Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monaco, 2011

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monaco, 2011

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monaco, 2011

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A tilt-shift photograph of Sebastian Vettel at the Loews hairpin during the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix.

Vettel won the race from pole position, but came under fierce pressure from Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in the second half of the Grand Prix.

A late red flag following a multi-car crash played into Vettel’s hands as he was able to change his tyres before the restart.

5 comments on “Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monaco, 2011”

  1. It looks a lot like a toy car for some reason>
    Can someone explain why, and if I’m not the only one please?

    1. @xjr15jaaag Wikipedia to the rescue!

      My basic understanding is that the very specific focal length gives it a miniature effect.

    2. That’s a common effect of tilt-shift photography, often on purpose.

    3. It’s really quite cool :D

      Reminds me of a model train set…

  2. Don’t expect Seb to be 1st this year.

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