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2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Spanish Grand Prix weekend so look out for the live page on the site during every session.

Here are the details of the BBC and Sky’s live coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix here in the UK:

Friday 11th May

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Spanish Grand Prix first practice liveBBC Red Button08:5509:0010:30
Spanish Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F108:4509:0010:30
GP2 Spain practice liveSky Sports F110:5511:0011:40
Spanish Grand Prix second practice liveBBC Red Button12:5513:0014:30
Spanish Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F112:4513:0014:30
GP2 Spain qualifying liveSky Sports F114:5515:0015:40

Saturday 12th May

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP3 Spain qualifying liveSky Sports F18:408:459:15
Spanish Grand Prix third practice liveBBC Red Button09:5510:0011:00
Spanish Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F109:4510:0011:00
Spanish Grand Prix qualifying liveBBC112:1013:00
Spanish Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F112:0013:00
GP2 Spain feature race liveSky Sports F114:3514:40
GP3 Spain race one liveSky Sports F116:1516:20

Sunday 13th May

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession starts
GP3 Spain race two liveSky Sports F108:2008:25
GP2 Spain sprint race liveSky Sports F109:3009:35
Spanish Grand Prix liveBBC112:1013:00
Spanish Grand Prix liveSky Sports F111:3013:00

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2012 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2012 Spanish Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Is this the first time support races have been listed? I don’t remember seeing so many here before.

    It’s a great piece of information for the weekend though. Thanks.

    Would it be possible to make the F1 session bold so they are easier to find?

    1. I tried that but didn’t like the look of it.

      1. It’s the first GP3 of the season, so that’s why there are more races

      2. Arijit (@arijitmaniac)
        10th May 2012, 11:29

        Or maybe have a slightly different background colour for the Grand Prix entry in the table.

  2. Germany (CET)

    FP1: 09:55 Sky Sport 2/HD1
    FP2: 13:55 Sky Sport 2/HD1 and 14:05 n-tv

    FP3: 10:55 Sky Sport2/HD1 and 12:30 RTL (highlights)
    Q: 13:50 Sky Sport2/HD1 and 13:30 RTL
    GP2 R1: 15:35 Sky Sport2/HD1

    GP3 R1: 9:00 Eurosport (as live)
    GP3 R2: 9:30 Eurosport
    GP2 R2: 10:30 Sky Sport2/HD1
    PSC: 11:40 Sky Sport2/HD1 and 11:45 Eurosport
    Race: 13:00 Sky Sport2/HD1 and 12:45 RTL

  3. Sky just had the Spanish GP Driver’s Conference Live (2PM UK – 9AM EST). They will rebroadcast it at 7PM UK – 2PM EST, 8:30PM UK – 3:30PM EST and 11:15PM UK – 6:15PM EST. Fun Fernando imitation from Vettel: You must all the time leave space…

  4. Yes oh yes!! European season how I’ve missed you. No more staying up till 4am for FP1, FP2 etc.

    Can’t wait!

  5. Keith, is there something in the contract between sky F1 and the BBC where it states when doind simulcasts that sky must have a 10minute head start? Because it looks like that to me, but just wondering if it’s actually in the contracts. Interesting.

    1. I doubt it @timi The BBC only used to join the FP sessions 5 minutes before in previous seasons. Nothing has changed there. Sky having a dedicated channel affords them the freedom of going live earlier with a broadcast team, not just commentary.

      1. @andewtanner Ahh right. Okay, thanks for that!

  6. Yes, GP2 and GP3!

    I may actually miss live qualification for F1 due to a family party but I’m hoping a combination of laptop, 3G and Android WiFi Hotspot will alleviate any issues.

  7. re. “Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2012 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.”

    Is there a link to that Google Calendar on the home page?

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