Weekend rain to keep teams guessing in Monaco

2012 Monaco Grand Prix weather

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The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is set for a dry start tomorrow. But the forecast for qualifying and race day is harder to predict and includes a chance of rain.

As is traditional at Monaco the first day of practice takes place on Thursday with no F1 action on Friday.

Thursday practice will be held in warm temperatures with largely clear skies seeing a peak of around 25C during the second session.

However a developing low pressure weather system is likely to affect the region from Friday evening. Rain is likely but whether it will hang around long enough to affect qualifying remains to be seen.

Increased cloud cover should bring the temperatures down by around 5C.

Looking ahead to race day, the forecast is made more tricky by the fact it’s 24 hours’ farther off than usual. At this stage conditions for the race look set to be dry but, again, not as warm as on Thursday.

You can keep an eye on developments in the forecast using the weather radar link below. And as usual we’ll have live weather updates during every session on F1 Fanatic Live.

It’s also the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. As IndyCars do not race on ovals in the wet, the weather forecast here is even more important. Fortunately a dry, sunny day with temperatures in the 30-35C range are expected for the 96th running of the race.

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2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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15 comments on “Weekend rain to keep teams guessing in Monaco”

  1. I’d love there to be some rain on the race day! Perhaps a really interesting track evolution going from wet – dry or the other way around

    1. A track evolution from dry to wet? Yep, it’s called rain.

  2. @keithcollantine – Can I just throw this link out there: http://www.meteoblue.com/en_GB/content/index/index/id/531
    I’ve been using it to keep check of the weather all season so far, and because it updates quite regularly, it’s never been wrong so far.

    1. Thanks Bradley, just bookmarked that one …..

    2. Hm, looking quite cold and all rubber washed off track for Sunday …

  3. Hm, so it looks like we can forget Mercedes taking another win, as they have been struggling to adapt to a colder sunday when FP was warm. Also Lotus is shown to have been well advised to be reluctant to be seen to be too confident when its going to be a tad colder.

    I guess it really is McLaren and Red Bull being the top candidates, but Williams and Sauber will probably pretty close to it as well (behind Lotus and possibly Alonso)

    1. or vice versa. Mercedes have only really performed when conditions on Friday and Sunday are similar.

      1. pretty much, yeah

  4. Rain?

    I blame Pirelli.

    1. lol yes

      1. Absolutely, with a wet start at least the teams can make their own choice of tyres to use.

    2. @prisoner-monkeys Me too. They sponsor the weather.

  5. Rain?
    That might mix up the order. We haven’t had much of that this year…..

    1. Right, I was going to lobby Bernie to adopt his sprinkler idea.

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