Williams prepared for Monaco despite fire

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams team, 2012Williams chief operations engineer Mark Gillan says the team is ready to race at Monaco after recovering from the fire which broke out after the Spanish Grand Prix last week.

Gillan said: “The team’s preparations for Monaco have been somewhat hampered by last Sunday’s garage fire, but the impact of the fire has been mitigated by what can only be described as a Herculean effort by the factory and our suppliers to restock both the damaged equipment and car parts.

“We would also like to thank the generous offers of help from the other teams, highlighting once more the excellent sportsmanship that exists in Formula One and high levels of comradery throughout the pit lane.”

Despite the disruption to their preparations caused by the fire, the team still intend to introduce some upgrades for their cars this weekend.

Spanish Grand Prix winner Pastor Maldonado said: “Monaco is a very challenging circuit for the drivers both physically and mentality because you have to concentrate fully at all times, but I really enjoy this challenge and I have traditionally done well here in the past.

“I am full of confidence after my win at the last race so I go to Monaco with high hopes of getting another strong result for the team.”

Maldonado celebrated his win with the team at the factory last week.

Pictures: Maldonado’s Spanish Grand Prix victory celebrations at Grove

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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  • 22 comments on “Williams prepared for Monaco despite fire”

    1. I can not spot Bruno Senna in that picture of Williams team. Is he there?
      Sure is a good thing if they can get fully ready for the Monaco Grand Prix. It would be a shame
      if they performance is going to be affected by “force majeur”.

      1. Doesn’t look like it, he probably tripped up something on the way there ;-D

      2. Yeah, suddenly Bruno at Williams seems like Massa at Ferrari. That is all because of the Maldonado’s masterclass and Senna’s qualifying error all combined in one weekend. Suddenly Pastor seems to have the status of a superstar and Bruno a nobody.

        1. I hate to see that, even if it is only one weekend. F1 is a fickle sport sometimes though, and moves on quickly.

          Right now, I’m a bit more concerned about the fact that Bruno will apparently be racing the same car that was in the garage fire. While I’m sure they’ve stress and heat tested it plenty, that’s still just a bit worrisome to me, I don’t know.

      3. Wasn’t it Bruno that didn’t turn up to the Melbourne GP driver photo shoot?

        Maybe he has a thing about photos?

        1. Eleanore (@leucocrystal)
          22nd May 2012, 9:58

          I doubt that very much. He’s generally regarded as one of the most approachable drivers in the paddock, and does a lot of PR for both his team and his sponsors. Which Melbourne shoot do you mean, out of curiosity? The one-offs they all took with their helmets and in full kit? He was definitely present for those.

          1. @leucocrystal
            I could be very wrong, It’s a vague memory but at one point, for the shot where all the drivers are together on the main straight in Melbourne. I think I read something about him either being late, or not turning up at all.

            1. @Mike First I’ve heard of that, but if true he must have been late, since he’s definitely in the photos.

            2. @leucocrystal

              In that case :D I think I might be completely incorrect!

    2. That trophy is terrible…

      1. @carbon_fibre It is pretty dull apart from the Spanish colours!

      2. It really resembles the Santander logo.

        1. it is the santander logo an I ( and I hope everyone else) hate it with a passion, especially because if memory serves me well its not the only one in the season that looks like it. Its because santander throws money at race organisers and so they have to use it as marketing which is disgusting. I know these are strong words but for some reason that trophy flicks a switch in my brain that says HATE!!. Pretty much the only negative I took away from that weekend.

    3. I hope they have a good result in Monaco. That would be brilliant.

    4. Any word on the engine in Senna’s car? The fire surely destroyed it?

      1. @ivz Apparently not. I’m frankly amazed they’ll have him driving it.

        1. Haha @ frankly :) they could be using a spare chassis, great effort by the team to be prepared after what went down.

        2. At least its a testimony of how strong these chassis are, although in the different articles nothing is said about the engine!

    5. They have him out the back fixing his own car as punishment for his qually mistake ;-)

    6. Bruno’s Helmet is already finding other uses

      i doubt he will need it much longer

      1. Let’s hope they do not confine Bruno Senna himself to the grass car.

    7. disgruntled
      23rd May 2012, 0:50

      williams is on fire

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