2012 Canadian Grand Prix grid

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’13.784
Red Bull
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’14.087
Row 23. Fernando Alonso 1’14.151
4. Mark Webber 1’14.346
Red Bull
Row 35. Nico Rosberg 1’14.411
6. Felipe Massa 1’14.465
Row 47. Romain Grosjean 1’14.645
8. Paul di Resta 1’14.705
Force India
Row 59. Michael Schumacher 1’14.812
10. Jenson Button 1’15.182
Row 611. Kamui Kobayashi 1’14.688
12. Kimi Raikkonen 1’14.734
Row 713. Nico Hulkenberg 1’14.748
Force India
14. Daniel Ricciardo 1’15.078
Toro Rosso
Row 815. Sergio Perez 1’15.156
16. Bruno Senna 1’15.17
Row 917. Heikki Kovalainen 1’16.263
18. Vitaly Petrov 1’16.482
Row 1019. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’16.602
Toro Rosso
20. Pedro de la Rosa 1’17.492
Row 1121. Timo Glock 1’17.901
22. Pastor Maldonado* 1’15.231
Row 1223. Charles Pic 1’18.255
24. Narain Karthikeyan 1’18.33

*Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change.

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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    53 comments on “2012 Canadian Grand Prix grid”

    1. Oh no another Vettel’s final magic! I hoped Alonso for the pole.

      1. Anyway top 5 are all previous race winners. so possibly no 7th consecutive winner.

        1. @eggry – Lewis has no win :(

          1. oh sorry. how unbelievable.

        2. Commentators during qualifying said 3 of the last 7 Canadian GP winners came from a behind 5th place grid position.

          1. Massa Massa Massa

    2. Thank god the grid is up on here.. what has happened to the F1 world feed? I had no idea what was going on in that session – they need to sort it out!

      1. I know, this is the third quali in a row where the times have not consistently appeared on the top left of the screen. It really kills the excitement for me and i’m sure many others trying to figure out who is where. Brundle even mentioned it this time, so surely something needs to be done.

        1. I would not be surprised if “anonymous” are still trying to interrupt/disturb F1’s service. They have promised…

          1. I doubt they could target a specific part of the data.

    3. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th June 2012, 19:06

      So no holes in the floor, and he made it to the pole. They should probably thank the teams for helping them improve the car with new solutions.

      1. no holes on the wheel rims either

        1. Next up: that EBD-sounding system thingy they’re running. Eventually they’ll stop the poles!

      2. It probably did help here, I believe them when they say they were never going to run the holy floor (holey floor) this weekend, need more top speed and less drag here. It might be different when we get back to fast long corner circuits (but maybe not).

    4. Well played Vettel, who was electric today, he draws level with Nigel Mansell as 5th on the all time list.

      Neither Williams driver has helped their reputation today. Hopefully big things can be done from 16th and 17th.

      1. Maldonado was screaming on his final lap until he scrubbed that wall.

    5. shame for Michael.. that was a bombshell …

      was he impeded by Felipe?

      1. the are friends so it’s OK.

      2. Apparently it had nothing to do with Massa. His frustration was directed at the team who miscalculated his final run in Q3. He was on a 2 laps run and was supposed to attack on the second one, which he didn’t catch for one reason or another…

    6. Suddenly Button looks much support driver, what’s going on!

      1. I mean Suddenly Button looks like a support driver worse than Massa, what’s going on!

        1. he barely drove a few laps over the weekend and this does def hinder an optional build up for for the Qualy….but actually.. in Q3 he had one stint with the harder compound….and did not even came back for a second run..he has 2 completely new set of super-soft tyres, while Hamilton for example has none…. plus Button starts on the harder compound..so maybe we are going to see a different tyre strategy ..

          1. I hope that strategy works out because we have seen him slipping backwards in quite a few races now…

          2. Peter Windsor said Button already used all super soft before Q3…if it’s true, it won’t help Button.

          3. @lexblair
            Of course… there is a some sort of clever move to explain his 10th position. All well considered and planned just the same way as Hamilton is not capable of. Well done, J Button!

            1. nobody said that,,,,, but they had to choose a different approach…. fact is Button did not get in enough milage through-out the weekend…… both his first and second practice were overshadowed by technical difficulties that were not his fault….I also did not bash Hamilton´s performance in any way, because he put up a good one today…don´t try to tro**… especially if there is no reason for it…

            2. @lexiblair Well, it still doesn’t look good when you put today against JB’s Q2 eliminations in the previous 2 races as well. He’s done basically nothing that impressive since Melbourne.

          4. Vetted and Alonso have at least one set of brand new super soft while Hamilton none

            1. well all of them used two sets of new super softs in q3

            2. Well, I’ m talking about the entire qualifying. The macca had to used more super soft tires than the othe top team. WAtch the pole again

      2. Why are people so shocked with Button’s performances? This is the form he has had for most of his career… in fact, it feels abnormal when Jenson is on the pace and fighting for poles and wins.

    7. No big surprises. Well done Vettel but I would still credit Hamilton and Alonso with the best chances for a win here. Button on plan-B should be fun to watch as well…

      Shame for Michael, Kimi…

      Expected the Saubers to be a bit quicker, as for Williams, I really feel bad for them. So easy to read the disappointment on the crew’s faces. It’s clear that the team knows the car can deliver some results. The drivers just seem to be unable to stand up and constantly capitalize on that advantage. Two shunts, mistakes after mistakes, barely in front of the Caterhams and the weekend is still far from over…

      1. Frank Williams, has always said it’s 95%car and only 5% driver, might be time to re-think that.

    8. Well done to DLR. Good to see HRT progressing. I really hope they find some stability with their new factory and have a better start to 2013.

    9. Good to see HRT progressing. I really hope they find some stability with their new factory and have a better start to 2013.

      +1 but I feel there’s the false illusion of progress here at Montreal as far as HRT goes. It’s all in their top speed and the new rear wing. This setup works here, at Montreal, in the hands of De La Rosa who has loads of experience with this track layout. I doubt it will work anywhere else. They just unlocked a small secret for this track that gave them an advantage over Virgin / Marussia last year and it probably will this year as well. Things will not be the same in Valencia, I’m afraid.

      1. But it doesn’t need to work in Valencia.
        Those teams aren’t running for consistently good results. They just need that one good result, which just like last year, and the year before again will nail Marussia to the bottom of the championship.

        1. Yeap. Agreed. No question there.

          But this isn’t necessarily sign of any sort of progress as @matt90 said above. That was my point. It’s just about a track where one of the bottom-field teams puts on a close-to-average performance, for which they found the aerodynamic recipe. HRT has Montreal, Marussia are yet to find theirs.

          1. I’m not saying it’s a sign of long-term progress for the rest of the season, just that it’s important that they are on the same pace as their rivals here at least.

          2. Plus, I have no doubt whatsoever that Marussia will, once again be the backmarkers. It just seems to go from bad to worse for them. No finances, no large scale developments, no KERS, no major updates, still on those god-forsaken Cosworth engines, no prospects for the future. The only decent this they have is Glock and they managed to alienate him, make him lose his confidence and in turn patience…

            Unlike them, HRT is at least trying to go somewhere higher up the ranks…

    10. Bit disappointed that Hamilton abandoned his final lap but nevermind! Not a bad session, not much in the way of surprises, just Vergne getting stuck behind two Caterhams and Maldonado gifting Button 10th when he looked set to eliminate him.

    11. Red Bull apparently running less wing, but dead last in the speed trap.

      Seems odd to run low wing and very low gear ratios, but it obviously works for them.

      1. You might notice that all the top-speed setters are back markers on the grid. Less wing isn’t a good thing here.
        But whatever the case, like you say it worked for them.

      2. Its the same they did in Monza last year. Nevermind the top speed, because it means they will have excellent acceleration, especially on high fuel loads in the start of the race.
        Remember in Monza where Alonso was in front of Vettel and had a higher top speed in qualifying, yet Vettel had the legs on him both during acceleration out of the corners, and down the main straight.

      3. It’s almost all about acceleration and mechanical grip here. Low wing means less drag when accelerating and low gear ratios improve acceleration even further.

        1. low wing means less acceleration as you have less grip! i.e. button Monza 2010, had huge traction advantage over Alonzo (running skinny wing) because he had a standard wing set up,

          low wing angle doesn’t improve initial traction at all acceleration at all, it improves the top speed and acceleration up to top speed once the driver is not traction limited.

    12. please please.. let there be a seventh race winner tomorrow. I hate to see the finger :-(

      1. Someone should tell him to put the finger in the… -)
        I really hate it too, it´s not natural the way he shows it and it seems that he has a constant need of raising that damn finger!!!
        But worst than that are the girly screams when he gets pole or wins the race, it´s like Hamilton said, it just make you want to change the channel or switch the TV off.
        Though a hell of a driver.

    13. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
      9th June 2012, 22:50

      I can’t believe i’m actually saying this but I want Hamilton to win tomorrow. I’m justifying it because I want a 7th race winner and I think he’s the only one with a shot at it.

    14. so ham is 8 metres behind vet?!

      1. And Webber is 8m. behind Ham, hope Ham doesn’t hold up one of Webbers lightning starts.:-)

    15. Fantastic pole lap from Seb. Hamilton and Alonso doing their usual maximum while I was disappointed with the pace of the Mercedes cars. I’m starting to think Nico might not be a great qualifier. Yes, he got pole in China but IIRC he bottled his chance at pole in Malaysia and Australia. He can do ok, and I’m not saying he’s a disaster but he’s not a one-lap specialist, a weakness that may hurt him as the season goes on.

      And Kimi’s comeback may not end up being the triumph it’s supposed to be if Grosjean keeps up this kind of form!

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