2012 Monaco Grand Prix TV Times

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Monaco Grand Prix weekend so look out for the live page on the site during every session.

We’ll also be following the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday evening.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s live video coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix here in the UK:

Thursday 24th May 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Monaco Grand Prix first practice liveBBC Red Button08:5509:0010:30
Monaco Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F108:4509:0010:30
GP2 Monaco practice liveSky Sports F110:5511:0011:40
Monaco Grand Prix second practice liveBBC Red Button12:5513:0014:30
Monaco Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F112:4513:0014:30
GP2 Monaco qualifying liveSky Sports F115:5016:0016:30

Friday 25th May 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP3 Monaco qualifying liveSky Sports F108:4008:4509:15
GP2 Monaco feature race liveSky Sports F109:2509:3010:35
GP3 Monaco race one liveSky Sports F111:2511:3012:05

Saturday 26th May 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Monaco Grand Prix third practice liveBBC Red Button09:5510:0011:00
Monaco Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F109:4510:0011:00
Monaco Grand Prix qualifying liveBBC112:1013:00
Monaco Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F112:0013:00
GP2 Monaco sprint race liveSky Sports F115:0515:1016:00
GP3 Monaco race two liveSky Sports F116:5016:5517:30

Sunday 27th May 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession starts
Monaco Grand Prix liveBBC112:0513:00
Monaco Grand Prix liveSky Sports F111:3013:00
Indianapolis 500 liveSky Sports 416:3017:00

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2012 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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20 comments on “2012 Monaco Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Bonus retro F1 action this weekend:


    Sky Sports F1 21:05 – 2010 Monaco Grand Prix


    Sky Sports F1 19:25 – 1983 Monaco Grand Prix
    Sky Sports F1 21:05 – 2011 Monaco Grand Prix


    ESPN Classic 11:00 – 1969 British Grand Prix
    ESPN Classic 11:30 – 1969 Monaco Grand Prix

    1. 2009 Monaco Grand Prix is also on tonight at 8pm I think. They showed the 2008 race last night.

  2. Jealous, jealous, jealous …

    1. Almost makes you want to live in blighty.

  3. Talking of retro F1 action, here is Martin Brundle’s Monaco track guide…from 1992!
    Impressive presenting skills for just a driver.


    Spot the corners where the barriers have been moved back in the last 20 years, and look out for a rare sighting of Perry McCarthy in an F1 car (not sure whether it has an engine in it or not)…

    1. That’s pretty great – he was a natural.

  4. See, with me, Monaco is a race, like the Australian (being my home, and the first) that makes me go kinda crazy…


    1. And I just can’t hide it!

      Sorry… couldn’t resist :P

      1. I was going to add “It’s that Friday feeling”, but…

      2. Haha :D

        I don’t even care anymore, even planning on leaving working 2 hours early, (so I can watch it).

  5. I am so disappointed in the Broadcaster here in Australia. They are choosing to show the Australian Netball Championship game on the HD channel, and put the most anticipated race of the year in the Formula 1 championship on standard definition, with only a 20 min pre-race show… And that’s if Master Chef finishes on time, which it won’t… Sometimes I wonder about whether I should move to a European country, where I can get to watch Soccer and Formula 1 live…

    1. Agreed. It should be live on One, and they should have a late night reply on 10. And perhaps even replay it sometime during the week.

    2. The good thing is nobody watches their ****** pre race show anyway…

    3. I’m in SA and we’ve got the race Live on One on sunday

  6. @keithcollantine – I’m just wondering if something has changed because last I knew, I thought there was never any track action on a Friday for anything? Hence the practice on Thursday, due to some market or something? Or are GP3 and GP2 exempt from this?

    1. @bradley13 I think GP2’s been running on Fridays for a few years now. Perhaps since they added FR3.5 to the support package?

      1. Ah right, not entirely sure how I missed that then, does anyone know when it changed? and in that case, why is F1 practice still Thursday?

  7. Germany (CET):

    FP1: 09:55 Sky Sport 1
    FP2: 13:55 Sky Sport 1 and 14:05 n-tv

    GP2 R1: 10:45 Sky Sport 1

    WSR 3.5 R1: 9:00 Eurosport Player
    FP3: 10:55 Sky Sport 1 and 12:30 RTL (highlights)
    Q: 13:50 Sky Sport 1 and 13:30 RTL
    GP2 R2: 16:05 Sky Sport 1

    WSR 3.5 R2: 11:00 Eurosport Player
    PSC: 9:40 Sky Sport 1 and 9:45 Eurosport 2
    Race: 13:00 Sky Sport 1 and 12:45 RTL

    Indy500: 17:35 Servus TV

  8. Looks like we’re getting rogered here in Aussie again. Network 10 is showing the qialifying at 2am on Sunday morning, 4 hours after the actual event. And it’s not even on One – they have to run the Pro Bull Riding instead, it’s hugely popular (not). It’s enough to make you scream.

  9. Arghh!! No!! GP2/GP3 is on Friday/Saturday :(

    Half expected with it being Monaco I guess…

    I shall stick the TiVo box to good use and try my best to avoid any results.

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