. @jeanrien @minnis The predictions championship is based on the pole sitter. That is, whoever is P1 at the start of the race on Sunday.

  3. Even though i really would like to see Michael first in the first corner, i have a feeling that it will stay as it is in the start.

  4. I was surprised on how calm he was after qualifying.

  5. Great job for nico to pull out a stunning lap like that. The race pace of the Mercedes will definetly help the likes of Lewis though with the rosberg train stopping the pack spreading out. If kamui can find a way past the mercs on the first lap, expect to see another strong finish for a sauber

    1. For the race, I’m surprised nobody talks about Kimi … He is quite at a good place and show promising race pace, let’s keep an eye on him and having the 2 McLaren not far behind is very good for the race. Not sure RedBull can fight for the win without any external intervention (rain ? safety cars ?)
      And indeed if the track is a bit “cold” the mercedes could have a fantastic race (as it seems to bring them into the right T° window)

      Tomorrow looks great on paper so far …

  6. Third time this year excitement after qualifying, but I guess it’ll be business as usual in the race. Actually, I’d be surprised to see one of Merc on podium. Probably even Saubers are faster in race trim and Kimi Raikkonen should be flying, cause Lotus have one of the strongest race pace on the grid.

  7. Michael to win the Race…… as he has better race pace than rosberg

  8. Does anyone know where I can find full qualifying times including first and second session times ?
    BBC seem to have given up on quality online coverage and even here I can’t find the details.


    1. Autosport has it at — although I’m not too keen on advertizing Keith’s competitors.

  9. There’s nothing better in F1 than seeing a driver achieve their first win, podium, points finish or pole position, particularly if it’s taken them a while coming through less than stellar teams. First new pole sitter since the other Niko in Brazil in 2010 if I’m not mistaken.

    There’s already been a new first podium this year with Perez, now with a first pole I’m hoping Britney can bring it home and be the first new race winner since Webber in Germany all of 49 races ago! I doubt he will, but I can live in hope. If not, Kamui might make a run at a podium at least, but that might be less likely.

    1. @toro-steve You’re right about The Hulk being the last new driver to stick it on pole. That had crossed my mind too.

      They should start up the ‘Nico Club’ :D

  10. Pretty surprised to hear that this is his first pole, I could have sworn the contrary, very unfortunate over the years, hopefully well see more from Mercedes not only on cold qually conditions.

    1. Ohh yes that right he lost the singapore GP on the year Teflonso won right ? he also had some shots with the 09 Williams but he crossed the white line.

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