Wet start to Canada weekend but dry race expected

2012 Canadian Grand Prix weather forecast

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Conditions for the first day of practice at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve may remind drivers of the heavy rain during last year’s F1 race.

The 2011 Grand Prix was stopped for two hours as a downpour fell on the Montreal track.

A low-pressure weather system lying to the south-east of Montreal is producing cool conditions in the area at the moment. Thunderstorms are expected on Friday afternoon which could coincide with the second practice session at 2pm.

Lighter rain is forecast on Saturday, which could make for an interesting qualifying session. But conditions for the race are expected to be much better.

Expect to see more sunshine and higher temperatures on Sunday, rising from around 20 to 25C.

Keep an eye on developments in the forecast with the weather radar links and local forecasts below. The first shows a three-hour precipitation forecast and is worth checking before the start of each session.

And as usual we’ll provide more weather updates throughout the sessions on F1 Fanatic Live.

Location of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “Wet start to Canada weekend but dry race expected”

    1. The teams that like hot weather might profit again ….. who could these be? Trying hard to guess but the confusion this season is making predictions difficult. Ok, I would say Kobayashi ;-)

    2. At least the race will be dry. I don’t want to see numerous laps wasted under the safety car again.

    3. so thats no rain all weekend until Sunday then!

      1. that’s usually the case lol, im guessing a sunny weekend :D

    4. After Monaco I’m ignoring all weather reports. 90% chance of rain I think it was last time.

      If we get the “Rain in 5 minutes” calls again in Montreal it’s bound to be another disappointing race.

      1. I hope that if that happens @tommyb89, Force India (who I seem to recall were said by di Resta in some recent article somewhere could also provide a surprise this year) puts Hulk or di Resta on a strategy that’s oblivious to that but uses fast stints to get him to the head of the field, causing everyone to have to react, but too late – only HAM,RAI,MSC ahead of him, all fighting for that first win of the year (no GRO, or MSC is sure to hit him as it is now). I’ll leave it open who wins, and who makes it on the podium of those four and Alonso though :)

        1. Wait, what four? I mean those three and ALO, clearly.

    5. Yeah well we were promised a dry and sunny bank holiday weekend and look what happened……

      1. I think your profile picture fits well here :3

    6. kowalsky is back
      7th June 2012, 13:23

      let the gladiators have a little bit of everything and see who comes on top. In a circuit with tradition that every fan loves.

    7. Nice to have three Grand Prix in North America…again. These three will become fan favorites for sure.

    8. Nick.UK (@)
      7th June 2012, 15:19

      I wish the weather was the other way around to be honest.

      Wet practice means little running. Less efficient development of the cars, not much excitng action for the paying fans to watch. In contrast it can be the other way round for the races, although maybe not in quite such a distinct way with the Pirelli tyres compared to the past; China, Bahrain & Spain were all great races I thought despite being dry all the way.

      1. Agree, two dry days followed by a dry start which then becomes a wet race is the best!

    9. Am I correct saying that rain has affected pretty much every Friday Practices except Bahrain?

      1. Malaysia, Spain were unaffected to memory

    10. For my prediction for this race:
      I believe that the 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher will be the 7th race winner out of 7 races this season, considering that he’s already won 7 times at Montreal. Either that, or he’ll retire on lap 7 when he is running in 7th position when in turn 7 he’ll get stuck in 7th gear.

      1. 777 is the new number of the beast

      2. in turn 7 he’ll get stuck in 7th gear

        That Mercedes must be extremely quick through the slow corners if he were to achieve that XD

      3. COTD!!!

        1. Did I mention that he’s driving car #7.

    11. Qualification rain would be cool. Fresh rubber for the entire field on those super fast compounds would be brilliant.

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