Ferrari: Exhaust “a small part of the problem”

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In the round-up: Ferrari say their car needs more than just an improved exhaust to become competitive.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Ferrari need ‘fundamental change’ (BBC)

Ferrari technical director Pat Fry: “The exhaust is one of the more obvious changes that we’ve made, but that’s quite a small part of the problem we’ve got. There’s work on all fronts, not just work going into what we’re taking to Barcelona, there’s also a huge amount of work in just trying to change the fundamentals of what we do, so we can actually take a step forward and be competing with everyone else.”

Violence flares in Bahrain after F1 gets go-ahead (Bloomberg Businessweek)

“‘No F1, no F1. … They killed my son in cold blood,’ sobbed Ismail’s mother, Makyia Ahmed, who said her son had been a volunteer at previous F1 races.”

Funeral in Bahrain erupts in violence (CNN)

“Activist Ala’a Shehehabi of Bahrain Watch said she, too, attended the funeral. ‘It was seething with anger and full of anti-government chants,” she said. “As we were leaving the burial we were attacked by the riot police. We saw the police coming in and got in our car.'”

Bahrain Grand Prix decision puts F1’s elitist soul under scrutiny (The Guardian)

“The decision to run next Sunday’s race has everything to do with business and nothing to do with the celebration of sport, which should not take place in the uneasy environment that still exists in the Gulf kingdom.”

Todt absent as Bahrain gets go-ahead (The Times, subscription required)

“When team principals trooped into a dreary backroom at the Shanghai circuit yesterday to meet Bernie Ecclestone, the chief executive of F1, to give their warnings over Bahrain, there was no sign of Todt, just the e-mailed statement of intent: that F1 will race in Bahrain no matter what.”

Mercedes, McLaren accept FIA decision (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: “We attended a meeting yesterday and not one team voiced a concern. There was not much point in doing so.”

Uncomfortable reaction to F1 decision to press on with Bahrain GP (James Allen)

“The list of media organisations choosing not to attend the race is small, but growing. Sky Germany joined Finnish and Japanese TV in planning to call the race from their home base and several journalists plan to do likewise.”

F1 Sells Out (KF4LMT’s Monitoring Post and Blog)

“As much as I love F1 racing, to watch any of the sessions would be supporting something that I do not and cannot support.”

Why F1 should not be racing in Bahrain (Agreed Nonsense)

“Whilst the government continues to pretend that it is not shooting protesters and seeks to brush under the carpet any dissent, a major international sport that seeks to represent fairness and equality should not be lending its support to this regime.”

Red Bull RB8 – old-style exhaust set-up (F1)

“Whilst Mark Webber chose to run the current version of the Red Bull’s exhaust in China, team mate Sebastian Vettel elected to use this older version, which featured on the RB8 at launch.”

Technical Director, Paddy Lowe chats about the upcoming race weekend in China (McLaren via YouTube)

Formula 1 Betting: Chinese Grand Prix preview (UniBet)

“F1 Fanatic’s Keith Collantine picks out his selections for the Chinese Grand Prix.”

Comment of the day

There’s nothing like a mixed-up grid to raise the anticipation for a race. Here’s Lin1876:

So delightfully hard to call ? there are at least four drivers with a very real shot at victory and that can only be a good thing. Can the McLarens win from fifth and seventh? Absolutely. Can Kobayashi and Raikkonen take advantage of their grid positions? For sure. Can the Mercedes buck form and run a competitive race distance? Perhaps.

I am so ready for tomorrow.

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On this day in F1

Felipe Massa won the Bahrain Grand Prix five years ago today. He was the third different winner in as many races as the 2007 season began.

Lewis Hamilton finished second, his subdued team mate Fernando Alonso only fifth behind Nick Heidfeld. Kimi Raikkonen put the second Ferrari on the podium in third.

Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen left the track tied for the lead of the championship on 22 points each.

Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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16 comments on “Ferrari: Exhaust “a small part of the problem””

  1. Can’t belive the “Cheese topic” made it to the round-up! :P

    1. very cheesy!

  2. The Bahrain stories are getting darker and darker… I’ve read somewhere that they found explosives near the Bahrain Circuit.

    It’s just amaizing Todt didn’t attend the Gran Prix. I mean, they already decided they are going, but he should’ve been there anyway!

    1. Jean Todt has to be at the race in Bahrain or it will speak volumes about his attitude towards the situation.

      In my view he will lose all credibility for insisting, given that he’s not willing to go himself.

  3. Bahrain has just gotten aggravating now. I’m also frustrated cause I know even when the race is over we wont hear the end of it. Just so its clear, I’m not against the race. If they say its safe to attend(safe from “peaceful” protesters, why shouldn’t it be? Note the sarcasm) and has been deemed safe to travel to, then that’s that, as I have no first-hand experience. Just hope they’re right.

    Also, I love cheese. Darn college cafeteria food. Maybe that’s why I’m so angry.

  4. Very excited for today’s race, I think we’ll have a new winner today. Whether it be Kobayashi or Rosberg, I have no idea but I’ve got a good feeling it’ll be one of them :D

  5. McLaren can’t raise any objections, they are partially owned by the Bahraini monarchy. That said, I hope protestors don’t deliberately target the McLaren team members or the drivers just because of this connection.

  6. I hope Mercedes tells their drivers whoever is first by first corner is allowed to win and the other MUST use all his /her power to keep the rest of the pack behind.

    I hope to see a Michael or Briteny train :)

  7. I haven’t seen this on the site yet so here you go:
    Vergne starting from the pitlane

    1. @julian Thanks for that. There isn’t much left to change it seems!

  8. ¿Best type of Cheese?

    All of them are amazing if they are natural, not industrial. And it’s the best complement, or excuse for having a great wine.

    1. @idr Blue Stilton gets my vote, every time.

  9. Someone needs to call this Bahrain race off under the force majeure clause. Seriously, it’s already causing problems and we’re still a week away! This is going to be so, so bad for F1.

    1. I agree with @lak when he says the violence isn’t a daily issue, and not all over the country, but I think the announcement that F1 will race there has made the Bahrainis angrier and has spiced up protests.

  10. Sick of all the Bahrain crap making the news, it is obvious that it isn’t safe..

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